Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Says He Is Uncomfortable with His Public Display of Affection With Haley Glassman

Jon Gosselin and Haley Glassman's PDA
Jon Gosselin’s arched back and stiff posture with this head tilted back indicate that he is definitely feeling uncomfortable showing physical affection to Haley- at least publically. He knows it is wrong. He isn’t even legally divorced yet. The issue of child custody hasn’t yet been decided. Jon can’t be that ignorant, so it leads me to believe that Hayley was in the instigator of the recent series of “love shots” that appeared on Radar online.
In my further examining these photos, there is no doubt that Hayley was indeed the instigator of these affectionate moves, as she leans into him and pushes her face in to Jon’s , awkwardly smushing his nose. His lips aren’t puckered, so it is evident that he wasn’t ready for her public display of lovin’ as he feels awkward. His body certainly knows tha he isn’t doing the right thing.
In light of his last interview, Jon where Jon publically told everyone how he hated Kate and how he never loved Kate as much as he loves Hayley, my belief is that he really needed to lay low. But instead he has come out publically to let everyone know, albeit reluctantly that he meant business and that it was definitely over between him and Kate.
Although I am thrilled that it is over between he and Kate and that he is getting a diet of proper loving from Hayley instead of abuse from Kate, like I said the other day on Showbiz Tonight, all of this back and both digging and flaunting must stop at once. It is the children who will be the real victims from all of this Toxic outfall from both Jon and Kate.


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