Dr. Lillian Glass uncovered John Edwards lying about paternity of his child
Dr. Lillian Glass uncovered John Edwards lying about paternity of his child

      It is no surprise that John Edwards is finally revealing that he is the father of  mistress Reille Hunter’s baby. Dr. Lillian Glass was the first to uncover Edwards lying about his affair as she analyzed his body language during his ABC interview with Bob Woodruff exactly one year ago.                                                                

      Appearing on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra and msnbc, Showbiz Tonight  and in numerous magazines exactly a year ago, world renown body language expert  Dr. Glass revealed that John Edwards showed clear signs of deception.

  Some of these signals which showed he wasn’t telling the truth were too much eye blinking, shaking the head no when he says things in the affirmative, nose touching, shoulder shrugging, hemming and hawing,  stammering,  (“it’s been over-over for a long time”), and  repetition.

    When he was  asked about the question about the  paternity of the child, twice, he repeats “untrue, untrue” ” indicating deception,” reveals Dr. Glass.

   “ Then he circumlocutes where he diverts the attention from the issue at hand and changes focus by blaming  the influence of supermarket tabloids as the reason why the interviewer is asking the question. This is clear deception,” continues  Dr. Glass.

 She goes on to say that he most telling of all of  Edwards signs of deception was when he says, “It’s not true”  and instead of shaking his head to the right and left indicating “no”, he shakes it up and down, indicating “yes”.

 Another telling sign of deception,” reports Dr. Glass “ was when asked about whether the child is his and you see him actually physically putting his hand over his genital area literally “covering up”.

“The bottom line, says Dr. Glass, “is that the  body doesn’t lie. The face does not lie and neither does the voice or what is said. People leak out the truth through their body language and John Edwards is no exception.”

     ‘The worst part of this scenario is the effect that it must have on his wife of three decades- Elizabeth Edwards who is dying of cancer . It was so sad to see her on television while she was promoting her book and in the various phases of denial when she was asked about her husband’s affair,“ says Dr. Glass.

   In fact Dr. Glass’ discussed Elizabeth Edward’s denial about her husband as a survival technique to coping with her cancer.  

        John Edward’s present verbal admission of paternity is irrelevant at this point.  He essentially admitted his paternity through his body language a year ago,” according to Dr. Glass.


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