Susan Boyle’s Body Language Shows She’s Getting More Comfortable With Her Fame

Susan Boyle caught on TMZ at LAX mroe comfortable with her fame
Susan Boyle caught on TMZ at LAX mroe comfortable with her fame

Susan Boyle, golden voiced star of Britain’s Got Talent is getting a lot more comfortable with her newfound fame and public persona. As he arrived at LAX her facial language showed that she was relaxed and calm and very much enjoying the attention of her fans. Her body language is the most relaxed we have see her when in pubic indicating that she is gliding into her success with grace and ease.
She’s finally come to grips with the fact that she is not just the British Dream or the American Dream, going from obscurity to fame, or from rags to riches, but rather the World Dream. She embodies everyone’s hope that it’s not only talent and hard work that allows one to rise to the top, it’s , gutsiness, taking a risk and never quitting.
Susan took that risk by trying out for a national competition on a talent show in Britain. Even though the pressures were enormous, she hung in there and didn’t quit. Even though she technically didn’t win the competition, she won in life. She managed to make the best of her situation and she came out on top. In her mid 40’s , she’s only begun to tap into her fame and fortune, making her an even greater inspiration to others- that it is never too late.


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