Open Mouthed Shock By Audience at Kanye West’s Hostile and Arrogant Body Language as He Interrupts Taylor Swift’s Moment

Kanye's Arrogant and Hostile Body Language at VMA's
Kanye's Arrogant and Hostile Body Language at VMA's

Open mouthed shock was on the faces of audience members who attended the VMA Awards, including Beyonce. Few could believe that Kanye West destroyed Taylor Swift’s moment while she was in the middle of giving her acceptance speech after receiving a VMA Award.
Kanye West’s hostile body language with outstretched arms as he pointed at Taylor’s chest and condescendingly said to her as he touched her shoulder, in a hostile tone with lower jaw jutting forward in anger “ I’m gonna let you finish” “ But Beyonce had one of the best video of all time.”
He then repeats this in a loud tone, pointing in anger at the audience “One of the best videos of all time”. He then shrugs his shoulders and hands the microphone back to Taylor Swift, His shrug indicates through his body language, that he doesn’t know why Taylor is up there getting an award instead of Beyonce.
Taylor’s body language showed that she was stunned, as her mouth was agape. Her rounded shoulders indicated that she was clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed at what had just taken place. It left this 19 year old speechless .
Kanye’s arrogant and bullyish behavior clearly cost him a lot of fans based on comments on numerous websites including This ugly display of self entitlement and rudeness is completely unacceptable. I am certain that his late mother Donda West would be appalled if she had lived to see her son’s despicable actions. I am sure that she raised him better than that and her memory and her legacy deserve a lot more respect than her son is giving her. Shame on you Kanye.


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