Kate’s Body Language- Snarky Laugh and Leg Kicking While Discussing Jon’s Dogs Literally Reflect Her Disdain for Them and Joy in “Kicking them Out”

KateGosselinSpeaking Dogs
Kate Gosslin’s body language at the Southern Woman’s Show in North Carolina where she kept kicking her crossed leg when she spoke of Jon’s dogs ( as if to kick the dogs) as well as her snarky sarcastic laugh when she began speaking about them, showed how she really can’t stand the dogs which she banished from the family home.
Her reason for getting rid of German Shepherds Shoka and Nala was because she doesn’t want to care for them when it’s not Jon’s turn to be at the family’s home as on the video we see her laughing as she says about Jon “He called the breeder and took them back for a short period of time. I’m feeling like I have not enough time to take care of my kids, let alone give the dogs what they need, and the kids surprisingly weren’t that upset about it.

Kate’s insensitivity about the dogs is just one more thing about Kate that I find repulsive. First of all dogs are not toys or play things. They are members of the family and should be treated as such. They cannot be banished one day and unbanished the next day and then banished again. It is not good for them. It is not healthy for them emotionally.
When Kate says that the” kids surprisingly weren’t that upset about it” her comment is very disturbing. It is no surprise that the children obviously did not bond with the dogs because their control freak and clean and neat freak mother has brainwashed them into thinking that the dogs are filthy, germy, dirty creatures and shouldn’t be kissed and hugged and played with. If they had bonded with the dogs, there would definitely be a lot of crying and heartbreak with those kids when they realized the dogs were no longer a part of their family.
Now, let’s look at it from the dog’s point of view. The sad photos of Jon having to put them into their cages to be returned to the breeders was heartbreaking. Their tails were down and they sniffed Jon and went over to him for affection. They were sad and frightened, They had no idea where they were going. After being banished to their breeders and then now returning back to the home for a short while, they are even more confused and depressed. That is not fair to the dogs. In fact it is downright cruel. It is no laughing matter as reflected by Kate’s snarky chuckle. It’s sad and cruel on Kate’s part.
But I can’t help but think that at least some of those kids especially, Adan the one with the glasses, who is an animal lover since he could walk and Leah who is a reptile lover obsessed with alligators, would be upset by not having their dogs around. How would Kate even know that the kids were upset anyway? For an entire week she has been in NYC guest hosting the View, That weekend she was still in the city shooting a pilot for the Paula Deen Show and all this week has been speaking at conferences like the Southern Women’s Conference in North Carolina. So how would she know how those children were feeling anyway?
Then she cavalierly says “They’ll come back I’m sure at some point. But for now, I just needed a break.” What about the dogs? This break is bad for them. .She certainly has enough money now to hire a babysitter for the dogs just like she ahs hired the myriad of babysitters and helpers for those kids. We know for a fact that she had at least 40 of them whom she fired. So what is the big deal about having one more person in that household to take care of the dogs?.
When Kate also joked about the strength of the dogs by saying .”I am amazed,” “They sleep in a metal crate… a huge metal crate. They bent the bars and got out. I think in the winter I’m going to have them pull the kids in a sleigh.” I was nauseated.
The reason those dogs got out of the crate and bent the metal was because they were frustrated about having to be ignored and tortured by remaining in such a small space for house. With that huge house and all that land why couldn’t they have a pen built where they are free to roam about and frolic and have fun like dogs are supposed to do.? They are not to be used to pull children on a sleigh. That is what horses who have stronger back muscles are able to do. Using a dog to pull a heavy sleigh with numerous heavy children would be abusing the animal. That is unconscionable!
II think that those poor dogs should remain with the breeder and that the breeder should find them a loving home where they are wanted and will be loved. I am sure there are lots of people who would jump at the chance to have those beautiful dogs In order to repair the emotional damage that these poor dogs have endured they will no doubt need a loving home with lots of attention and affection. No animal should be in a home unless they are one hundred percent loved and wanted by everyone in the family.


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