Latest and Most Disgusting Body Language of Al Qaeda- Storing Bomb Materials Inside Their Anal Cavities

    Every time I go to the airport and have to take off my shoes to pass through security,I really don’t mind. I always remember the  Al Qaeda shoe bomber who nearly killed a planeload of passengers by hiding explosives in his shoes. So, if as  a  result, everyone has to take off their shoes to assure passenger safety, that is fine with me.


     As soon as  I learned  today that there was a new technique Al Qaeda is using  to store bomb material inside their body cavity, namely their rectums, to avoid detection at airport security,  I now  welcome the idea of  a full airport body scan for everyone who  plans to fly.  


     Apparently an al Qaeda operative avoided detection by two sets of airport security as he had a pound of high explosives plus a detonator inserted into his rectum.This  Al Qaeda operative who was one of the most wanted men in Saudi Arabia,  was also able avoid detection by palace security as he detonated a bomb almost killing with  Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counter terrorism operations, was thankfully only slightly wounded.

Al Queda bomber who hid explosives in his rectum
Al Queda bomber who hid explosives in his rectum

   Security analysts  say that  on a plane at altitude, the effects of such a bomb could be catastrophic. And there is no current security system that could stop it other than to require people to strip naked at the airport the security analyst reports.  So  as  a result to this recent mishap it is only a matter of time until every airport around the world is equipped with a full body scan machine.

Prince 3

But for those who raise a red flag in terms of having something suspicious in their body in addition to  telling behavior and  specific body language signals often seen in terrorists , a  full body cavity  search would no doubt be a must, especially of the evidence needed to be retrieved.

   For those who are appalled at the notion of this or who are  concerned about their right to privacy, the message is simple- don’t fly! Find another way to do business where you don’t have to fly  like teleconferencing. For those who still want to see the world  and don’t want to fly, they may have to resort to 3D travel logs.


2 thoughts on “Latest and Most Disgusting Body Language of Al Qaeda- Storing Bomb Materials Inside Their Anal Cavities

  1. Re: new reason for terror searches

    Seems like another de-sensitizing tactic in the further erosion of human rights in the name of anti terror, when, in point of fact, a bomb sniffing dog could be used; and personally a little nose nudge sniff by a trained dog sounds loads more effective and less intrusive than a strip search just to visit a relative flight distance away.
    Really enjoy your commentary.


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