Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on the View Shows She Finally Got Whopped By An Angry and Disgusted Whoopie

Whoopi had enough of Kate’s phony victim spin about how Jon wouldn’t let her into the house because he was with a babysitter. At first Whoopi tried to be a fair and objective host as we see from her body language, where she steeples her hands together and listens intently to what Kate has to say.

Whoopi being fair and objective host as indicated by her "steepling",
Whoopi being fair and objective host as indicated by her "steepling",

But then Whoopi couldn’t sit there and listen to Kate justifying her wrong actions of going over to the house when it was not her turn to be with the kids. So, Whoopi raising her voice just a tad, says to Kate, who continues to justify her bad behavior,      “ You Can’t do it”.

Whoopi tells cake "You can't do that"
Whoopi tells Kate "You can't do that"

But Kate continues to blather on about her ridiculous “motherly instincts” and “intuition” even though she  admits she never even met the babysitter before. Whoopi and gives Kate a dose of reality by twice telling a self righteous Kate “You could have gone to jail” for interfering with a custody situation as she pints an angry finger at Kate.

Whoopi tels Kate she could have gone to jail which KAte laughs off.
Whoopi tels Kate she could have gone to jail which Kate laughs off.

But Kate continues to laugh off Whoopi’s comment, justify and explain herself continuing to blather on about motherly instinct. It is now  mid show and Whoopi is really angry as you can see from her facial expression where her lower jaw juts forward. In fact she is enraged as she harshly taps her index finger on the table to make her point. You can also see the anger inWhoopi’s  other hands which is cupped in a semifist like fashion .

Midshow and Whoopi is livid and she beats on desk with her fingers that are cupped indicating anger.
It's mid show and Whoopi is livid with Kate.

Next we see and hear a stammering and stuttering Kate  who’s body language belies her. She knows she can’t hold her own next to Whoopi who is livid and disgusted by her. We can clearly see Kate’s defeated body language with her shoulders rounded and head bowed down. Kate, knowing that she lost her match against Whoopi quickly resorts  to playing  the victim sympathy card by saying how her kids weren’t around when this happened when the police came to her  and how she she sat by the gate and cried when all of this happened.

Kate's head bowed down, rounded shoulders and looking away shows he is not match for Whoopi
Kate's head bowed down, rounded shoulders and looking away shows she is not a match for Whoopi

Now Whoopi is hopping mad as she hears one of the dumbest people on the planet, Sherry Sheppard who in her first few weeks on the View had no idea that the “earth was round and thought it was flat”. (This is no joke!) Sherry tried to “make nice” with Kate and tells herown lame story about going over to her husband’s house and with Sherry’s  eyes bulging out and moving her head side to side acting as though she;s so touch realtes how  says she asked her husband” who’s watching my kid”. Whoopi obviously tunes Sherr out at this point and is  hopping mad .

Whoopi is hopping mad as she points at Kate
Whoopi is hopping mad as she points at Kate

Now Joy Behar gets into the mix. She probably senses that Whoopi feels like ripping off Kate’s now curled side bang that no longer hides her eye. So, Joy  tries to add a little humor but it’s not working as she bluntly tells Kate that Jon was winning the PR war when he told how Kate was “shrewish” she was and how now Kate is winning the PR war because Jon was with the babysitter.

Whoopi is told by producers to make the segment longer- stretch it. She's not happy about  it
Whoopi is told by producers to make the segment longer- stretch it. She's not happy about it

Then Kate replies  that she is not out to win any PR war but she wants to be the best mother. By now I am sure that Whoopi feels like to vomit as she hears Kate’s programmed well rehearsed spin saying once again how her motherly instincts kicked in and how she never even met the babysitter before.

If Kate wanted to be such a good mother Whoppi was probably thinking,” then get off the stage here at  the View and go home and take care of your kids and stop fighting with Jon for the whole world to see!”

 Then the producer must have said  in Whoopi’s earpiece, “‘Strech the segment” in so Whoopi  with a look of complete disgust on her face  ,makes a a stretching gesture with her arms accomplainied by  a buzzing sound with her mouth after saying the word “stretch”. She is appalled that  she will have to continue to be tortured by Kate’s interview and presence on the stage even longer.

WHoopi's disusted. She's had enough of Kate and is angry as seen by her cupped hand
Whoopi’ is completly disusted. She’s had enough of Kate and is angry as seen by her cupped hand and her other hand placed near her hip

Joy, sensing Whoopi’s frustration at Whoopi’s now  having to increase the length of this agonizing segment , once  again enters into the fray to make a joke about how male performers have run off with their babysitter and how Kate should have drooled more.

 Then Sherry opens her mouth and tries to defend Kate . Nut now  Whoopi is totally  beside herself  

Whoopi distances herslef from the group. Her adrenalin is pumping as her arm is stretched out.
Whoopi distances herslef from the group. Her adrenalin is pumping as her arm is stretched out.

She has distanced herself from the group as we can see in the screen shot of the show above. Whoopi and can no longer stomach looking at Kate as she turns her head away from her. We see the results of the adrenalin  obviously rushing through Whoopi’s system as she raises her hand in the air to release the negative energy she’s feeling. Ther is  no doubt that at this point inthe horrendous interview, I can only imagine that Whoopi must have felt like bitch slapping Kate once and for all if she could.

Whoppi throws up her hands in disgust as she says "I can't deal with this."
Whoppi throws up her hands in disgust as she says “I can’t deal with this.”

Kate a Toxic Bully and control freak Kate finally met someone, not  mjust her own size, but who was a giant next to her. She clearly realized that she was no match for Whoopi who would have none of Kate’s lame  rehearshed and orchestrated PR spin. By keeping it “real ” Whoopi put it all on the table and made this reality star- take a “real” good look at herself .

The segment was  finally ready to come to an end and now Whoopi has to cut to commercial . Woopi’s face says it all. Scrunched in disgust with furrowed brow, Whoopi throws up her up her hands leans hear head to the side as if to get away from Kate’s nonsense and says in a disgusted tone to match the disgusted look on her face, “ I cant even deal with this!”  Finally Whoopi  throws her hands up in disgust to reflect the complete disgust that  she is no doubt  feeling throughout  her entire body.

While there were a few who  criticized Whoopi for acting a bully to a now re-imaged  meek and defenseless appearing Kate. But Whoppi and those who saw through Kate’s new softer look, saw the truth. No makeover is going to erase the image of her abusing her husband and belittling the kids which we all saw for five years.

   And please don’t defend the situation by saying she’s a poor mother with eight children. In the first place she’s not a poor mother. She is a multimillionaire mother with a lot of outside help. And who asked her to undergo fertility treatments that would account for multiple births. She was a nurse. She know all the possibilities- including having six births at once.  And finally, there is a woman on televison with 19 natural childlren- the Duggar family who are loving and kind and not abusive to one another like Kate is to her family. Kate has shown her character over and over again and it;s not pretty. While she defends herself by syaing she is not perfect. That is an understatement! She reflects a meanness that cannot be overlooked. Just ask any of her family memebers from her own parents to her brother to his wife aunt Jody to the countless nannies and helpers she has fired. Even ask her own daughter Maddy who is miserable around her mother as we have all seen.

Kate refuses to give thirsty daughter Maddy a sip of water
Kate refuses to give thirsty daughter Maddy a sip of water

The image above of not giving one of her thirsty daughters Maddy  a drink of water while she took a sip herself shows her character and her selef absorption.

 I understand that there is talk about Kate getting a talk show with Paula Deen. If she does, rest assured that  I will be watching not as a fan but as a  body language analyst  to see how Kate is progressing. I hope this woman get’s professional psychological help and not just  from Dr. Phil. She needs help from someone who has the time and enegy to devote to her on a regular basis and not just for a media event as she did when she told viewer show she saw Dr. Phil as he came on the View when she co-hosted it.

Kate tells of seeing Dr. Phil on the View
Kate tells of seeing Dr. Phil on the View

 Based n my countless hours of observation, I clearly see that Kate is a “Blamer” in the Toxic People scheme of things. She blames the kids, Jon, the papparazzi ( without them thre would be no Jon and Kate) and everyone else, instead of taking a good hard look at herself.

    I am proud of Whoppi because someone got “real” and  finally called Kate on her BS and PR Spin and it worked. No new hairdo or weightloss or new clothing or image makeover  can change the fact that Kate needs to get rid of her internal hate that she has consistently displayed int he media.

Once and for all she needs to put a stop to bashing the father of her kids. He didn’t start all of this- she did. He finally had enough of her and spoke out- honestly and openly. So what if he is dating and experimenting with different women. He is obviously looking for love and affection- something we all saw that he never got from Kate as we watched five years of her verbal emotional and physical abuse.


4 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on the View Shows She Finally Got Whopped By An Angry and Disgusted Whoopie

  1. Whoopi didn’t even raise her OWN kids how can she have any valid input? Whoopi IS the bully and always has been. Kate should have asked Whoopi why she didn’t even raise her own kids on air.

    And who are YOU to ascertain that someone is the “dumbest person on the planet”. You are a Kate hater and it shows.

    Your own body language comes across as self righteous and annoying. You seem to make the reading of each person’s body language FIT what YOU think of that person at that time, not what it really is.


    1. Yolanda
      a. Everyone has valid input including Whoopie and I disagree that she is a bully. Kate is a bully-see what she did to Jon in her abusing him on the shows.
      b.If you what know know “whom am I” read teh About section on the blog.
      c. Anyone who thinks the world is square who is an adult is dumb, ignorant, uneducated and living under d rock.We learned the earth was round in kindergarten. So I stick to my comment about Sherry.
      e. I am not a Kate hater. I reserve my hate for Hitler, Stalin and child molesters, and animal abusers. I just call it as I see it regardfing Kate. She shows deception, manipulation, hypcrisy in her body language and communciation and I report it.
      f. Since you are not educated or experienced in the area of body language analyssi your comments about my body language being self righteous and annoying is ridiculous especially since you have not seen my body language in action. I am neither of those things. As far as annoying goes- msst people don’t seem to think so but I annoy you, you need to look at what it is about me that it annoying. Perhaps you may be annoyed by those who objectively report what they see with no holds barred.
      g. And finally your last staement that I seem to make reading each person;s body language fit what I think of that person is also rridiculous. It is their body languiage, behaviors, and communication patterns that dictate how they present themselves, which in turn dictates what I think of them.
      In any event thank you for sharing your comments- Dr. Lillian Glass


  2. Amen Whoopi, Kate needs to take this quarter and call someone who cares. Oh, no one does! Kate should be the poster child for birth control. She is a monster and Jon is right by leaving and getting the children off TV. Now if he can just get them out of her mini mansion prison and save them. Kate can go to hell for all I care, she is a selfish money Whore! All my opinion only, just tired of this stupid woman who uses her children to earn her a living in EVERYTHING she does. Go back to nursing you witch. Out of the stupid limo’s with the body guard. No one is stupid but Kate Gosselin! AIMOO


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