This recent photo of US President Barak Obama and Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev speaks
volumes about positive US and Russian relations. In analyzing the body language of
these two world leaders we see three things that indicate openness, willingness to communicate, and
good relations between the two leaders.
Their respective torsos leaning in towards one another, their identical open hand gestures
mirroring one another , and their toe’s pointed in one another’s direction are all three strong
body language indicators they are on the same page.
Their heads are leaning in orders one another which indicates their willingness to communicate and
literally “put their heads together” to come up with a workable solution. It also indicates that they are
like minded.
Medvedev’s open eyed raised eyebrow gesture, his slightly open jaw, and relaxed facial appearance
along with Obama’s warm and genuine smile even displaying teeth/ further indicates an openness and
a great comfort level between these two world leaders
Their hand gestures are identical as they both lean their arms, shoulders and hands towards one
another. Their displaying open palms towards one another indicates that they come in friendship as
colleagues with an open agenda.
The fact that their legs are pointed in one another’s direction is also a good sign. While Medvedev is
still a bit more reserved and holding back a bit as indicated by his crossed legs, Obama’s open leg
position shows that he is more open.
Their toes pointing in one another’s direction indicates that these two most powerful
world leaders genuinely like and respect one another which may have favorable repercussions
on their respective countries.


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