Jon and Kate Plus Eight’s Unhappy Body Language During The 4th of July

Jon and Kate celebrate 4th of July together PART 1
Jon and Kate Gosselin apparently tried to put on a good front for the sake of the kids over the 4th of July, but it clearly wasn’t working. Kate had her usual displeased angry look and scowl on her face as she was yelling at Leah (the one she spanked last month). Leah, obviously ignoring Kate, us more interested in what she has in her hands. Her little cupped hand in a fist like position indicates that she is angry- no doubt at her mother’s anger an admonishing her. She has an ambivalent smile where she is attempting to be happy with what’s in her hand. But her eyes belie the whole situation. She is sad at mommy’s yelling at her.
Adan (the boy with the glasses) keeping his distance from Kate, observes Leah and hoping he doe not become the next one to be the target of Kate’s anger. His little tight hand is clenched in a fist like closed position at his side while his other hand is cupped inward. This indicates that he is both angry and fearful as he anticipates what negative experience will happen next. His once happy face is serious. His head positioned upward and little jaw jetting forth indicates anger.
Colin, the one in the red shirt is distanced as well. He seems to coping with all the negativity by being in his own little world focusing on what’s in his hand. In looking down he’s not focusing on his siblings or his parents. Looking at the down turn of his mouth there is clearly some sadness in his facial expression.

Hannah ( the one with her hair pulled back wearing red white and blue) used to be mommy’s little helper. But now it seems she wants little to do with mommy these days. She’s sticking close to daddy as we have seen her in several other photos since Jon and Kate’s martial woes. Her facial expression looks sad and worried. She’s looking at Colin in an attempt to connect with him as she observes what he is doing. Whatever Colin is doing seems a lot more interesting to her than dealing with the negative energy between mom and dad.

Alexis who used to be the happy one who was always smiling isn’t smiling very much these days. She;s holding her little hands together as a form of comforting herself. She is isolated from everyone else as she is turned to the side acting as a mere observer. She doesn’t appear to be a part of the group. Her facial expression shows sadness and her little furrowed brow shows concern and anxiety, if not worry. Her worried looking facial expression combined with the position of her hands looking as though she may even be wringing, along with her rigid body posture indicates that she iws indeed uptight and anxious about what has been going on between her parents.

Angry Maddy, the younger of the twins has a furrowed brow and wide open mouth indicating that she is upset and yelling about something. She craves attention and is clearly making sure she gets some. The fact that her mouth is open so wide indicates that she is speaking very loudly if not yelling as she craves to be heard.

Jon appears to be oblivious to Matty;s yelling. He doesn’t react to her or to any other children. He seems to be detached, based on the direction in which he is looking-(off to the side and away from the kids). He’s not connecting with any of the kids. Like Colin, he seems to be in a world of his own. And finally mothering Cara, the oldest twin, seems to be looking after the youngest child, Joel. Cara is the only one who is trying to interact with one her siblings. The rest appear to be in their own unhappy worlds. Cara is also in back of Kate appearing to be in a protective mode to perhaps shield the younger kids against mom’s anger.
It is so evident to me that this is one unhappy family. No celebration, no Fourth of July, no hot dog treats or ice cream or fireworks are going to make this family smile. Jon and Kate’s attempt at keeping up a front for the sake of the kids clearly isn’t working. The kids know there is trouble between their parents and they aren’t happy about it. That is why in my strong opinion, that Jon and Kate go for couples counseling in an attempt to really try and salvage their marriage for the sake of the kids. A lso for the sake of the kids, they need to have each of the kids in family counseling and individual counseling so that they will have a positive and productive outlet which will help them cope with this obvious upsetting situation in their young lives/


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