Kate Gosselin Didn’t “Make Friends or Influence People” On Her Recent Visit to L.A.

Kate Gosslin's recent behavior in Los Angeles was a turn off.
  Perhaps the book that Kate Gosselin needed to read on her plane ride back from Los Angeles was Dale Carnegie’s classic book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” becuase she was alledegly doing neitherof those things on her recent visit in Los Angeles. 

We have all seen Kate Gosslein be rude and downright verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to husband Jon on the air. We have even seen her be rude to her children like taking a sip of cold water before she was to go on the air and not giving a sip to her thirsty daughter Maty, who retorted by telling her mother how “mean” she was. We have even heard how rude and selfish Kate was from interviews with her own brother sister in law, Aunt Jody. We have all read the reports that she apparently fired over 40 (that’s a big number)  nannies, nurses, house cleaners, and other staffers who no doubt could fill volumes about their firings and unhappy experiences with Kate.

      But on her recent visit to Los Angeles where she appeared in the media to trash husband Jon and do some image control and PR spin so that she would look like the “angel” next to Jon’s “devil” her controlling and diva like image managed to leaked out. Her behavior apparently turned off many in her wake, according to many staffers on the scene whom I personally interviewed.

    Even though as a formally trained journalist, I will never name names or reveal my sources, suffice it to say, I took personal offense when I heard how rudely Kate treated some cherished people in my life.

     There are a lot of people behind the scenes whom you don’t see on camera, who are the backbone of the media  industry. They are the producers, makeup artists, hair stylists, directors, writers, cameramen and camerawomen, sound people, gaffers, assistants, food service people, lighting people, and limo drivers, and security staff among others. They are there to help. They are not servants. They are not the “little people”. They are in factm  “big people” .They are valuable cogs in a machine that allows everything to flow smoothly and effectively and therefore  must be treated with the same respect and dignity as one would treat the host or the star of a show.
   It came to my attention from numerous sources that Kate on her recent visit to Los Angeles was not too pleasant to a number of these behind the scenes people. In fact word had it that she was attempting to run the show and take control of situations where it was inappropriate for her to be in control. Thankfully, she was put in her proper place by many of these individuals who refused to let her run amok and run over them.

     The comments I heard from the numerous people with whom I spoke, in various venues, essentially said the same thing- that “Kate seems to believe her own press,” that” she thinks she’s a super star “and appears to be “taking herself way too seriously”, “acting like a diva” and being “demanding and commanding”.

    Now I don’t know it all of this is true because I didn’t see it with my own eyes. But the fact that I heard what is essentially the same story from various people in a variety of positions and in a variety of places on a variety of different days lends me to believe that their stories are most probably credible. What leads me to believe that their stories clealrly ring true is the fact that none of the people whom I interviewed knew the other people whom I interviewed in the different venues and in different parts of the city.
      While Kate Gosselin may present a very physcially attractive picture of a mother of eight with buff arms and a bright smile, and a slim figure, the old saying “ you can dress a pig, but its’ still a pig” may very well hold true here. Pretty is as pretty does. And Kate did not act very pretty to numerous people in Los Angeles who shared their personal experiences with me.
     If Kate wants an after life in show business when the show finally ends (and it will) she needs to start to loosen up on trying to control everything and everyone. Most important of all, she needs to learn that she is NOT the center of the universe. And even more important than that, she needs to learn how to treat people- all people with whom she comes in contact- with respect and dignity and graciousness.

       If she acts without these qualities, one can only imagine what will happen to those 8 children growing up without a role model teaching them respect, dignity and graciousness when it comes to others.

     So my helpful suggestion to Kate is to read Dale Carnegie’s classic book so you can not only incorporate the valuable information in your own lifem but so that you can  ” influence” your 8 kids” in a postive way so that they won’t grow up  following  in your rude footsteps.


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