Kate’s Angry Body Language Affects Hannah and Adan

Seeing Kate walking in the street with little Hannah and Adan is heartbreaking. The meanness in her face with her lip muscles turning downwards and the tension in her brow reflect what is going on inside of her- anger and upset.
When you look at how she holding the children’s hands it is distressing. It’s not loving. It’s obligatory and cold as she grips Hannah’s and Adan’s wrists. By the tension evident in Kate’s forearms, she pulls the children’s arms up in what is clearly an uncomfortable hand position for the children.
Hannah’s hand in her pocket is a self comforting or self soothing gesture as she finds solace in her pocket. Being grabbed by the wrist with such force and having her arm pulled would not feel good, to anyone, let alone a five year old child. So. Hannah is putting her hand in her pocket as a form of protecting her free arm and hand from Kate’s wrath Hannah looks so sad as she looks down. Her furrowed forehead and sad facial expression indicates she is extremely unhappy. She also looks away to the side as thought she wants to detach and get away from her mother’s anger that she is no doubt feeling.
Kate appears to be grabbing Adan’s wrist with force as well as you can clearly see by the muscle tension in her forearm . The facial expression of this once happy smiling child is so sad to see .He has no smile on his face as there is a lot of tension in his lips, indicating unhappiness. He looks ahead and appears to be detached- in a world of his own, no doubt, as a means to avoid Kate’s anger. Like Hannah, Adan is not too pleased with having his arm tightly grabbed. His free hand reflects this. It is curved under in a fist like fashion, indicating that he is feeling angry at what his mom is doing with his arm and unhappy.
It is clear that Kate has been spending a lot of times working out her arms in a gym as they look quite muscular. My suggestion is that she spend an equal amount of time working on her children’s emotional health, consulting with a child psychologist. She needs someone to intervene and help her with her relationship with her kids, especially now that there is a breakup, or she is going to create a situation with there are eight very disturbed children. From watching the show since its inception it is clear that there is a huge change in the children’s demeanor., They are clearly not happy. They look sad and some of them look detached.
My opinion is that Kate also needs a therapist of her own to help her work on her anger issues. Based on the angry way she’s grabbed her kids hands as clearly seen in this photograph, she is no doubt transferring that anger on to her kids.

Kate grabbing Hannah and Adan
Kate grabbing Hannah and Adan


One thought on “Kate’s Angry Body Language Affects Hannah and Adan

  1. Hello, I’m am very interested in body language, so find your blog very interesting. With this one, I think you are missing the context of Kate’s angry body language. If I remember correctly, this was during a trip to NY to take promo pictures at the TLC studios. At the moment, there was a huge throng of paparrazzi and Kate had to shield her kids from their invasiveness and keep them from any physical harm. In fact, security were using tables to block the pap’s view and some shoving took place. I believe that accounts for her muscle tension and holding their hands so unnaturally. What you observe may be correct, but the context of the situation must be understood before judging that Kate is not being a good mother. I think you are not being fair. She was trying to get them to the car as quickly as possible.


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