Sara Palin is looking a lot more  “ camera  ready” lately.  Now  she will resign as Governor of Alaska at the end of the month and as she put it “ make a positive change outside government. ” She also added that her family is happy with the decision and it is good.

    Perhaps the most positive change she can make outside of government for herself and  for her family would be a media venture where she is  not only making a lot more money, but where she would also have a more public forum to set the record straight.  With her own television show, she would have  more control to diffuse and to quickly respond to what negative things are   said about her, her family, and to address political and personal issues about which she is passionate

      Recently, on his show David Letterman  joked about one of  her daughters getting knocked up by New York  Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez on the Governor’s recent visit to New York- a joke made in reference to Palin’s unwed teenage daughter Bristol Palin.

   Even though Letterman apologized for his joke, it no doubt caused Palin a great deal of emotional pain as did other recent negative comments about her Down Syndrome child, Trig, which according to her were made by mean spirited adults.  

   With her own show, Sarah Palin would be in a position to sensitively address many relevant social issues like teenage pregnancy, raising a child without a father, dealing with a special needs child,  coping with a child who according to the press reportedly had a drug addiction, and handling TOXIC PEOPLE who tied to undermine her professionally. Her personal experiences in these matters would be invaluable. She could be an inspiration to so many people who could identify with her and with these particular issues to name a few.  

   Having trained many on camera personalities throughout the years, I think that Sarah Palin has all of the qualities that would allow her to be a great media personality. No matter what your political feelings about her are, you have to admit that is she did have a show, there is no doubt that  her ratings would soar.   She is high profile,  personable, has a  great camera presence, a good sense of humor ( her moose rap on SNL during her campaign was hilarious),  has a large following, has personal issues with  which many identify, has political views with which many identify,  is controversial,  ambitious, fluent, articulate  and  high energy.

   If she does end up with her own show, perhaps she could be one of the very few people who could  give Oprah a run for her money.


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