Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson
Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson

Michael Jackson, who once told Oprah that his father, Joe Jackson abused him, stated in the press that his father was both a “genius” and a “monster. The “monster” side of Joe Jackson was clearly evident during his CNN interview on the red carpet at the BET Awards. To me, Joe didn’t seem like a father in mourning, but rather a shrewd businessman using the forum of his son’s death to reach those who were really grieving in order to make a buck.
After watching Michael’s father’s Body Language, listening to his tone of voice and analyzing the contents of what he said during an interview on the red carpet, it was no wonder to me as to why Michael didn’t leave his father anything in his will. Joe’s egregious behavior left me speechless. After analyzing his body language and the content of his speech, the only adjectives that come to my mind to are” obnoxious, selfish, arrogant, mean, controlling, condescending, money grubbing, inappropriate, and completely tacky.
Watching Joe in action, certainly gave me a lot more insight as to his relationship with Michael. While people grieve differently, Joe certainly did not show many signs of grieving in this interview. In fact, at times he looked rather happy- happy to be in control- happy to be in the spotlight and happy to have the opportunity to use this horrific occasion as a way to make a quick buck.
Joe’s verbal meanness and vocal arrogance overwhelmed me. For starters the CNN reporter compassionately asks Joe how are you doing? How are you holding up? To which Joe replies in a loud booming monotonous voice -GREAT!! GREAT????? Then the reporter compassionately says “ “The last couple of days I know it’s been tough for you guys.. The reporter pauses, waiting for Joe to respond in kind. But Joe’s loud arrogant defensive condescending response “AND? ???” immediately followed by a few seconds of silence as Joe keeps his mouth open while continuing to glare at the reporter through his sunglasses as a form of intimidation. It was then that my heart filled with even more sadness as I could now picture the abuse and the intimidation that poor Michael spoke about in relation to his father. I could feel Michaels pain and shame. In the few seconds we experienced just a taste of Joe’s TOXIC behavior. But it must have been a nightmare for Michael to experience a steady diet of Joes TOXIC behavior- especially if this occurred during his childhood. No wonder he retreated back into his childhood as an adult. He wanted to right the wrongs. He no doubt wanted to heal the wounds of his perceived TOXIC Tormentor – Joe.
Being the savvy businessman he is, Joe immediately realizes his faux pas quckly switches gears, knowing full well that his nasty attitude is not going to help promote his agenda- making money. So, he now says “Remember, we have just lost the biggest star.” correcting himself, the biggest superstar in the world.’’ He doesn’t say he lost his son. Instead, he objectifies his son as a superstar- a superstar who is able to make lots of money. Then Joe “leaks out” verbal phoniness, as he says in a feelingless monotone “yeah it has it has been really tough “ followed by and upward lilt in his tone as he attempts to feign sincerity.
The CNN reporter then asks Joe “ Why did you show up here tonight? Was it to pay tribute to your son?
Joe’s tone with his upward inflection says it all! It sounds defensive as he repeats the reporters last words “ yes to show tribute to my son, yeah Michael,” He clarifies which son he is there to give tribute to by adding the word Michael as an afterthought .
Besides his words, Joe’s body language, with his head consistently shifting back and forth also displays his defensiveness.
“Is there anything you’ld like to share with your son and his legacy?” asks the CNN reporter. It is then we see Joe’s body language in action reveal what he is really saying and what is REALLY on his mind .
Joe immediately engaged in grooming behavior, straightening his collar indicating that now it’s his turn and he is ready for business. .It says from now on the focus is on HIM and him alone. HE is about to take charge as he lifts his head with clear confidence indicating that he on point and now running the show. “ I wanna gotta statement here” he says as he turns to a woman on the sideline and says “ “gimme the statement here” which prompts her to read the statement. clearly letting EVERONE know that JOE IS NOW IN CONTROL.
Initially, Joe intently watches his press mouthpiece read the statement as he looks on within all seriousness ,making sure she repeats every word he no doubt dictated. As she continues reading, we quickly see a change in his demeanor. A huge smile crosses his face as he hears “We have the personal and legal authority to act and Catherine and I have the authority for our son and his children —and the attorney is Londell McMillan . No one else has the authority “ As he hears the words “no one has the authority” you see the leakage of an expression of pure happiness appear across of Joe’s face as he also leans his body in towards the reader. Now when he hears the words” to speak on behal fof the Jackson family “ he is smiling like a Cheshire cat as Liondell McMillan is quickly introduced so the world is sure to associate his name with his face.
Now the reporter asks Joe, “ Do you think the world even realized how strong your son’s legacy is.? It is then we see Joe’s blatant display of anger as he points his index finger directly at the reporter and with hostility in his tone states “I wish the world had recognized him when he were living.” He then does what is most revealing. After shaking his head he does a little happiness jump in the air as he says “But now he’s bigger than ever!”
The happiness jump says it all. For Joe, It’s all about the business of making sure he reaps the benefits of Michael’s “now being bigger than ever.
In keeping with his obvious money making agenda Joe’s seeks out a man wearing a white who is standing on the sideline. He pulls him onstage front and center and the man in the white hat puts his arm around Joe’s shoulder indicating that they are no doubt close friends. What Joe says next indicates they are much more than just friends- they are business partners.
Joe fluffs off the CNN reporter’s question as to how the dauughters are doing. Keeping with is own agenda, he says” I want to make this statement, Marshall and I own a record company to which the white hatted man begins discussing about blue ray technology.
As if we haven’t seen enough of Joe’s TOXIC behavior, we next we see a huge display of his arrogance The CNN reporter says “ tell us about your 60th anniverary celebration.” to which Joe replies “ My birthday indicating that it is only about JOE and no one else . He then realizes the question was about the anniversary and gleefully tells how many people were there, bringing it all back to him while doing a happiness bounce via his body language, raising his finger as a show of power, and vocally dancing that it was the first wedding anniversary HE DID- the operative word being HE.
He ends his interview with a Freudian Slip that says it all! He attempts to say something but ends up saying something else entirely—the truth!
He says “ we got a lot fixing to happen. “ but instead of saying I can’t announce it now” he says. “ I can’t renounce it now.” Renounce means to abdicate- to give up. So Joe is telling is the truth= at least on a subconscious level when he says that he cannot give anything up. After all he is in control of Michael’s financial affairs and will be for the rest of his life.


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