Body Language Analysis Skills and Pychology Training Lead to Uncover the Motive of a Malicious No Longer “Anonymous” Blogger- “Professional Jealousy”

Dr. Lillian Glass used her skills as a body language expert and background in psychology to identity and discover the motivation of a malicious "anonymous" blogger
Dr. Lillian Glass used her skills as a body language expert and background in psychology to identity and discover the motivation of a malicious "anonymous" blogger

In a previous blog, I mentioned how I, Dr. Lillian Glass, was able to use my skills as a body language expert and employ the techniques discussed in my bestselling book “I Know What You’re Thinking- Using the 4 Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life.” to uncover the complete identity of a no longer “anonymous” blogger.
But now that I knew her identity based on the leaking of information she wrote via her own blogs (and it was a “her” based on the feminine linguistic components I observed in her writing and also the fact she mentioned a “husband” and “kids”- “kid number one” and “kid number two” ) it was now essential for me to use my training in Psychology and Communication to help me gain more insight as to what would possibly motivate someone to be so angry and so hostile to spew such vitriol and verbal venom at the person about whom they were blogging.

While it is one thing to state an opinion that one disagrees with another, it is another thing when the blogger is so hateful to call for an act of violence towards the person whom they were “stoning” the person. What kind of person would do this? What makes them “tic”? I soon found out.

After discovering her full name and typing it into the Google search engine, I immediately discovered that she was evidently no stranger to malicious blogging. In fact, the internet was filled with postings and websites from countless disgruntled people who described her actions and behaviors in extremely unflattering terms.

In analyzing the contents of her writing, based on her own exact words, my insight into the field of Psychology (having been formally trained in the subject) allowed me to observe a theme of “anger” and “ill temper” threaded throughout her blogs. The fact that she identifies herself in her own words as “crotchety” and “older” and “more crotchety” speaks volumes, in my opinion.

So what would motivate this self described “crotchety” “older” “woman” to be so malicious and hateful in her blogging? I soon found out. I discovered that it was the same motivation that lead the recently publically “outed” blogger, Rosemary Port, who blogged such hateful things about her “target” Liskula Cohen. After all, it was not Rosemary Port who was a beautiful Vogue model and the center of attention at the New York party scene, but rather Liskula Cohen.
I immediately saw how this was a similar situation to where non model Rosemary Port’s jealousy motivated her to write hateful things about the successful Vogue model . When I discovered that this malicious no longer “non anonymous” blogger was in a similar field as the “target” of her vitriol, it was my opinion that it was a similar case of jealousy-”Professional jealousy”.
This opinion of “ professional jealousy” was confirmed by an action the malicious now no longer “anonymous” blogger took after seeing her ”target” being interviewed on a television show. The now no longer “anonymous” blogger’s jealousy apparently got the best of her. She couldn’t seem to contain herself.

Taking to her keyboard once again, writing yet another nasty blog, she took shots at her “target’s” area of expertise. In doing so, the malicious now no longer “anonymous” blogger completely ignored the fact that she was in pending litigation with her “target”. Not a very smart thing to do!
No matter what anyone says about expressing their First Amendment Rights, the bottom line is that the malicious, now no longer “anonymous” blogger’s “professional jealously” obviously clouded her common sense as she exhibited “no self control”, by continuing to incite flames, even though she was in a pending legal battle with her “target”.
The late and great father of the field of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud so brilliantly remarked that ” envy seeks to destroy.”
It was Rosemary Port’s envy and jealousy that sought her to try to destroy model Liskula Cohen’s reputation by calling her a “skank” and making other unsettling remarks over the internet through her blogs. It was this malicious now no longer “anonymous” blogger that sought to destroy her target’s peace of mind.
In carefully reflecting on Freud’s words that “envy seeks to destroy”, envy seeks to destroy not the “target” of the envy and jealousy, but instead, it eventually destroys the very person who is so consumed with that envy and jealousy and hatred because they do themselves in.
Their hatred backfires on them as it manifests by their getting cancer, a heart attack, or some other fatal illness, as research has repeatedly shown. Hatred always consumes the hater! By adding the word “yourself” at the end Freud’s quote, especially in the instances of these two malicious now no longer “anonymous” bloggers, “envy seeks to destroy yourself”. We can only bless and release these two, who in my opinion are very sad and obviously tormented souls.


2 thoughts on “Body Language Analysis Skills and Pychology Training Lead to Uncover the Motive of a Malicious No Longer “Anonymous” Blogger- “Professional Jealousy”

  1. If you did your research it was Liskila Cohen who sparked the fight that Rosemary Port reacted to when Cohen said nasty things about Rosemary Port (who she claimed to not know) to Ports boyfriend in an attempt to break them up.


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