Michael Jackson’s Body Language During Rehearsal Footage Showed a Focused, Strong, Confident In Control Professional

Michael Jackson's last rehersal In the recent clip that that has been released showing Michael Jackson during a rehearsal for his comeback tour where he is trying out a new dance move “The Penguin” Michael looks very focused, confident and completely in control.
With all of the recent allegations about Michael’s prescription drug use you certainly don’t see evidence of it in his video. In fact he displays behavior that shows a consummate professional at work.
Even though his body was thin, he did not look fragile. Instead he looked strong and agile as he performed some very unique dance moves with ease.
We even see him in control of the band as at the beginning of the tape we see him pause for a moment in his dancing and say “ stop right there” as he choreographs his moves.
Michael’s voice is strong both when he sings and when he speaks. He has a combination of a rich vibrato and his signature breathiness as he sings.
In this footage Michael looked like a man who was ready to go on the road and give it is very best .Seeing this newly released video really hit home as to how this incredibly talented performer was willing and able to share his gift with the world.
Because of this video and others Michael will still continue to delight us and entertain us as we watch this amazingly talented human being who’s talents were truly a gift. May he rest in peace knowing how many people he inspired, delighted, and entertained.


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