Jon and Kate Plus Little Adan’s Body Language Speak Volumes About Their Breakup

We recently saw a smiling and very happy Jon Gosselin when he and his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman were on a yacht in France. But now that he’s home with Kate and the kids his body language shows just how miserable he is. With his back to Kate, visible tension in his jaw, and bottle in hand (is it Jack Daniels?) Jon is taking a huge step which indicates that he is walking quickly to no doubt get away from Kate as fast as he can. His head jutting forward also indicates that he is not too happy about being home.
Kate, with her rounded shoulders and hunched over body language is feeling dejected, rejected, and resigned to the fact that she can no longer verbally abuse, push, slap Jon around as we saw her do for the past five seasons on the show. While holding on to her coffee cup, we also see Kate cross over her on to her lap. That along with her crossed legs, are protective body language signals. In essence Kate is minimizing herself as she takes up less space indicating that she is no doubt feeling very insecure these days. Kate’s body language is out of character. It is unlike the confident body language we have seen on the shows where she took up lots of physical space and maximized her presence while she ruled the roost .
Perhaps the saddest thing of all to come out of the Jon and Kate breakup is to see what is happening with their innocent little children. Adan’s ( the one with the glasses who is crazy about animals) little body language says it all. He obviously feels the tension between the two, and doesn’t want any part of it. So , he literally turns his back on his parents, preferring to focus on what looks like a cup in his hand. His arm is at a right angle and his ramrod straight posture shows that there is tension in his little body. This is obviously a very uncomfortable situation for this sensitive and loving little boy whom we have seen grow up on the show.

Jon and Kate plys Adan's Body Language post breakup
Jon and Kate plys Adan's Body Language post breakup


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