Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows She Either Ignores Maddy or is Agitated Around Her

.kate and cara gosselin

Kate might as well have left her older twin daughter Maddy at home instead of taking her on her errands. As you can see in this first photo Kate walks  three steps ahead of an annoyed Maddy, looks in the opposite direction Maddy in which is looking, and doesn’t even realize her daughter is behind her. Kate  is more interested in talking on her phone. Maddy who seems to be  struggling to keep up isn’t too pleased that she is not getting the “quality” and “alone” time that  she was no doubt promised with mommy. Maddy’s  facial expression shows she is quite stressed.


kate and cara gosselin

Now that Kate is finally off her cell phone you would think she would show a little attention to Maddy, but she doesn’t. Instead, Kate continues to walk two steps  ahead of her daughter. Kate  appears to be ignoring the little girl even though she took her hand. The little girl leans her head away from Kate. There is clearly no mother daughter bonding, connection, or interaction going on here.

kate and cara gosselin

But when there is finally an interaction it is not a pleasant one at all. Even though Kate manages to slow down so that Maddy can catch up with her stepwise, there is  still a lot of physical distance between them as far as their bodies are positioned.  There is  a tense scowl on both of their faces complete with neck muscle tension and furrowed forehead which shows  and anger and upset between mother and daughter.

    In watching five seasons of the show, Maddy is definitely the one child which needs the most attention and the most love. On the show she is usually seen pouting, kicking, yelling, crying, screaming, slapping, hitting, or expressing some type of upset. The only time I ever saw her happy was when she was an episode in front of a camera taking modeling photos with her sister. This clearly demonstrates how much she craves attention and being noticed. Her relationship with Kate on the shows also demonstrates how poorly connected the  are. Maddy is full of rage towards Kate and the photos of them on  this little outing makes it clear as to the reason why Maddy feels so angry. She is constantly  ignored and disrespected by her mother. When she finally is paid attention to, it is with anger and hostility on Kate’s part.  

   My feeling is that Kate needs to  spend less time trying to be famous on camera, less time doing  interviews trashing Jon, and spend  more “real” quality time with Maddy in a qualified child therapists office so that she can help Maddy get to the bottom of her anger towards her mother. She and Maddy both need to be in a family therapy situation where Kate not only learns better communication techniques, but learn how to  communicate more love and affection towards Maddy – something poor little Maddy  is obviously starving for. Kate needs to do it now, before it is too late.


One thought on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows She Either Ignores Maddy or is Agitated Around Her

  1. Kate only pays attention to the children who reflect well upon her. She will send the children away to school at some point and will tell everyone it was the best thing for them. Pathetic …


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