Travis Baker’s and DJAM’s Body Language Showed How Connected and In Synch They Were

Travis Baker and his "brother" DJAM
Travis Barker and his "brother" DJAM

My heart not only goes out to the family and friends of DJAM who was so loved my so many, but to an extremely special person in his life, Travis Barker. The loss of his fellow airplane crash survivor has been enormously devastating for him. In fact Travis wasn’t sure how he was going to get through his performance in Hartford, Connecticut the day after DJAM died as he tweeted “Don’t know how I am gonna play 2night but I am for AM,” “My brother is gone. I love u and miss u, I’ll never forget all the good times we had.”

In analyzing the above  photograph of Travis and DJAM  orginally posted and  seen on (you can see Perez’s sad face marking)  you can observe  that these two were indeed “brothers” and just how connected , in sync and close they were. When a person’s toes point in the direction of each other, it means that they really like each a lot which was quite evident here. When two people are connected and in synch with one another their body language also tends to mirror one another which was also evident in this photo-with their relaxed arms at their respective sides and open hand positions.
I am so glad that Blink-124 cancelled Monday’s performance in Saratoga because they need time to process and grieve this enormous loss. Travis especially needs to take as much time as he needs to cope and remember that no matter how long it takes, his fans will always be there for him. .
DJAM’s passing reminds us just how vulnerable we all are and how addiction is definitely “one day at a time.” Rest In Peace Adam Goldstein.


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