Cognac Not Cause of Kanye West’s Bad Behavior as Body Language Reflects a Much Deeper Anger Issue

Inner Anger not Cognac casue of Kanye's horrible behavior
Inner Anger not Cognac cause of Kanye's horrible behavior

Now the PR Spin begins as Kanye’s handlers are no doubt trying to attribute Kanye West’s horrific behavior at the VMA’s to Cognac. There is now released video all over the internet showing him taking a swig from a bottle and handing the bottle over to his girlfriend to take a swig.
Now the next step in the PR spinning equation is for “poor” Kanye to say that it was the alcohol that made him do it and that he is talking the first step in AA by admitting he is an alcoholic. Then we will see him in a posh rehab facility where photos of him, (no doubt be leaked to the press) will appear in every tabloid showing how he ‘s now getting sober. Then we will see a fresh faced smiling Kanye emerge 30 days later holding a press conference and appearing on the pages of every celebrity magazine including Newsweek as well as being a guest on Larry King Live where he will no doubt be describing how the alcohol made him do it and how he began drinking to soothe himself after his mother suddenly died after her plastic surgery.

      Please spare us the contrived drama! While the alcohol may have released an inhibition or two, it is not why Kanye got up on the stage and did what he did. It is a lot deeper than having a sip or two or three of Cognac.
The anger and rage that was reflected, was not only in Kanye’s body language in his pointing and angrily shouting to the audience that Beyonce deserved the award. It was also reflected in the hatefulness and anger in his lame attempt to issue a written apology which turned out to further insult and disrespect Taylor Swift. It showed how self consumed he is and how filled with rage and hate he is.
Now we are seeing Kanye’s inner demons up close and personal and we will have no more of it!  People have finally seen who Kanye is underneath the façade. They have clearly seen a mean angry bullying man filled with tremendous rage.
We all know that what happened with the Hurricane Katrina victims was an awful disorganized fiasco. But to accuse any sitting President no matter who he was of “not caring about Black People” was unfair, not to mention disrespectful . It was clearly a red flag as to what was going on in Kanye’s psyche. Another red flag was calling a wife murderer and another bully like OJ Simpson “amazing”. And still another indicator of Kanye’s hate filled and distorted thinking was when he  encouraged everyone to give a break to yet another bully- a brutalizing abuser like Chris Brown.
There is no doubt that Kanye has serious “issues”. If OJ and Chris Brown are men he admires, supports, and defends, then the waters in the well of hatred anger, especially against women, run very deep.
Kanye West needs some very intensive anger management therapy. He needs long term therapy as well, to handle what ails him internally so that he can get on touch with makes him so hateful.

Based on the enormous negative response Kanye has received I don’t believe that he can ever come back from this without major treatment. Some people like Donald Trump and others even believe he should be boycotted for good. People are not going to tolerate this “hater” any longer.

There are too many other artists out there who are just as talented who are “lovers”. The bottom line is – Don’t buy into the PR Spin because that is what it is –Spin and you can’t spin what we all saw with our own eyes. There is nothing you can say that the public will believe as to why Kanye acted so horribly.


3 thoughts on “Cognac Not Cause of Kanye West’s Bad Behavior as Body Language Reflects a Much Deeper Anger Issue

  1. dont worry. i have no intention of buying any of his lies. you may be overestimating him with the whole rehab plan though. like you said, hes not really sorry, and he is so narcissistic, i doubt he thinks he needs to do any more damage control. i think the cognac was a prop; something to blame if things went wrong. he probably wasnt even drunk.


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