Jon Gosselin Has Made 6 Right Moves, Now He Has 12 More to Go!

Lohan and Jon split
Jon Gosselin Has Made 6 Right Moves, Now He Has 12 More to Go!
Thank goodness Jon Gosslin has:
1.Taken his kids off the air so they can at least some normalcy in their young lives.
2.Revived his relationship with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi so they are in the kid’s lives.
3.Broken up with Hailey Glassman and left her alone so she can to heal form his traumatic abuse.
4.Gone for counseling, even if it is with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. It’s a start- better than nothing,
5.Broken up his bromance with Toxic Opportunistic User Michael Lohan who was a bad influence.
6.Put the money back into his joint account with Kate.

Now if Jon would:
1.Find a real licensed professional therapist and go for regular intensive sessions.
2.Stay out of the media.
3.Stop trashing Kate even if she continues to trash him in the press.
4.Stop chain smoking.
5.Stop drinking or drugging if he is doing that.
6.Work out daily and get on a healthy diet.
7.Stop pulling his kids hair and taking his anger and frustrations out on them.
8.Find a meaningful career outside of the media.
9.Address his “lying” issues.
10.Stop dating women until his divorce is final and take a long break after that.
11.Get into a charitable cause that is outside of himself.
12.Get his kids into family counseling.

If you can think of some other things Jon needs to do, please feel free to add to the list.


Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on Ellen Confirmed Her Deception and Ellen Wasn’t Buying It

Ellen Kate
Many people asked me to look at the Ellen Show and give my opinion about what the body language and communication revealed about Kate Gosselin, so here it is.

When she first came on Ellen she looked. Humbled, based on her body language. She didn’t have the arrogant swagger or arrogant attitude. I thought that perhaps she was humbled by the awful feedback she received the day before when she did her TLC Q and A Special and people were so put off by her attitude and sense of entitlement. I was actually happy for a moment that perhaps we would see a change in Kate for the better. I really do want to see her get rid of her bitterness and nastiness for the sake of the kids. I was hoping to see that she turned over a new leaf.

But in no time at all, the real Kate emerged. She was back to her digs at Jon by first saying that the show was taken from them too soon. First of all, five years of being on a show is not too soon. Those kids need a normal life without cameras in their faces.

Then Kate proceeds to dig at Jon by saying “certain events take place that makes us sitting ducks and easy targets certain ones of us speak a lot, while others of us prefer to keep out mouths shut and make dinner for example”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This is woman who started it all with the trashing of Jon. He finally unleashed his fury on 20/20 after remaining silent to her attacks and now has been attacking Kate and passive aggressively humiliating her with all of his cheating, ever since. She has accused him of leaving her penniless and taking all her money. She has made all kinds of hostile accusations towards him. She has NOT as she said kept her mouth shut. She has given back the verbal vitriol and he has responded in kind, or shall I say, “in unkind.” Her statement not only reflects her hypocrisy. It reflects her lying. She knows she isn’t telling the truth because her body language and communication tells show it.

Her statement is peppered with numerous signals of deception like her looking down, not being able to look directly at Ellen, and her constant “ums” punctuating practically every word.
Her added statement to “keep our mouths shut and make dinner for example” leaked out a very hostile facial expression. It showed herself righteousness in stating how Jon doesn’t keep his mouth, shut but she is so perfect because she keeps her mouth shut and makes dinner. This behavior shows pettiness and arrogance.

People have said that I am hard on Kate and that I am a Kate Hater based on these blogs and my reporting of her body language in the press. This is not true. I only report objectively what I observe. When I see this type of hypocrisy and constant back and forth which only affects the kids in the long run, it is upsetting. I am sure that anyone especially Kate fans and Kate lovers would agree that constant bad mouthing of your soon to be ex husband in a public form is not good for the kids in the long run. They would also agree that there is hypocrisy, lying and deception with Kate and that they cannot turn a blind eye to it. It exists as plain as day. They hear it and they see it. If they say it doesn’t exist, they are in denial or have put Kate on a pedestal that they see and hear what their fantasy of Kate is, not what the reality of her is.

Even Ellen, who pretty much likes everyone, saw through Kate’s attack of Jon as she made a joke to lighten the mood by telling Kate “I don’t know what you’re saying. It’s code. I can’t understand it,” which got a huge audience laugh.
Then Kate goes into victim mode and tells how she is target and torn apart and as she speaks in fragments which indicates she is flying by the seat of her pants and not knowing what to say. This is a clear sign of BS is about to come when people speak in fragments. They are gathering their thoughts and it is coming out as a sort of stream of consciousness.

Kate then she pulls out her ace card- talking about her kids . She then zooms in for another attack on Jon for taking them off the air as she says “I would never put them in a situation that was unsafe for them.” Once again she is justifying why they should still be on the air. Then she goes into a nonsequiter that made no sense.
She said “like any mother I laid on bed rest for 30 weeks.” Eeking out every minute of my pregnancy for my little kids, There is nothing I would do to put them in danger and my focus is that. My focus is not paparazzi, my focus is not what trip I could go on or what shows I can be on as a result of this. This is my job.” This s is my paycheck and this is what I do,”
WOW is that diatribe telling. First of all she pulls out the pity card saying how she was on bed rest for the sextuplets. Well first of all as a nurse she had the knowledge that she might end up on bed rest if she had multiples and she chose to take fertility drugs to have those kids. No one made her do it. It was a conscious decision and if she wanted the children to be safe and to survive, it was mandatory to be on bed rest. So no one is feeling sorry for her because of that. Any mother who wanted a child would do the same and make the same sacrifice.

Then she talks about never putting the kids in danger, obviously referring o the show. Here’s a news flash Kat!. Those kids are in grave danger being on that show– psychological danger . It is not healthy to live your entire childhood in front of a camera. At least they have a chance now. Look at Knute the bears experience. He craves so much attention as an adult bear because of the cameras that followed his every move as a child bear, that he according to the vets is a narcissist and a sociopath with a violent temper when he doesn’t get attention.

Then Kate opens her eyes widely and purses her lips as she ends her diatribe by saying this is my paycheck, This is what I do.” She says this to justify how her paycheck has been taken away from her because they kids can no longer participate in the show because of big bad Jon. She then justifies the criticism that she received that goes on trips and sees what else she can get because of the show, minimizing it by saying it is her job.
No it is NOT her job to want to do cartoon voices (for her kids) or be in a movie. That is pure narcissism . She is caught up in her own fame and her statements are an attempt to justify it and minimize it. But we are not buying it . We already saw the true Kate as she told the world she now feels capable of being an actress sans classes or training. She feels that being a reality star where she plays herself is enough to justify that she can become an actress and do carton voices as well.
Then Ellen tells her Kate needs to have a life and date and Kate is literally taken aback. Her whole body rigidly straightens out and Kate looks shocked as you can see in her body language “You have to date,” Ellen stated as Kate recoils. This indicates she is clearly not interested or ready to date, which we can all understand. She needs to heal and has other priorities.
Then Ellen asks her about her ring. Kate she gives a ridiculous obviously made up story about telling the kids she wasn’t going to wear the ring anymore and saying “ it wasn’t fun for them.” Of course it wasn;t fun for kids to heart their parents are splitting up. But then Kate can’t resist letting her bitterness and hostility out at Jon for not allowing the kids to be on the show and make money themselves.
She says “At some point when I have a job again” Then she swallows hard and looks up with rounded shoulders, as someone who is guilty would do and know that what they are about to say or have said is wrong and that they really shouldn’t be making this dig at their ex. Also this is such BS when she says “when I have a job again” She just admitted on the Today show that she already had a job- her own show.

She then talks about how she found a ring with diamonds and mother of pearl. Once again you see the contraction in the same sentence. This is what sociopaths do. They contradict themselves in the same sentence. Now I am not saying Kate is necessarily a sociopath, but I am saying that she communicates in a very similar way as far as contradictions go. On one breath she says :at some point when I have a job again” referring to the fact that she will get a ring. Then she says in the next breath she already found the ring, and how the kids were very excited about that..
What? This is ridiculous. I am almost sure that her five year old kids, especially the boys are not excited that she found a diamond and pearl ring. Kids that age don’t even realize the “symbolism” of what diamond and pearls represent, no matter how much you explain it. They don’t process symbolism at that age. If they can’t eat it or play with it they don’t care. Ellen knew what Kate was saying was BDS so she asked if each kid would get a ring with one diamond on it And Kate disgusting replied “ absolutely, when they get a job .” This was yet another obvious dig that now that these kids don’t have the show they can’t make any money to afford a ring for themselves.

So the bottom line, as we could all see was that Ellen’s jokes clearly reflected that she wasn’t buying into Kate’s BS.

Jon Gosselin is Using Hailey Glassman as a Therapist- He Needs to Get A Real One

Hailey and Jon
When Hailey Glassman said on tonight’s Insider that “Jon has nobody to talk to,” so he unloads all his frustrations on her, it shows what a selfish narcissist Jon has become. He needs to take some of those millions of dollars he earned from his television show and put it to good use with a therapist who will be on call for him. He needs to stop using Hailey, who is obviously not equipped to handle his issues and use a real professional who is equipped to help him deal with his frustrations.
Jon has made a mental mess out of Hailey, who as she described used to be a “happy go lucky girl.” Now she is sad and cries all the time and is emotionally abused by Jon. She doesn’t deserve this. Her emotional breakdown on television was heartbreaking.
Even though 71 percent of those polled said they perceived her as a Home wrecker, I did not. I agreed with the 29 percent who felt she got an unfair deal. I am sure that Jon said all the right things to her and manipulated her like he did the babysitter and the Star Magazine reporter whom he used sexually.
I am also sure that Hailey suffers from low self esteem as she referred to people saying she was ugly in the media. She was probably referring to Perez Hilton who refers to her as Home wrecker Hailey and ugly. She is definitely not ugly. I think she is a very attractive girl and needs to stop considering what Perez says about her as he is definitely mistaken here. People perceive her as a Home wrecker because they don’t have all the facts, just like Perez doesn’t have all the facts.
Based on her body language, I perceived her a being genuine and a very sweet and kindhearted naive girl. She came from a privileged home with loving parents who really care about her. In fact she mentioned that if they knew what would have happened ahead of time with all of this Jon hoopla, they would have put an immediate kybosh on the relationship. She was no doubt overindulged by her parents and given whatever she wanted. She never had a care in the world and had fun partying and doing what a lot of 19 and 20 year old girls do.
This is the first time she has had to face any real adversity in her life. As a result, she is forced to grow up very quickly and deal with what she has in front of her. It is overwhelming! It would be overwhelming for anyone. We could see her overwhelm through her real tears, unlike Kate’s crocodile ones on the Today show.
The more and more I learn about Jon, the more I see how manipulative he is. He reminds me of little Knute the German polar bear in the Berlin Zoo, who grew up with all the attention and cameras around him, that when he no longer had the attention he became sociopathic and a narcissist. The bear became abusive and even violent because he was so angry that people didn’t give him enough attention as he was so needy. Jon clearly is acting like a self centered narcissist who is extremely needy as he needs a lot of attention and when he doesn’t get it, he gets verbally abusive like he has been to Hailey.
When Hailey was asked by the panel why she loved Jon she couldn’t answer right away. She had to pause for a moment and think about it. In fact, it was probably the only time she ever really stopped to think about why she loved Jon. Then she came up with some type of answer that he does really cool things to her and he is very funny. But deep down, Hailey knows that this relationship has it’s days numbered.
If I was counseling Hailey, I would tell immediately to get away from Jon and to run like her hair was on fire. He is so TOXIC for her and will ultimately destroy her emotionally, if she doesn’t get out.
Her public emotional purging is a cry for help. Jon’s lame apology and statement to Hailey’s appearance on the show was pathetic. He is blaming the public scrutiny by the media as the cause of why Hailey is so upset. He needs to be blaming himself for abusing her emotionally. That is why she is so upset. It’s not the media’s fault. It is Jon’s fault. He is so weak in character that as soon as he heard that Hailey was being labeled as a Home wrecker by the media, he needed to put out a statement protecting her and saying that was not the case. But he was too self absorbed to do so.
His statement shows me just how much in denial Jon is in. He MUST see a therapist immediately and have this therapist on call to help him deal with the daily crises in his rapidly changing life. He must stop both using and abusing Hailey at once .He must find a professional “to talk to.” And Hailey must leave and never look back.

Hailey Glassman’s Body Language Shows Jon’s Abuse Has Taken An Emotional Toll on Her She MUST Leave Him for Her Own Sake

HAiley Glassman
When Hailey Glassman emotionally broke down on the Insider, you could feel her devastation as her voice cracked in pain with heartfelt tears dripping from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. In anyone makes you feel like Jon has made Hailey feel, you MUST leave them and never look back. Love is not about making someone cry.
When Hailey told the Insider that she still loved Jon despite, his emotional abuse, her words are typical of any abused woman. Oftentimes, the abuser abuses. Not always. But in Jon’s case, it is obviously happening.
We all saw Jon being the victim of Kate’s abuse for the past five years. We saw him yelled at, belittled, degraded in public (remember the toy store episode), degraded in front of the kids and told he was a loser. He admitted Kate’s abuse of him publically on 20 /20. Now he is turning into a Kate. He is verbally abusing Hailey.
Jon is so scary to me, perhaps even more scarier than Kate. While Kate is a Toxic Narcissist, Bully, Control Freak, and an Arrogant Know It All, according to my book Toxic People, Jon is the scariest Toxic type of them all. He is a Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano. He seems like Mr. Nice guy, but he is extremely passive aggressive. We saw him lash out at Kate with his under his breath comments and sarcastic retorts though the five years of the show.
Because he repressed it for so long and was so angry, he released his anger in a huge way, as an eff you to Kate. He began having multiple affairs with multiple women. He messed around allegedly with the babysitter, when Kate was away and the kids were in the home.
We have often seen photos of him with a beer in hand so I wonder if it is his drinking that is causing his Jekyll and Hyde behavior which Hailey is referring to. Is Jon an alcoholic? Is Jon smoking pot? Is Jon bipolar? Is Jon taking drugs? Is Jon so angry at Kate that he is collapsing his hatred toward her on to other innocent women like Hailey?
Hailey says, “We’re at a point now where I don’t know why I love him. He gets frustrated and angry and I’m the one who gets the brunt. He’ll call me and take his anger out on me. He has ‘mantrums.’ I shouldn’t have to put up with being emotionally abused. I cry and say why are you so mean to me? He takes it out on me. He talks over me so I can’t speak. Sometimes he has trouble with the truth and he will dance and dance around his lies. He’s like Jekyll and Hyde. But I still love him.”
If what Hailey is saying is actuate, in the Toxic scheme of things according to my book Toxic People, Jon is also a Jekyll and Hyde as well as a Liar .
After verbal abuse and emotional abuse comes physical abuse. It is known as the Cycle of Abuse. It is inevitable that Hailey may become a victim of Jon’s physical abuse if she doesn’t leave him. She MUST leave him for her own mental health. There is no up side to this relationship for her.
Jon needs so much therapy that she will be an old woman before he is ready to make some changes in his life. She needs to leave and get on with her life right now. She needs to get into therapy to find out why her self esteem is so low that she would be she would be in love with an abusive liar who makes her cry all the time.
But the fact that she has gone public and admitted such abuse from Jon, means that she is angry and this is her way of reaching out for help. This outreach and speaking o up for herself about the abuse from Jon may be the first sign that she is on her road to recovery from being with an abuser.
Love is respect, compassion, passion, tenderness, admiration and caring. It is not yelling and screaming and taking out your emotions on someone you claim you love. That’s not to say that people don’t argue and fight who are in love. But based on Hailey’s’ complaint, it sounds like she is spending a lot of her time having Jon’s negative emotions taken out on her. Love is having to say you’re sorry. And love is not having to cry every day like poor Hailey is doing.
Instead of wasting all his time going on TV and trashing Kate and abusing Hailey and cheating with women,, Jon needs to spend that time getting a steady diet of therapy. He is clearly a mental and emotional mess.
This revelation by Hailey could send him over the emotional edge. He is so insecure and so hungry for people to love him and to be on his side and not Kate’s, that Hailey’s confession could be a huge blow to his psyche.
Jon and Kate are both abusers. That means their 8 kids may be the recipient of their abuse as they get older. It may even be starting now after seeing the photo in all the magazines of Jon abusively pulling on of the young daughter’s pony tail. I hope not, but it doesn’t look too promising.
Please Jon and Kate for the sake of your kids, go into therapy on a regular basis and stay there. After hearing Kate on her Q and A and now these allegations against Jon there is no other place for them to be other than in a therapist’s office. All 8 kids, Hailey, the babysitter with whom he had an affair, all the other women Jon has humiliated, all the nannies and housekeepers and staff that Kate has humiliated, need to be in therapy as well, to recover from the wrath of Jon and Kate.

Kate Gosslin’s Referring to Her Nannies and Housekeepers “Girls” is Sexist and Degrading

Kate Gosselin
The area of sex differences in communication and semantics with regard to men and women has been of particular interest to me for decades. In fact I was the first to write about the topic back in 1991 with my book “ He Says She Says” Closing the Communication Gap Between Men and Women.” I also wrote about the subject in 1999 in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women.” I have discovered a great deal about gender communication. I have lectured on the topic throughout the world.
So when I heard Kate Kate Gosslin’s Referring to Her Nannies and Housecleaners “Girls” is Sexist and Degrading on her TLC Q and A refer to her nannies and housecleaners as “girls,” needless to say my ears perked up. It spoke volumes to me. It gave me a lot more insight into Kate Gosselin. The thought of an unevolved woman, not to mention an abusive self absorbed, lying, narcissistic woman getting her own show from TLC disturbs me.
In this day and age in a Western culture, especially in the United States, if a female who is not a child or a teenager is referred to as a “girl,” there is something wrong. It is demeaning and sexist. Anyone who calls someone a “girl” reflects someone who is clearly not evolved. If it was back in the 1950’s or maybe in the 1960’s (the era of Kate’s Twiggy hairstyle) it would be understandable. People weren’t as evolved back then, especially when it came to women. After all it was only in the 1970’s that women really began to have a voice thanks to people like Gloria Steinhem.
If a man called someone a “girl”, it would also reflect his lack of evolution and respect for women, especially if that woman was his employee. Men who have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, besides making vulgar comments towards women, often refer to the females in their workplace as “girls.” It shows their disrespect for these women and lack of perceiving her as an equal. As someone who has worked with attorneys in terms of witness preparation on sexual harassment cases, I have seen this “girl” reference in several cases. Needless to say, it is a pejorative term when used referring to a grown woman, in this day and age.
Having said that, I have heard a lot of older couples, say “the girls are coming later” or it’s just us guys and not the girls.”Women talk about their “girlfriends” or “going out with the girls.” In those cases, there is an equal relationship as they refer to themselves as “one of the girls.”
But in Kate’s case, it is not an equal relationship. It is a relationship where the women to whom Kate referred to as “girls,” were her subordinates. She is their employer. So by referring to her employees as “girls,” they are not in an equal position. If they were her peers or her friends and not her employees, where she is the boss, there would be no problem referring to them “girls” as in “girlfriends.”
What is upsetting to me is that Kate is going to be getting her own show with TLC. TLC in all of their preparation and hype is making sure that Kate is being put on a pedestal and held up as the role model for single moms who have to cope with the Jon’s of the world. The show they are giving her is in my view, a thumbing their nose at Jon, who has broken their cash cow business by not allowing them to be on his property, let alone film the children. So they are trying to gain back their revenue and continue on with Kate. If Jon won’t play and the kids’ s aren’t allowed to play, then Kate will play and TLC will back her 100 percent. Jon showed them and they are showing Jon. That is all that is!
I can’t imagine any intelligent studio executive giving a show to an abusive woman who is unevolved, disrespectful of fans, self absorbed, who has no hosting experience (and don’t count the View or Paula Deen or her slapping Jon on camera and yelling at the kids and doing activities with them as host experience).
Kate is clearly not a representative for any woman if she refers to women as “girls.” It may seem like a little thing but it is a HUGE thing as far as where her head is at and her mindset is, when it comes to women. Her disrespectfully and symbolically throwing papers with questions from her “fans’ on the floor also reflected who she IS.
I strongly believe that it is a disgrace that she will be given her own show as she should NOT be rewarded for her bad behavior and falsely hyped by TLC as being a role model for single woman raising kids on her own. She is NOT raising those kids on her own. Jon is there to help along with the countless nannies and housecleaners whom she refers to as “girls.”
There are many wonderful women out there I would like to see on TV shows before Kate. In fact, I would rather see anyone other than Kate. It is a complete sell out and public manipulation for TLC to give Kate her own show. It is rewarding bad behavior. If TLC is going to reward bad behavior, why not give Balloon Mom her own show? She is more real than Kate. Mayumi is an abused woman who’s husband is going to prison. She needs the money to support her three boys. Kate already has a fortune. She doesn’t need the money. If TLC is going to give a popular mom a break who is highly visible and is in all the media- it makes more sense to me to give the show to Balloon Mom. We could watch her go through all the changes as she gets out from under Richard Heene’s abusive thumb.
I didn’t mind seeing Kate on a reality show with 8 kids and trying to cope when they were babies and watching them grow. But I will detest seeing her on camera, no matter what the TLC promo department comes up with in terms of their hyping Kate. We have already seen Kate and we all know who she is. She is nobody I would care to watch on television. She is too unpleasant. Jon and the kids were great buffers for her Toxicity, but seeing her up close and personal as we did on the Q and A is way too much Kate. I don’t want to see or hear whining or lying or sarcasm or self entitlement. I am sure most people would agree.
I am not a Kate hater nor am I a Jon lover. But I am a Media Psychologist and a Body Language and Communication Expert. I call it as I see it professionally and I see the truth. I don’t lie or sugar things. I see what IS and not what ISNT. To me Kate ISN’T anyone who should have her own show. She is too selfish, mean, rude, self absorbed and unevolved for me to respect her as any type of voice of authority.
She is not the helpless mother who is struggling to take care of kids unlike so many people are around the country. Instead, the same nannies and housecleaners whom she refers to as “girls” are the ones doing that.
We have seen how Kate is so caught up on stardom, as evidenced by her comments about the Kate wigs being on back order from “here to the ends of time” and wanting to be in a movie and to a cartoon voices – for her kids.
To me, this is nauseating or as teenage “girls” in this day and age say “excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.”
The lies and BS on the Today Show with her crocodile tears telling everyone Jon left her in the poor house in segment one, only to find out moments later in segment two, that the kids are not only financially set, but she and they will be even more set, as she is getting her own TV show.
I have received so many emails and comments about Kate and how people cannot stand her. Why are people reacting so violently toward her? I will tell you. No one likes: A LIAR, A ME MYSELF AND I NARCISSIST, A MANIPULATOR, A USER, ARROGANCE, or A CONTROL FREAK. All of these traits are TOXIC TRAITS. She has many toxic traits that are a turn off to people. In fact, I discuss these Toxic traits in my bestselling book TOXIC PEOPLE- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable. As you will see in the book, the more toxic traits someone has. the more Toxic of a person they are. Kate has many toxic traits and that is why so many people are reacting negatively towards her.
If people react positively toward this TOXIC WOMAN and say they like Kate, they like the “concept” of a Kate. They like a concept of a kind and sweet and loving hard working woman with 8 kids who is divorcing and has a bad cheating husband and now has to fend for her kids. But this not the reality of who Kate is. That is who you would like Kate to be. It is an illusion.
Kate tries to deflect her detractors by stating “I’m not perfect.” Well not of us are and no one expects perfection. But when we see lying, arrogance, disrespect, selfishness, self entitlement, narcissism, verbal and physical abuse, and self absorption, people react negatively.

TLC should reconsider and not waste their money or our time on a show with this Toxic Woman. Many people tried talk shows and failed. Oprah still exists because she is likeable. She’s not mean or bitchy or abusive like Kate. Dr. Phil offers a service. Like him or not, he’s a professional. Montel, Geraldo, Ricki, Sally and Jerry Springer all had long runs because they were likeable. People loved them and loved the “craziness” of the guests during those days. But those days are long gone. We have evolved and we don’t want to see the “craziness of a guest” now become a spokeswoman for single moms as she hosts her own show.

Kate Gosselin’s Body Language and Tone Wreaks of Defensiveness, Bitterness, Sarcasm, Entitlement

Kate with glasses on head
Kate Gosselin’s body language facial language and sarcastic and bitter and hostile vocal tone revealed great deal of defensiveness, sarcasm, self entitlement, and over inflated ego, hostility, and rudeness, even admonishing those who asked her questions. She was evasive with certain questions and showed signals of deception on others.
For instance, there was a fair and legitimate question that Sara F. emailed, asking Kate “ Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”In a mocking tone, Kate answers “Well Sara F. and arrogantly laughs at her question as Kate hyper articulates her deceptive answer. The hyper articulation indicates a condescending attitude towards the questioner for having the audacity to ask Kate such a question. Kate blatantly lies as she says “I learned a long time ago not to project but if I had my choice..” We see hear head shaking no as she speaks in the affirmative indicating deception. Of course she projects! She immediately contradicts herself in the next sentence. Her voice cracks with anger as she says” Can you blame me?” Yes Kate we can blame you. If you would have treated Jon with respect and dignity and not abused him and humiliated him all the time maybe you would still be married to him today. Jon acted out like a bad jerk because he was so repressed from your abuse that he unfortunately let loose in a very immature way. As she says this she holds on to her wrist as if to brace herself as she is so angry at having to answer this question. She looks away and breaks eye gaze. an  indication that she is really reflecting on the answer to this deep question. She stops for a moment. Her voice gets a softer tone as she says, “ 19 and 15 WOW Sara F lets not talk about that.”
Why not talk about it ? You need to address the fact that if you don’t get your kids into therapy while they are still young with all that has been going on with them, by the time they are 15 and 19 they will be psychological messes. Instead of addressing the question, she admonished Sara F.
Kate also says “I would love my TV career thing to be successful. What TV Career? She was a successful reality star on TLC only because of the 8 kids. People also tuned in to see how awful she would be each week to Jon. Would she slap him or belittle him? They tuned in to see her neurotic behavior of demanding super order and cleanliness. Even though TLC is pushing the heck out of her in giving Kate her own show , the verdict is still out. Maybe they will tune in at the beginning for curiosity sake. But who wants a steady diet of watching to watch mean spirited, condescending, sarcastic, narcissistic angry woman? Would you like to see a regular show of her whining and moaning and self aggrandizement, and sarcastic tone and defensive body language like you saw on her Q and A Show?
kate wig
When she talks about the Jon and Kate costumes for Halloween you see flashes of anger leaking across her face as she is clearly upset that she isn’t getting any of the profits from these wigs. With her raised eyebrows she says TLC PR emailed her that the Kate wigs were the most popular item for Halloween. Her facial expression with a raised eyebrow showed arrogance and anger. When asked her reaction she says
“My reaction? I laughed my head off” said with angry furrowed brow where you could see the line between angry line between her eyes. She wasn’t even smiling when she said she laughed her head off. So this was a lie as you could see the incongruity in her words and in her body language. Of course she didn’t laugh her head off. She was furious she  didn’t get any proceeds and lets everyone know that by saying she didn’t see the name Kate on any of the packaging or they would have had to share the proceeds with her . Her facial expression leaks out meanness and anger as her jaw juts forward looks up head down looks up with raised eyebrows like she does when she admonishes one of the kids. She is so mad as she continues with cocked head and raised eyebrow discussing how she is not getting paid. Then we see her EGO and narcissism up close as she flatters herself by saying “ I hear they are going to be Kate’s EVERYWHERE for Halloween but the wigs are all sold out . They are backordered “from now till the end of time.” Is she that deluded with such self importance that she believes people will be purchasing Kate wigs “till the end of time.”
What she doesn’t get is that most people who are wearing a Kate wig (which by the way is an outdated style from 40 year old hairstyle that the hippie flower children  wore in the Twiggy era) are buying it as a goof- to make fun of her- not to be like her as she undoubtedly thinks.
There were comments made on the show which were subtle digs at Jon at how this show is good for the children and gave them so many opportunities they would not have had. That is true but now it’s time to stop, especially now that they are getting school aged. In fact you can see the damage starting to occur because of the show when Kate talked about Leah. Kate said Leah came home from school and said that a classmate told her she saw her on TV. Kate told Leah to say that when anyone says they saw her on TV to say “I don’t want to talk about it.”
That is horrible advice for a parent to give to a child. No doubt Leah’s little friend was being friendly and curious. Leah was wrongly taught to admonish her friend just for acknowledging her.
When asked if she would remarry, Kate is so negative stating that who would want to be in her mess? It’s more like who would want to be with Kate ordering them around and being so snarky with such a mean and self centered attitude? She says she likes to be alone but then makes a sarcastic face that no one will ever want to be  into her mess.The word mess is also telling considering her penchant for neatness and orderliness.  What is the mess she is talking about? Her kids? Does she consider her 8 kids a mess? That is really telling. When people choose certain words they reflect what is going on inside of them on a subconscious level. The reason they don’t want to get into her mess is  not because she has 8 kids but because of her attitude with her snarky facial expression sarcastic and snarky. As she speaks of this topic you see a lot of insecurity and finger “tells” as she fiddles with the papers she is holding.
Her tossing of the papers on the floor is reflective of how superior she thinks  she is and all of the anger that burns inside of her. She is so disrespectful. Can you imagine what she would have done if any of her 8 kids did what she did or worse, if Jon did it? This is a hostile act on her part. It’s an affront to the fan. It’s symbolic as though she is tossing them away and disregarding them because she doesn’t need them anymore- something many former friends have accused her of doing.
The sarcastic condescending and defensive tones and sarcastic facial gestures do not add to her likeability.

 I think that TLC is making a huge mistake by giving her own show. I think people will get so turned off with her that after time no one will want to see her. Even if she goes for media and TV coaching, the real Kate will leak out. What you saw on TLC last night is who she is.
I really wanted this woman to succeed, especially when I first saw her show. Although I hated how she was so abusive to Jon, I always gave her slack in that she had 8 kids to contend with. But as I see what has happened to her and how Kate has evolved I do not like what I see.

Knute the bear
Knute the bear before and after camera attention

What happened to Kate reminds me of Knute the polar bear in the Berlin Zoo. This polar bear had camera following him around all the time and then when he got older according to the vet and zoo officials he became a narcissist and a psychopath because he got so angry and destructive and hostile as he needed so much attention. When he didn’t get what he wanted he got more hostile. I’m not saying Kate is a psychopath, but like Knute she has become very narcissistic and hostile.
I don’t think that Kate is the only victim of the Knute the polar bear syndrome. Jon has also become narcissistic and hostile and mean and acting out.
This reality show started off as a good way to make money for the kids future but turned into a nightmare. The thought of Kate getting her own show both repulses me and frightens me. Who would ever want to watch a mean and arrogant and hostile Knute the bear Syndrome play itself out. This will NOT be good for Kate.
Kate will be off the air now that Kate Plus 8 is over but if she doesn’t get more attention she will get more hostile and more angry. Based on her psychological makeup and how it has turned so far I think that the worst thing in the world would be to give this woman her own show. I hope that the public does not respond to her and the show tanks for her sake. She is not equipped to handle it psychologically. Maybe she can handle it technically but she will for sure turn viewers off over time. Even her “fans” will turn on her. No one like people who have self entitlement issues which Kate does.
Look at how she treats people at book signings. There is such a coldness as though her fans are objects. Her self absorption on the View and what she did last night on the Q and A and that is what she will no doubt will do in her own show. No one will want to see that. If they tell her to change, it won’t help. She is too far ingrained in her self centeredness. Also a show about babies growing up is cute. If you want a show about a single mom, there are too many other people who are better mothers and more likeable and whom more people can relate to than Kate.
Kate’s arrogance and entitlement will eventually do her in. We saw how full blown it was when she said she wants to be in a movie and do a voice for a cartoon character. This is where you see her self entitlement. Actors and voice over artists are trained professionals who spend years going to school to learn their craft. How dare her think because she has a little fame from this show she can do these things with out the training and dedication. We saw a glimpse of her horrible acting abilities on a Jay Leno skit. It was embarrassing. Kate needs to tend to her kids not to acting for feed her out of control ego.
For those Kate fans out there please don’t write me to tell me I hate Kate and I am on Jon’s side. I don’t hate and Jon I am not on Jon’s side. He is no bargain either. I simply can’t stand Kate’s arrogant behavior and herself righteousness “I am better than you” behavior and self entitlement. Nobody told her to go for fertility treatments. As a nurse, she knew what she was doing that she would have multiples. She is lucky her kids are healthy and beautiful. She is lucky she had a show and made money to support those kids. They are well taken care of financially, according to her. Now. she needs to spend time with them and be there for them instead of trying to be a star to feed her now really out of control ego.

Kate Gosselin’s Wanting To Be In A Movie and Do Cartoon Voice Reflects Her Narcissism

Kate actress
I have so much to say about Kate’s Q and A which I will relay on CBS’s The Insider at 7:30 PM tonight. I will also blog about it in greater detail.
We have seen Kate’s narcissism and self centeredness becoming more and more evident over these past five years. Who could forget Kate’s not giving thirsty twin daughter Mady a drink of water while she selfishly took one for herself? But in last night’s Q and A with Kate on TLC, we really see her narcissism up close and personal as she revealed how she wants to be in a movie and the voice of a cartoon character . To me, it is just one more reflection of her narcissism, over inflated ego, believing her own press and thinking she is a huge star.
Having worked with so many actors throughout my career and having them as clients for the last two decades, from A listers who have won Academy Awards to beginning actors, I can assure you that being an actor is hard work and not to be taken lightly. Being a “cartoon voice” is acting and requires specific skills. In order to get those skills one has to go to acting classes and really hone in those skills. It does not come over night. It takes years and years of training and dedication and time.
Does Kate really have the time to put into an acting career when she has 8 kids to take care of? I think she needs to refocus her priorities. And focus on those kids and take care of them.
The contradictions, sarcasm, defensiveness, hostility and rudeness to those who took the time to email in questions like Sara F., as well as Kate’s signals of deception displayed throughout her Q and A as reflected by her body language, facial language, speech, and voice qualities will be addressed in my next blog so stay tuned. …