Robotic Body Language Abnormal Facial Expression and Communication Skills of Kidnapping Victim’s Daughters Tipped Off Security Officers

 Jaycee Dugard at 11 and how she would look today
Jaycee Dugard at 11 and how she would look today

It was UC Berkeley Officer Ally Jacob’s assessment of the robotic body language of Jaycee Dugard’s 11 and 15 year old daughters  that alerted her to the fact that something was wrong.
The officer also observed their inappropriate facial expressions as well. The younger girl was apparently just intensely staring at her with “ this very eerie smile on her face,” she said, while the older girl was acting “strange” and refusing to make eye contact with authorities, Jacobs said.
As far as rapist, registered sex offender and now kidnapper Phillip Garrido was concerned, Officer Jacobs stated that he , “appeared to be really unstable, erratic in conversation” while his two daughters lingered in the background.
This aberrant body language and communication behavior lead the officer to run a background check on Garrido which lead to his arrest and the discovery that Jaycee Lee Dugard was still alive after 18 years.
Even though Jaycee Dugard’s stepfather reported that all the girls are really smart as they were home schooled, they will have a lot of catching up to do in terms of adjusting to society. They will also have a lot of work to do in terms of dealing with psychological issues and the emotional trauma which will definitely be a part of their future.
Today I discussed that aspect when I appeared on MSNBC to talk about the psychological implications of Jaycee and her daughters. Apparently Jaycee mentioned to her step father that she felt very guilty that she was supportive of her captor. This is further indication that Jaycee and her daughters will require a very long period of treatment to help repair the psychological and emotional damage that was done to them.
This horrific case makes us all become aware of the importance of observing body language, facial language and communiciton skills that may seem out of the ordinary. We must never ignore red flags and pay close attention to what we observe in others.


Lockerbie Terrorist’s Reluctant Body Language Shows He Knows He Doesn’t Serve His “Hero’s Welcome in Libya

With his hunched over shoulders, and look of shock and surprise on his face during his “hero’s welcome it is clear to see that the Lockerbie bomber is a reluctant “hero”.
It was bad enough that the Scottish government had the audacity to release Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi who killed 270 people in the bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. But adding insult to injury was watching the throngs of people at Tripoli’s airport in Libya greeting him and cheering him on as a hero- a display that President Obama said was “highly objectionable.” He was given a compassionate release as he allegedly has three months to live due to prostate cancer. But where is the compassion when it came to the victims and their families?
If there is one thing that is slightly comforting (and there is next to nothing that is comforting
about this matter) it is knowing that this coward actually feels like a coward inside based on his body
language . It reflects his shock and disbelief that he is now thought of as a hero for his egregious act.
Most of us can’t believe it either. As more information develops and we discover that this terrorist
was released by the British government because of oil as, leaked ministerial letters reveal, the
situation becomes even more nauseating.

Lockerbie Terrorist’s  Reluctant Body Language
Lockerbie Terrorist’s Reluctant Body Language

Body Language Expert Analyzes Michael Jackson’s Doctor’s Video

Copyright 2009 / The InsiderWas Dr. Conrad Murray sincere in the video message he posted on the Internet on Tuesday, in which he thanked his family and supporters? Internationally renowned body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass is dissecting the video and gives “The Insider” her professional opinion on what she believes the tape tells.

“You can see plain as day… Dr. Conrad Murray is scared to death and he’s got something to hide,” Dr. Glass claims.

After seeing parts of Murray’s video, Dr. Glass claims that Murray seems afraid, saying, “You could see the fear in his face.”

“He’s reading it. It’s distressing,” Dr. Glass goes on to say. She later adds, “His facial language leaked out the truth.”

In response to Dr. Murray’s assertion that he has faith that the truth will prevail, Dr. Glass says, “You can see that the body leaked out information. His eye is tearing and there’s a twitch in his eye, so he may not be telling the truth.”

Dr. Glass also notes that Dr. Murray “didn’t show any compassion” in the video statement, an observation she suspects must have made the Jackson family “livid.”

Watch “The Insider” on TV tonight to see more of Dr. Glass dissecting Dr. Murray’s video.


Dr. Lillian Glass uncovered John Edwards lying about paternity of his child
Dr. Lillian Glass uncovered John Edwards lying about paternity of his child

      It is no surprise that John Edwards is finally revealing that he is the father of  mistress Reille Hunter’s baby. Dr. Lillian Glass was the first to uncover Edwards lying about his affair as she analyzed his body language during his ABC interview with Bob Woodruff exactly one year ago.                                                                

      Appearing on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra and msnbc, Showbiz Tonight  and in numerous magazines exactly a year ago, world renown body language expert  Dr. Glass revealed that John Edwards showed clear signs of deception.

  Some of these signals which showed he wasn’t telling the truth were too much eye blinking, shaking the head no when he says things in the affirmative, nose touching, shoulder shrugging, hemming and hawing,  stammering,  (“it’s been over-over for a long time”), and  repetition.

    When he was  asked about the question about the  paternity of the child, twice, he repeats “untrue, untrue” ” indicating deception,” reveals Dr. Glass.

   “ Then he circumlocutes where he diverts the attention from the issue at hand and changes focus by blaming  the influence of supermarket tabloids as the reason why the interviewer is asking the question. This is clear deception,” continues  Dr. Glass.

 She goes on to say that he most telling of all of  Edwards signs of deception was when he says, “It’s not true”  and instead of shaking his head to the right and left indicating “no”, he shakes it up and down, indicating “yes”.

 Another telling sign of deception,” reports Dr. Glass “ was when asked about whether the child is his and you see him actually physically putting his hand over his genital area literally “covering up”.

“The bottom line, says Dr. Glass, “is that the  body doesn’t lie. The face does not lie and neither does the voice or what is said. People leak out the truth through their body language and John Edwards is no exception.”

     ‘The worst part of this scenario is the effect that it must have on his wife of three decades- Elizabeth Edwards who is dying of cancer . It was so sad to see her on television while she was promoting her book and in the various phases of denial when she was asked about her husband’s affair,“ says Dr. Glass.

   In fact Dr. Glass’ discussed Elizabeth Edward’s denial about her husband as a survival technique to coping with her cancer.  

        John Edward’s present verbal admission of paternity is irrelevant at this point.  He essentially admitted his paternity through his body language a year ago,” according to Dr. Glass.

Putin’s Body Language Shows Enormous Self Confidence That Translates Into Sex Appeal

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin was recently seen in a series of holiday photos riding a horse bare chested through the rugged terrain of Siberia. His flawless athletic physique would be impressive at any age, but at 57 he is truly an inspiration, making us all want to get on that treadmill and get busy exercising.
What really establishes this world leader’s sex appeal is not just his well defined six pack or his huge biceps, but rather the self confidence he exudes through his posture and the way he carries himself. That has apparently made him the international sex symbol he has become

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's sexy confident  body language
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's sexy confident body language

Kim Jong Il’s Body Language Reveals His Positive Feelings Towards Former President Bill Clinton

If you really want to determine how a person feels about someone, look at the direction in which their toes are pointed in. Kim Il Jong’s toe points directly at former President Clinton’s, thus indicating that he not only thought their meeting went well, but that he genuinely likes the former President. This is also indicated by his shoulder and upper body leaning in towards Clinton. His raised cheeks with both his eyes and lips smiling, indicate the sincerity of positive his feelings towards the former President.
Bill Clinton’s body language, on the other hand, reveals that there is a lot more to the story. While, he too may have somewhat positive feelings towards Kim Il Jong, based on the fact that his toe also points in the North Korea leader’s direction, Clinton’s overall rigid demeanor, with rounded shoulders and arms stiffly at his side, and most of all the lack of his usually present radiant smile reflects just how serious a feat and how almost virtually impossible it must have been for him to help secure the release the two US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Clinton’s head is tuned in the in the opposite direction of Kim Il Jong’s, appearing serious and cautious, not wanting to make one wrong move physically or verbally as to in no way jeopardize the release of the two women.
Clin ton KIm Il Jong