Kanye’s Expressionless Face, Monotone, Disconnected Speech Mechanical Body Language and Signs of Deception on Jay Leno Showed Rehearsed Insincere Behavior

Kanye was insincere on Leno
Kanye was insincere on Leno

Kanye West’s appearance on Jay Leno’s new show was disgraceful and upsetting. It was obviously a PR spin that went awry. No one was buying what Kanye had to say, not even Kanye. Viewers saw a phony and insincere apology devoid of vocal emotion and facial expression with a contrived mechanical body language .
It was obvious that his unplanned appearance on the show was the work of his PR handlers because Kanye was definitely not prepared to be anywhere near a television camera, let alone in front of a camera on national television. Just the way he walked on to the stage and coldly greeted Jay with stiff and rigid body language and an emotionless face, not even responding to Jay’s embrace. Kanye was on a mission to try to spin his actions but it didn’t work.
His body language showed that this the questions he was asked were clearly rehearsed. Perhaps the most obviously contrived question was when Jay asked him how his mother would feel about the situation. Kanye did not shed a tear. His face was emotionless as was his monotone voice. He paused a rehearsed pause for several seconds and then rubbed his hand over his head. He uttered some disconnected phrases without finishing his sentences or the thought. But it was clear that he was saying that he never got to grieve his mother’s passing because he had been on the road and now he was going to take some time off to grieve and re evaluate his life.
His looking down and eyes roaming about, never looking directly at Jay or into the camera did indicate that he was ashamed and embarrassed but not for the reason which he gave “because he hurt someone and took something away from a talented artist .” Instead, he was clearly ashamed becuase of the public’s negative response towards him. In his hostile written non- apology he certainly took some below the belt shots at the “talented “ artist he mentioned as he poked fun at her “cheerleading lyrics”.
His defensiveness and trying to still not accept blame by offering the excuse that he was “trying to help someone” and how “all his life he’s tried to give “, clearly indicates how desperately he wants people to see him as the good giving guy that he isn’t. Instead it reflected how shallow, narcissistic and immature he is. He was NOT trying to “help” anyone when he took over the stage at the VMA’s with the exception of himself. He was trying to help himself and it backfired.
Then nothing made sense during his rambling as he used disconnected words and phrases that were no doubt rehearsed. Because the apology was not from the heart the words came out in phrases that went everywhere and made no sense whatsoever as he suddenly out of the blue mentions
something about someone’s “emotions”.
Then looking down and shaking his head “no” when he should be shaking it in the affirmative, he says that he would like to apologize to her. He doesn’t mention her name . He refers to Taylor as “her” . He doesn’t look up into the camera or at Jay. Instead he looks down. He needed to apologize to Taylor immediately not what is now over two days later. That proves the insincerity of his words.
The immediate neck scratching we observed after he spoke those disconnected phrases indicated deception as there is no way he wants to apologize to Taylor Swift. He didn’t even respect her enough to mention her name. The scratching I in the context of what he said indicated deception.
IAs the interview or shall I say monologue continued, it became so obvious that this was the work of his handlers as Kanye was definitely not prepared to be anywhere near a television camera. It was complete PR Spin through and through and he did a horrific job at it as we all witnessed. .
It was so clear that his handlers prepped him when Jay asked about what his mother would think, In an attempt to be dramatic he was silent for a few seconds but the giveaway was that there was no emotion in his voice or on his face. Instead he rubbed his hand over his head. The immediate nose scratching indicated complete deception with regard to this question. A ll the machinations of head rubbing and forehead rubbing were supposed to indicate a distraught Kanye. But it didn’t . Kanye failed to execute his the rehearsed lines in a believable manner. The body couldn’t lie. The truth about how phoney all of this was leaked out. That is why we saw all so much nose scratching . Ity indicated that was not being sincere or honest with his feelings.
Then he looks down and says “if there is anything I can do in the future to help Taylor” and then he adds the words “ or anyone,”. It clearly shows that he was stubbornly refusing to apologize to this poor girl he victimized and bullied and abused. His refusal to acknowledge her name without adding :he words “or anyone” shows his very poor character.
Then he reminds us twice that he is a celebrity and he has to deal with it. Well he may not be a much of a celebrity after all of this is over.
Finally jumbles words and phrase together which make no sense by saying “ I Iwanna live this thing its hard so ( and then he scratches his nose). To translate what he really meant to say is as follows” It is hard living with the fact that I am now a pariah and that I lost my fans and everyone thinks I am a horrible persona and a loser.”


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