While giving a beautiful eulogy about his brother Michael, Marlon Jackson, relayed a humorous story about how he saw a shabbily dressed man in a store with crooked teeth. Marlon went up to the man and said, “Hey Michael what are you doing in the store? Michael was apparently shocked as he asked his brother how he could tell it was him? After all his disguise was pretty good, he thought. But Marlon quickly answered “ I know your walk. I know your body language. You are my brother.”
      I was touched not only by Marlon’s story but by how his words about the significance of body language were resonating throughout the world as were being heard by the millions watching his tribute to his dear beloved brother.
      Body language is the essence of life. Having a keen awareness of it and knowing how to accurately and quickly read others can both enrich and even save your life in certain instances. It can make you more sensitive and compassionate towards others. Marlon’s words shows that the body doesn’t lie! No matter how you try to disguise it, the truth always leaks out, just like it leaked out allowing Marlon to easily recognize that it was Michael under his disguise. Michael’s body language said it all.
        Perhaps the person who’s body language moved me and I am sure the world, was seeing his beautiful daughter Paris speak. The emotional anquish that this poor child must be experiencing was quite evident. Equally evident, was the intense love and affection she had for her aunties Janet and Latoya. Janet’s body language was equally as moving to me as she comforted Paris and held on to this precious little girl. Little Paris responded in kind by lovingly putting her head on her aunties arm and leaning onto her.
       As someone trained in psychology and in communication there is no doubt in my mind that Paris and Blanket who was also crying and Prince Michael who seemed to be in a state of shock, all need the family they know and love- the Jackson family. They need to be with their grandmother Katherine who adores them and who showered them with affection and kisses all morning. They need to be with their loving uncles and aunts and cousins.
Even though it will be an adjustment for them, it is a much better decision in my opinion for them to be with the Jackson family, other than to be with Debbie Rowe. Debbie has not been in their lives and based on her body language, especially as we have seen lately, doesn’t seem to be the touchy feely type. These children need a lot of affection especially now. I believe it would be a big mistake for these kids to be separated and to be with Debbie .It would be detrimental to their psychological, emotional and mental health. This is such a crucial time in their young lives that they need stability.
      What do you think? Who should the children be with? Take our poll.
Michael’s mother Katherine?
Biological mother Debbie Rowe?

Michael's daughter Paris' body language said it all.
Michael's daughter Paris' body language said it all.

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