Kim Jong Il’s Body Language Reveals His Positive Feelings Towards Former President Bill Clinton

If you really want to determine how a person feels about someone, look at the direction in which their toes are pointed in. Kim Il Jong’s toe points directly at former President Clinton’s, thus indicating that he not only thought their meeting went well, but that he genuinely likes the former President. This is also indicated by his shoulder and upper body leaning in towards Clinton. His raised cheeks with both his eyes and lips smiling, indicate the sincerity of positive his feelings towards the former President.
Bill Clinton’s body language, on the other hand, reveals that there is a lot more to the story. While, he too may have somewhat positive feelings towards Kim Il Jong, based on the fact that his toe also points in the North Korea leader’s direction, Clinton’s overall rigid demeanor, with rounded shoulders and arms stiffly at his side, and most of all the lack of his usually present radiant smile reflects just how serious a feat and how almost virtually impossible it must have been for him to help secure the release the two US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Clinton’s head is tuned in the in the opposite direction of Kim Il Jong’s, appearing serious and cautious, not wanting to make one wrong move physically or verbally as to in no way jeopardize the release of the two women.
Clin ton KIm Il Jong


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