Rep. Joe Wilson’s Body Language and Voice Quality Show That His Apology Wasn’t Sincere

Rep. Joe Wilson's apology wasn't sincere.
Rep. Joe Wilson, the congressman who shouted “You lie” during President Obama’s address to Congress, was forced to make an apology for his outburst, The operative word being, “forced”. It was clear from his shaky and cracking voice quality his consistent use of “uh’s” interjected between his words, his looking down, lack of direct eye contact, his shoulders rounded and his head sheepishly bowed, not to mention the sweat on his face, that he really didn’t want to apologize. The leadership made him apologize as he said. So he did. In his talking to the press he let it be known that it was the leadership’s idea for him to apologize not his idea as he said,
“I, last night, heard from the leadership that they wanted me to contact the White House, and state that my statements were inappropriate.”
But the truth leaked out at the end of his statement to the press he said what he really wanted to say which was as follows:
“ We need to be, uh, discussing, uh, issues specifically to help the American people. And, uh, that would not include, uh, illegal aliens.”
So Rep. Wilson still thinks Obama lied about illegal aliens. He may have been forced to apologize, but his body language facial language the words he chose and his shaky voice told the truth. He really wasn’t sorry about what he said at all.


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