Body Language Analysis Skills Can Be Used to Help Detect the Identity of Anonymous Toxic Bloggers

Rosemary Port -former anonymous bloggerwho defamed Vogue Model Liskula Cohn
Rosemary Port -former anonymous bloggerwho defamed Vogue Model Liskula Cohn
Liskula Cohen Vogue Model who was defamed by anonymous blogger Rosemanry Port
Liskula Cohen Vogue Model who was defamed by anonymous blogger Rosemanry Port

There has been a lot of news lately about toxic anonymous bloggers who are now publically exposed and forced to become accountable for their malicious actions. This happened with gorgeous Vogue model Liskula Gentile Cohen who exposed the identity of a woman who defamed her by calling her a “skank” and making other defamatory comments about her in a blog. The anonymous blogger’s name was Rosemary Port, a 29 year old student at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology
The defamer’s identity was uncovered because Joan Madden, a New York supreme court judge, rejected blogger Rosemary Port’s claim that the blogs were a “modern day forum for conveying personal opinions, including invective and ranting” and should not be treated as factual assertions. The judge ordered Google to release the name of this individual, which they did by court order.
      But now I, Dr. Lillian Glass have discovered yet another way to uncover the identity of malicious anonymous and toxic bloggers who” hit and run and hide ” behind their cloak of anonymity.  I utilized  Body Language Analysis skills which I discuss in my best selling book “I Know What You’re Thinking- Using the Four Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life.”
While it is annoying to have a blogger write something negative, untrue or defamatory, it is equally disturbing for the person being defamed not to be able to do anything about it, simply because the blogger is “anonymous” as was the case with model Liskula Cohen.
      These “anonymous” Toxic Bloggers are nothing more than cowards in my view  who verbally “hit and run and hide” behind their cloak of anonymity. If these weak and tragic souls had any backbone, they would openly provide their identity. But because so many of them I am of the opionion often suffer from character and personality defects, they don’t have the wherewithal to “man up” or “woman up” and say what they want to say directly to the person to whom they spew their verbal venom.
          The motivation of many of these anonymous bloggers to vomit their verbal venom is  i strongly believe usually nothing more than jealousy or envy. As Freud once brilliantly said, “Envy seeks to destroy.” And these in m my view tragic souls, appear to be consumed with jealousy and envy , so much so ,that they seek to destroy with their blogs and posts. But what they don’t realize is that they often end up destroying themselves just like former anonymous blogger Rosemary Port did who called Liskula Cohen a “skank” has done to herself. No matter how many victories Rosemary Port has in life financial or otherwise, I believe that a great many people  will view her as a  coward or even a loser for writing such nasty  comments aimed at hurting another person’s feelings. In the court of public opinion she lost the case forever.
          Why would someone stoop so low as to anonymously write ugly untrue, hateful, and defamatory things about another? It’s very simple. Jealousy. In my opinion, that was clearly the case of the blogger Rosemary Port who made these defamatory comments. Making such below the belt comments by writing that “Ms. Cohen was 40-something” who “may have been hot 10 years ago” and cowardly signing it “anonymous” says it all. Those laicious comments make it obvious to me  that  jealoust  of Ms. Cohen is at the root of all of this. There is also some prepressed anger and Ms. Port is revealing it in in what I believe is a sneaky passive agressive way. After all it seem obious to me and to a lot of others that  Ms. Cohen is the successful and beautiful model, while  the no longer “anonymous” blogger Rosemary Port is not.                                                                                                                                                     When Ms. Cohen found out who the person was she “jumped for joy and laughed”. Why? Because the person was as Ms. Cohen described it  “an irrelevant person in my life – just somebody whenever I’d go out to a restaurant or a party in New York City, she was just always that girl who was always there.”

   Ms. cohen was so rightwhen she used the word “irrelevant” because most  of these Toxic anonymous bloggers are “irrelevant. ” They are either jealous of the other person’s beauty and social status as was the case here. Other times the Toxic anonymous blogger is jealous of the person’s professional, business, or financial success.

      The bottom line is that their jealousy consumes them to the point that they consciously go out of their way to try to harm others. When a person has that much toxicity and hatred and anger in their system, it usually manifests by them eventually  ending up with the possibilitiy of diseases like heart disease and or cancer or a host of other debilitating diseases as research has  repeatedly demonstrated.  So their inner hatred and jealousy eventually does them in. I have seen it time after time in my practice throughout the years. It is a given.                                                                                                                                          But until they end up doing themselves in either legally or due to their most  upcoming  physcial illnesses often due to what they have created for themselves , you  no loner have to do yourself in with worry and upset .        Now you never have to be vicimized by them. You  can  uncover these Toxic anonymous bloggers in a  systematic way by using the same skills I talk about in  my book when it comes to doin a  Body  Language   analyses.                                                                                                                                                       Just as research has shown that people leak pertinent information about themselves through their body language, facial language, voice and speech patterns, they also leak vital information about themselves when they write.   This is especially true when they write anonymously. In that case they express whatever is going on in their mind without censorship. They write with abandoning any thoughts of accountability.

     After all they are “anonymous”.   They feel free and  invincible to say whatever they please without anyone else knowing. It doesn’t matter if they write things that are untrue, far  fetched or even libelous. They don’t care. After all who is going to catch them?

    Now you ahve the opportunity to catch them.  That’s who. By using Body Language Analysis techniques you will be able to show these anoymous bloggers that they will be held accountable for their actions as the internet as the New York court recognized, is not a place where people can freely  defame others.


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