Body Language Expert Analyzes Michael Jackson’s Doctor’s Video

Copyright 2009 / The InsiderWas Dr. Conrad Murray sincere in the video message he posted on the Internet on Tuesday, in which he thanked his family and supporters? Internationally renowned body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass is dissecting the video and gives “The Insider” her professional opinion on what she believes the tape tells.

“You can see plain as day… Dr. Conrad Murray is scared to death and he’s got something to hide,” Dr. Glass claims.

After seeing parts of Murray’s video, Dr. Glass claims that Murray seems afraid, saying, “You could see the fear in his face.”

“He’s reading it. It’s distressing,” Dr. Glass goes on to say. She later adds, “His facial language leaked out the truth.”

In response to Dr. Murray’s assertion that he has faith that the truth will prevail, Dr. Glass says, “You can see that the body leaked out information. His eye is tearing and there’s a twitch in his eye, so he may not be telling the truth.”

Dr. Glass also notes that Dr. Murray “didn’t show any compassion” in the video statement, an observation she suspects must have made the Jackson family “livid.”

Watch “The Insider” on TV tonight to see more of Dr. Glass dissecting Dr. Murray’s video.


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