Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Strength and Self Confidence As He Finally Speaks Out About Kate’s Constant Verbal and Physical Abuse

Jon Gosselin finallf speaks out about Kate's abuse
After watching enough seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8 there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jon Gosselin was clearly an abused husband. He was verbally battered and physically abused. We saw it repeatedly as controlling Kate shouted, negated, and belittled him into submission. There was no talking or reasoning with Kate when it came to Jon. It was her way or the highway. So when Jon recently appeared on Good Morning America no one is surprised by his allegation that Kate abused him. But what is surprising and even more impressive is that when he expressed himself so openly his body language reflected a sense of self confidence that we had never seen before.
With his eyes opened wide, raised eyebrows and direct eye contact Jon Gosselin’s solid posture upright body language and clear and resonant tones said it all. He showed not only that he was telling the truth but an openness that said” I’m not ever taking abuse again”
Who could ever forget the absolutely humiliating segment on the show where Jon and Kate were in the toy store buying gifts for the kids and Kate was verbally abusing Jon in the store in front of the patrons and worse- in front of the kids. Throughout the years on the show, Kate was always bitching at Jon for something or another. It was as though he couldn’t seem to do anything right in her eyes. Kate didn’t care who was around as she constantly disrespected Jon.
That disrespect for Jon was certain to carry over and infect the children. This was shockingly evident on the segment of the show where Jon and Kate announced their break up. I was doing a body language analysis of Jon and Kate for Entertainment Tonight and watching the show on the feed at the ET studio. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard one of the sextuplets, Joel, whom we always seemed to see Jon bestowing love and affection upon, shouting at his dad to “be quiet because they were filming”.
I was shocked at this display of disrespect from the little boy towards his father and openly expressed my dismay on ET with my mouth agape and my stating how shocked I was that Joel would speak so disrespectfully to his father.
But where did little Joel learn all of this? From Kate! Who did he model this egregious behavior after? Kate! And who is there to stop him and let him know that that speaking so disrespectfully to your father is unacceptable? Certainly NOT Kate!
Who could forget the tape that the TLC crew made of Kate’s as she calls them “Love Slaps”. After watching it I was sickened. There is nothing whatsoever loving about being slapped especially in the face, which Jon was repeatedly. Jon didn’t hit back physically. At times he hit back verbally with some snide expression or remark, but that was clearly in response to fighting back and sticking up for himself after receiving abuse on such a repeated basis. There was so much abuse taking place while the cameras were rolling as we all witnessed. We can only imagine what additional abuse Kate was spewing out when the cameras were not rolling.
There has been a lot of back and forth lately with Kate trashing Jon on Larry King and in People Magazine Jon in turn trashing Kate in US Weekly and on GMA. This MUST stop immediately for the sake of the kids. It is not helping anyone. It is not helping ratings. In fact, the ratings are declining rapidly. It is certainly not helping the children. They may not see all the press nowm but when they are older, they will definitely see it as youtube and internet posts about them are there to read when they are older. No doubt the older girls- Cara and Maty know how to use the internet for their schoolwork. Since Jon and Kate haven’t been there as much to supervise them as much as before as the two of them are out and out doing book tours, publicity or partying, there is no doubt that the older kids have gotten wind of what’ s going on between mommy and daddy. They don’t need the internet. They see it. They feel it. They live it.They know it. The little ones know it too. Ever since the split up their body language speaks volumes. They look so miserable. They look depressed and angry and frustrated and serious. They do not look happy.
Many people think that Jon should stay home with the kids and not be out partying and hanging out with the ladies. I completely disagree, I think Jon must go out and party and have a ball. He needs to do whatever he can to repair the severe emotional damage that Kate did to him. The fact that he is with different ladies is a good thing. He needs to explore in my opinion find someone who will make him feel like a man again- who will make him feel important respected and loved. He needs to feel like a sexual being again as no doubt Kate emasculated him.’
Research shows that repeated emasculation and verbal abuse effects one’s sexuality. So there is no doubt all of Kate’s hostility and controlling behavior and abuse towards Jon took it’s toll on him. He needed to go out and find someone with whom he could feel masculine and desirable.
Now you may say, well it’s all the kids and the responsibility that could have caused Jon’s dip in testosterone. I respond by saying, look at the Duggars with their 19th child on the way. I love to watch this show and this family because everyone is so oving. The couple respects one another. The wife is kind to the husband and the husband is kind to the wife. No one screams and yells. Things get organized and everyone pitches in.
I am thrilled that Jon is dating. I don’t care if it’s Haliegh or Kate2 or Mary or Judy or Candy or Debbie or Carl or Mike or Steve. I just care that he is happy and enjoying himself. When it is Jon’s time to be with the kids based on the photos and videos I have examined he gives them a lot of love and affection. That is a good thing. But when he’s not with the kids, I say party hearty and enjoy yourself. Make up for all those years you were abused and disrespected. You deserve to live and have fun on the times you are off and it’s not your turn to be with the kids. But when it is your turn, be there and be there 1000 percent.
I know that there was all this recent controversy about Kate calling the cops Jon not letting her in the house. There are two sides to that story. The bottom line is that when Jon is with the kids he defiantely does not need to have anyone else around like a lover to parade in front of the kids. It is not healthy for them to see. If he did it, I hope he learned from his mistake and doesn’t do it again. If he didn’t do itm then it’s all the more reason I am a member of Team Jon.
Jon said in his recent GMA interview that Kate essentially called him worthless and wanted him to work and get a job. Jon who is a lot younger than Kate who found himself with 8 kids was no doubt overwhelmed. He didn’t know what to do. In his early 20’s he was still as kid but and now he couldn’t indulge that kid in him because he now had 8 real live kids he had to deal with. In watching the show I thought he did a pretty decent job.
So now he wants to get out there and do something with his life. He is doing what everyone should do and that is try on different job and professions to see what fits. He’s trying his hand at design and repping products and meeting with Ed Hardy executives and doing a little of this and a little of that. I think it is healthy.
I think it is very healthy that he has moved to NYC to start a new life. He can live in Manhattan and still visit his kids and have a great life with them like a lot of divorced dads, The good news is that because of his notoriety he’ll have a lot more job opportunities coming his way and a lot more money to live in a great city and experience another type of life.
A lot of people criticized Jon that he got a new car and a new condo in a Trump building (a great choice as I also lived in a Trump building- The Trump Palace)when I lived in new York on a more regular basis). I can vouch for great security, great upkeep, and great privacy that will be there for him as well as for his kids.
I am definitely on TEAM JON. I wish him the best. I want him to succeed and I know he will- especially now that he is out of Kate’s clutches.
But having said that I want Jon to get some help from a professional who can be there for him and guide him during the rough patches. I would like to see him with a therapist so that he could have someone to be there for him and help him get on a steady path as he finds his way in his new life. He also needs to have sessions with just he and the kids to repair the damage that Kate’s abuse and disrespect created between he and the kids. They need to learn how to better communicate with their dad. He needs to set more boundaries with them so they never ever speak to him as was rudely displayed on their show. They need to know that he is not the bad guy that Kate has made him out to be. He is doing his best with what he has and trying to do good for them as well as for himself. When daddy is happy, the kids will be happy because daddy will be more whole as a person.
I believe that daddy Jon needs to find love not only with girlfriends but with a good support system who really love him. I recently saw that he was in La Vegas hosting a party to raise some money .He brought his mother. I was impressed. In the photos with Jon and his mother he looked so happy. His face looked so relaxed. He actually looked so handsome and so at peace.
Seeing the body language in the photos of Jon and his mother spoke volumes to me. He clearly loves his mother and vice versa. She is a very attractive woman who looks a lot younger than her years. She also looked very content to be around her son. Now it all makes sense as to why we never saw the 8 children’s paternal grandma on the show? Do you think it could have had anything to do with Kate? I think that might be a good guess.
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