Michael Jackson’s Father’s Body Language Shows Signs of Deception When Asked About Michael’s Abuse

Michael Jackson’s father’s body language on Larry King Live shows signals of deception as well as defensiveness asked about whether he abused Michael. Even though Joe Jackson’s words in his final statement to Larry King, says that he didn’t beat Michael, his body language said something entirely different. He shook his head “yes” when he made his statement. Saying something in the negative while shaking one’s head in the affirmative is often indication that the person may not be telling the truth.
The tone of a person’s voice is also a good indicator as to whether they are telling the truth or not. Throughout the Joe Jackson’s vocal tone with his harsh tonal attacks as he attempts to defend himself against the allegations that he abused Michael speaks volumes. When Larry first brings up the topic of abuse we see Joe immediately go into defensive mode as he vulgarly says “that’s a bunch of bull s”. Then the pitch of his voice goes up when he says he never harmed Michael which indicates his defensiveness and is often a sign of deception. At the beginning of the interview we see Joe’s head cocked the side and looking away to the side when he is asked questions which are also indicators of deception.
Immediately repeating a word or a phrase is another indicator of deception. Joe Jackson does this a lot during his interview in discussing whether he beat Michael, He says the word “never” and then as an after thought says “never have” to validate what he just said. Repetition takes place again as he says “And I and I raised” him just like you would raise your kids”.
As he says this he tosses out his arm in a rather dismissive body language action which indicates hostility. He often displays hostile body language as a form of defensiveness by lunging his body forward. It is most evident when he was discussing how people who spank their kids and don’t admit it are lying. He also throws his hands out in an aggressive motion.
As Joe independently volunteers more information his tone gets more defensive as he says “ Harm Micheal for what? I have no reason What’s my son I loved him. In Joe’s defense when he says “I loved him. And I still love him.”
As he says “ I loved him and still love him” for the first time we see Joe speaking in a non defensive tone with his head up in a confident manner as his eyes focus directly into the camera. This indicates that there is no doubt in his mind that in his own way, he definitely loved his son.
When Larry asks Joe whether Michael once said that Joe was physically and emotionally abusive to him . Joe looks down and licks his lips (signals of discomfort and often associated with deception). When Joe says the media keeps hollering about him beating his son, it is interesting that he would choose such an aggressive word as “ hollering” as opposed to a less aggressive word like “saying”. Next, Joes’s facial expression shows flashes of anger and his body language becomes more aggressive as he lunges forward while going into a diatribe as he says “you know where this beatin comes from” It comes from the days of slavery when they used to beat the slaves and they used to torture them, That’s where this beatin started.”
Going off on tangents that have little if anything o do with the subject discussed when asked a direct question is often a signal of deception. It is an attempt to take the focus off and divert attention from the key issue which is whether Joe beat Michael. Joe goes off on a tangent and says that that all this beating started in slavery when the slave masters beat the slaves. This of course had nothing to do with the question as to whether he beat Michael.
Then right afterwards he pauses, leans into the camera with his head down as she speaks softer as if to tell a secret. Unprompted and out of the blue, he brings up the topic of “spanking”. In doing so, it is as though he is admitting that he did indeed spank Michael and is now attempting to vindicate himself.
He says “ Larry there are a lot of people in America that spank their kids. And if they say they don’t (his voice gets louder and tone more aggressive ) They’re lying. “ Joe subsequently licks his lips which shows discomfort and uneasiness. Next, he throw his hands outwards in an aggressive and defensive manner.
The most telling of all body language signals is at the end of interview where Joe says. “ Michael was never beated.” He shakes his head yes as he adds “by me” and then licks his lips. Saying something in the negative (he never was beaten) and then shaking his head in the affirmative- “yes” says it all- that he did indeed beat Michael.
The bottom line is from Joes tone of voice and body language there is a clear indication that Michael was telling the truth when he openly admitted to Oprah and other members of the press that he was indeed beaten and did suffer abuse at the hands of his father.

Joe Jackson on Larry King Live


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