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Body Language of the two Boston Terrorists
April 20, 2013


Former Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan who was also head of the FBI’s behavioral Analysis Program and I teamed up to write the book Body Language of Terrorists which we highly recommend especially during these days of terror. The book tells you how to recognize terrorists and those who are involved in nefarious and malicious acts.

In the book we tell you about the terrorists body language, facial language, voice patterns and speech communication patterns which are red flags that these people may be up to no good. Our research is based on countless hours of studying the body language behaviors and speech and voice patterns of numerous terrorists from Chechnya’s Doku Umarov to the 911 bombers to the homegrown terrorists, to the Underwear bomber, the Shoe Bomber, and  others to numerous to name.

For the past few days we have been doing a great deal of national  media discussing the findings in our book and analyzing the body language of these two Boston terrorists.

In this blog we will share our findings about these terrorists based on the FBI’s video’s and photos of now deceased 26 year old Tamerlan  and now captured  19 year old  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


This surveillance photo of Tamerian is very revealing. It shows that he is wearing a heavy jacket which was not weather appropriate.It was also buttoned or zipped  up when the weather  did not warrant it.  The jacket is also is oversized. You can tell by the sleeves and by the waist  that it is a bit  large for him. Oftentimes terrorists will wear bulky clothing in order to hide something like weapons. Her he is carrying the bomb backpack and he is patting his abdominal area. This is often seen when terrorists wear suicide vests, which was the case with Tamerian.


Tamerian has now opened his jacket exposing his tee shirt. There seems to be a dark vest-like garment under the tee shirt which was the suicide vest as was discovered after he was killed by police in a shootout. He is trying to be inconspicuous and also disguise his identity with sunglasses and with the bill of his hat covering his face.

His brother Dzhokhar  is seen following him wearing a white hat with the bill in back, exposing his facial identity, He is also clutching his mid section and continued to do so throughout his walking in back of his brother. Terrorists have often been seen clutching their mid sections when they are trying to conceal a weapon, which was the case with Dzhokhar.

Note that these two terrorists are walking single file. This behavior was also seen with the 911 terrorists. They do this to disguise the fact that they are together but their single file approach is actually a red flag that they are indeed together.

Numbness, Anger, Fear and Anxiety are the 4 types of emotions which are often exhibited on terrorist’s faces.  Numbness may be due to drugs as was the case with the Mumbai  terrorists. Anxiety can also occur in their body language manifested by excess movements of the arms and legs and rapid speech patterns.


Gilbert Junior who is an auto body repairman reported to the press that Tamerian was very agitated and anxious as he demanded to have his car back even though the work on it wasn’t finished. He remarked that his anxiety displayed in his body movements  were in marked contrast to his demeanor at other times.


When the 19 year old brother in the white cap walks in back of his older brother you see him looking to the right and then  to the left as though he is concerned about anyone noticing him. This  behavior is often seen in terrorists.

ImageThe FBI Photos of these two brothers reveal facial nuances which many terrorists can exhibit. Once again we see the slack jaw  and slightly opened mouth of Tamerian now wearing a black hat and sunglasses to disguise and hide  his appearance . Tis facial expression may also indicate the fear he is experiencing as his autonomic nervous system has taken over his body functions.

In contrast there is a  mask-like smile on the face of his brother Dzhokhar. We saw a similiar facial expression on the Mumbai bombers. Dzhokhar has no concern about disguising himself as he wears his cap backwards and weears no sunglasses. Perhaps there is some arrogance displayed by this behavior. Perhaps he believes at this point  he will not get caught.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.27.08 PM

There have been many comments from family members and friends  that these two young men were very bright an they were good boys. Those who knew the young men were shocked that they could ever be involved in such a nefarious act. But this is not at all surprising. There were many young Somalian men in their late teens in Minnesota who were  excellent  students and who were headed to Ivy league schools upon graduating from high schools. But they took a trip to a Jihadist training camp after being recruited and brainwashed and they returned to the US with the intention of committing acts of terror.

Thank goodness Anwar Alawaki is no longer alive as he was one of the top recruiters of young men to encourage them to carry out  exactly the same acts that these two Boston terrorists did.But there are other  Alawakai type recruiters who prey on confused young men like Tamerian and Djhokher.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.19.07 AM

It was revealed by Tarian’s aunt that he dropped out of school. Obviously his boxing career wasn’t doing as well as he expected . He committed a huge sin for a Muslim man as he had premarital sex and a baby , now age 3, with his Portuguese girlfriend . He was conflicted and lived a conflicted life. So he sought refuge in Al Qaeda which fueled his hatred towards a country and it’s people that gave him every opportunity for freedom and to make  a success out of his life.  Now he has no life. he is dead.


While this photo shows  gruesome body language , it shows the brutal  shocking  reality of what can happen to  someone who becomes a terrorist.  In our view, all  potential terrorists need to see what can happen to them if they succumb to the influence of others and try to carry out terrorist acts. There is no place in heaven for them and they will never  meet up with the 72 virgins. There is only agonizing pain and death as it was for the  once promising Tamerian. Now his body language shows the horror of his being a lifeless corpse riddled with bullet holes and livor mortis as his blood poured to the surface of his skin.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.54.20 AM

His 19 year old brother  was also riddled with bullets. This once promising student who wanted to be a doctor is now being treated by doctors in an attempt to save his life so that he can provide more information about who was behind this bombing tragedy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.51.50 AM

Who knows how he will emerge from his surgeries. He will have a lifetime of  pain and torture from his injuries and from his upcoming trials. Massachusetts  does not have the death penalty. So at 19 he will never again see the light of day. He will never experience the freedom that this country offered him. He will never live his dream of becoming a doctor.Even though he may still be breathing, his young life has ended  just like  his older brother’ s life has ended.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.52.22 AM

Jodi Arias Mother’s Body Language Shows Disrespect in the Courtroom and Hostility Towards Jodi
March 5, 2013


Jodi Arias’s mother sits each day in the courtroom with another woman who looks similar to her. The reason they look so similar is that they are twin sisters.

But what these twins are doing in the courtroom is not helping Jodi. They are laughing and chucking with one another as though they are sharing inside jokes. This is very disrespectful  and is not helping Jodi in terms of jury perception.

The rest of the time her mother is looking non reactive or hostile as she gazes ahead to look at Jodi. Juries do look at family members. They see how family members react , if they are present , and how they behave.

The mother doesn’t look over at Jodi with any loving look. When there are salacious sexual details out of Jodi’s mouth as the camera pans to her, there is no emotional reaction. It is a though she is watching paint dry on a wall.

The only emotional reaction is when she is laughing with her sister. Does she think this trial is a big jok?. Or is she secretly happy Jodi finally got what she deserved for  possibly being such a bad daughter in her view. Ther eis clearly some deep seated hostility between them.

There does not seem to be any love lost between the two of them. Perhaps  her mother is angry for Jodi for either revealing the family  beating secrets or  for lying about  being beaten by her mother.

In the courtroom  Jodi said how she was severely beaten as a child by  both her mother and father as she said “ Life was ideal up until I was aged seven. Parents would spank us and around seven-years old it started getting more intense.”

Just as a note most abusive parents dont start spanking at age 7. They do it way before that time, so this statement seems like a lie to me.

Then Jodi continues, ‘My dad started using a belt.My mom began to carry a wooden spoon on her purse.”It was a wooden kitchen spoon and if we misbehaved she would use it on my brother and I, she would hit us hard with it.’It left welts on my body.“Dad didn’t leave welts as often as my mom – she also used a belt. “

In my view this last statement was way too much information about her dad and the welts which also make me question how truthful she was being. Also belts leave welts so one again she appears to me to be lying.

Then Jodi adds, My dad was quite intimidating so didn’t need to use strength to get his point across. My mother did.’

Now here is where it is very revealing concerning Jodi and her mother’s relationship. Jodi was asked in court if she loved her mother, She  took a pause and quietly responded, ‘yes’.

That quiet yes, and the pause says it all. It shows  ambivalence. It wasn’t a loud yes or a yes that could be heard but a quiet yes. It spoke  loud volumes about their relationship.

Jodi a;sp talked at length about the relationship she had with her parents growing up and claimed she was subjected to beatings.

‘They were intense and increased in frequency as I got older,’ Jodi  said. ‘I don’t recall how many times a week but it could be any thing from four times a week to once every two weeks.‘I didn’t like being hit so I would squirm around a little but the more we did the harder we would get hit.

 ‘My mother broke my brother’s hand once when he tried to block one of her blows. As I got into a teenager, my dad would get rougher and rougher.

So here is where she contradicts herself regarding the beatings. First she says her dad was just intimidating anf didn’t need to use strength to get his point across and then she says he got rougher and rougher.

She added: ‘When I was younger I remember feeling betrayed and confused that my mother was beating me.’As I got older it made me mad and I didn’t get why she was punishing me. I was mad at her and it hurt. I loved her but it put a strain on our relationship.”

Her adding I loved her was once again too much information and when she used the word BUT and said it put a strain on their relationship, it clearly shows her ambivalence towards her mother.  The she goes on to say

‘My dad never beat me with his fist – he would just shove me into furniture and the piano, tables, desk, chairs, whatever was around. One time I even passed out. This was when I was 16 or 17. Not as often with my dad as with my mom. If I did something to upset them it would happen. Sometimes I got grounded. I loved my father even when he was beating me.’

Again this contracts what she said earlier about her father not using force to make his point. So now we she he used so much force that Jodi passed out. Again it appears to me that she is lying. When she said  I loved mu father– it was in the past tense which is significant as well. It also showed her ambivalence that she loved her father even when he was beating me.”

She then  told the packed courtroom that the beatings continued throughout high school. She also stated  that one night she snuck out at night with friends and when her parents woke up and found out, she said her father hit her across the face, knocking her to the ground.

Once again it shows how she lied earlier about her father not using force. Knocking someone to the ground takes a lot of foce.

Following the end of the relationship with a young man Jodi moved in with, she said that she moved in with her grandparents after she broke up with the boyfriend  because she did not want to return to the abusive atmosphere of her parents’ house.

While Jodi is full of lies, this may be something that may ring true. She may have had problems with her parents for whatever reason.

The one thing that we have seen for sure is that there is no loving relationship between Jodi and her mother.

When  Jodi’s mother isn’t busy laughing with her sister or having no visible facial reaction to Jodi, she is taking copious notes- maybe she’s keeping a journal as well.


Perhaps the mother  is plannig to write a tell all book telling us how awful Jodi was as a daughter, what a liar she wall all her life and how she  lied about being hit by her as this mother  cashes in on her daughter’s infamy.

Lance Armstrong’s Body Language on Oprah Showed No Contrition, Lack of Emotion, Blaming Others, and Possible Sociopathic Behavior
January 18, 2013


Lance did NOT want to give this interview based on his body language as he constantly pursed his lips throughout this interview. In addition


He would constantly look down and not look directly at Oprah when she asked direct hard hitting questions. There was a tone of arrogance and a disturbing monotone which indicated that the only thing he was sorry about was getting caught.

Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong was one of the most disturbing things to watch as the one thing that kept running though my mind was” Is Lance Armstrong a Sociopath?”  Here are some traits of a sociopath

a) Glibness 

b)Grandiose sense of self-worth

c) Pathological Lying 


e) Lack of remorse or Guilt 

f)  Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived

g)Callousness; lack of empathy

h)Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

It seems that Lance exhibited all of these traits when one listens to his interview.

When Oprah asked Lance Armstrong if he felt what he did was wrong or if he felt guilty or if he felt he CHEATED  he said NO!  That was the most chilling and revealing part of the entire interview. It made me wonder if this man was a sociopath.

He seemed to blame everyone else but himself.  He first blamed the culture, his fans, the story which was too good to be true to a cyclist who had the disease who won the competition. He also  the fact that he had the disease (as he refused to say cancer) that made him feel driven. He blamed his mother for being a fighter and said he was a fighter too.  He blamed fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis’ accusation as getting back at him because he wasn’t on the team.

What was also disturbing was he kept  referring to himself in the third person as a “flawed character instead of saying that his character was flawed. It was a form of distancing himself.


As further indication that he really  didn’t want to  be there and talk was a tell tale sign of  his  head scratch. His autonomic nervous system was in full play here as it showed that he was getting anxious as Oprah asked ” How did it all work?”

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.08.00 PM

Here we see Lance putting his fingers over his mouth indicating that he is guarded and doesn’t really want to talk.

His thought process also seemed sociopathic. When you ask a sociopath a question they may answer it one way such as Did you threaten anyone to take drugs? Lance insisted that he did not. But then when you ask the question another way like  Did you insist the members of the team see Dr. Ferrari ( who allegedly provided the drugs) he answered yes.  In keeping with this sociopathic line of thinking he was asked if fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis who spoke to the press about Lance’s doping felt rebuffed? Lance said No. But then when asked in a different way, if  he blew Landis off, Armstrong admitted that he did indeed blow Floyd off as he said that Floyd was upset because ” I didn’t put him on my team.”This  thought process is how sociopaths tend to think.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.33.23 PM

When Oprah showed his deposition tapes you clearly saw how he was lying as he shook his head yes when he was saying No.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.44.23 PM

When he was watching himself we he discomfort as he swallows hard and we see his jaws clenching.

he blatantly lies when he states to Oprah that he never failed a test. Then in his sociopathic thought  process he admits that retroactively he failed a test.

He tended to minimize what happened by saying “all this is a process.’ Again it was a form of distancing himself from what is happening with him.

When he said he is happier today than he ever was and Oprah confronted him and he back pedaled a sickening feeling came over me as I wondered again if he was a sociopath.

When asked why he sued people when he knew they were right and when I heard his monotone rote answer it once again made me wonder about sociopathy in relation to blaming others. He then talked about feeling attacked so he sued . He called one of his accusers a Bitch and Crazy but then says that he never called her fat. This was one of the most disturbing moments as you see is pathological thought process in action as he made it OK and justifies his actions of name calling because he didn’t use all three insults but only two.Oprah appeared to be disturbed by this as well.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.59.02 PM

There was a lot of chin itching and scratching which indicated that  was not happy about being confronted about his actions  in such a detailed manner. he blames his comeback for causing all of his troubles and tells Oprah that they wouldn’t be sitting there if he didn’t have a comeback.Once again his statement smacked of sociopathy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.13.10 PMHis anger could be seen in his clenched jaw where his muscles protruded  along with his lower jaw as he said that he wouldn’t be  there if  it wasn’t for his comeback.

This interview did not help Lance Armstrong’s image. In fact it made it worse. We saw arrogance, defiance, anger, blame, and someone who really needs to be out of the public eye in my view. In my view he is a very disturbed individual who is very TOXIC!

Part two will focus on his charity, his sponsors,  and his family and how this has affected them so stay tuned for some more  behavior analysis and body language analysis.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Song About TOXIC Bullying Added Verses In This Age of Zero Tolerance Against Bullying
December 25, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 8.52.55 AM

The other day I was in the car listening to the radio,  when the popular Christmas song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer came on . I began singing along with it and for the first time realized how the words to this catchy tune tell a very sad story.

t starts off fine describing a reindeer with  his red nose  as the lyrics are:

 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer                                                    

Had a very shiny nose

And if you ever saw it,

You would even say it glows

Then it goes on to describe how the reindeer was bullied and ostracized, simply  because he looked different. This verse actually saddened me as I listened to the following verse:

All of the other reindeer

Used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Rudolph

Play in any reindeer games.

Luckily for Rudolph, Santa became  Rudolph’s savior as Santa  came to his rescue by  acknowledging Rudolph’s difference and turning his physical  difference and uniqueness into an advantage and an asset. It was because of Rudolph’s   unique difference which allowed    Santa to  navigate his sleigh through the foggy night.The lyrics are as follows:


Then one foggy Christmas night

Santa came to say

“Rudoph with your nose so bright

Won’t you guide my sleigh night?


Now here is the part that disturbs me. Only because Rudolph was useful and did something heroic based on his  physical difference did the other reindeer finally accept him.  Otherwise , they would never have  accepted him into their group and allow him to play reindeer games with them. Below are the lyrics which disturbed me.


Then all the reindeer loved him

As they shouted out with glee

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

You’ll go down in history.

These superficial  reindeer needed to accept Rudolph red nose and all from the beginning, not because he did something which helped Santa. Obviously these  TOXIC reindeer only liked him because he  now had Santa’s blessing who accepted Rudolph’s uniqueness which allowed him to become a  hero.

I don’t think the song  should end there. To me, it is not is finished.  It’s missing several  verses in my view so I took  my songwriting and skills to task and took the  liberty to  write some very much needed verses that apply in this  his day and age of zero tolerance for bullying.  So here are the additional lyrics I wrote  to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Then Rudolph told all the reindeer

You hurt my feelings when teasing me

Just cuz someone looks different

You don’t have to be a bully 


We come in all shapes and sizes

And  just  to be direct

We all want  love and kindness

And  to be treated with respect.


I hope you learned your lesson

That teasing makes others blue

Everyone has feelings

Just like  me and you .


So in the  Spirit of  Christmas 

Where forgiveness is number one

Never  tease others

Cuz you can  really hurt someone.


While the song written back in 1939  by Robert L. May and  published by Montgomery Ward  and adapted into songs, television specials feature films and has become a figure of Christmas folklore, I believe that these  additional meaningful verses are  now needed  to teach children about the consequences of bullying  and hurt feelings in this age of Zero Tolerance for  Bullying.



Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 8.52.28 AM

James Holmes Courtroom Body Language and PhD Program Pressures
July 25, 2012

I recently appeared on Entertainment Tonight where I discussed the body language of the Colorado Shooter James Holmes. For those of you who may think he may have been faking his strange  and contorted facial expressions, the answer is “no” . The reason I say this is because his behaviors were too consistent.



 He struggled to keep his eyes open an to pay attention to what was going on, but he could not do so. He was either medicated or sleep deprived.

While it is not common to medicate someone during a court proceeding such as this because the person needs all of their faculties present to comprehend what is going on around them, it is not unheard of to medicate someone who is a danger to themselves and to others. If someone has been on medication, they will often let the person continue taking their prescribed meds. It was reported that Holmes was acting violent in his jail cell as he allegedly spit at guards. Perhaps he was medicated to avoid this  type of behavior  in the courtroom.

His actions could also be a sort of withdrawal reaction from alleged medications he may have been taking as well.

While he opened his eyes widely and often  quickly nodded out. It showed that he was clearly struggling to stay awake.

There were times where he had an obvious  reality check as his facial expressions leaked out fear ,  with the whites of his eyes showing all around. He also leaked  out sadness. His sadness was depicted by his furrowed forehead, knitted brow, and his frowning down tuned mouth.

There were times where he appeared to stare into space while there were other times he stared downwards. His nodding out may have also been a coping mechanism to deal with the reality of his actions in not being able to face them.

My thoughts are that he may have very well had a psychotic episode which caused his horrific “lone wolf terrorist behavior.” Oftentimes such psychotic breaks  can occur in a person’s 20’s.



It has been reported that James Holmes, who was adopted by his parents  was a very shy child. It is also reported that his mother had some concern that he was an isolated child and didn’t have a lot of friends.

James managed to occupy his time with video games according to reports and with academics.



He excelled in science and wanted to become a neuroscientist. He even worked at the prestigious Salk Institute.

There is videotape of an 18 year old fresh faced dark haired young man discussing his future plans as a scientist. He was able to live out his dream by being accepted into the PhD Program at the University of Colorado in neuroscience.


 Apparently, he took his first year oral exams and then abruptly dropped out. While the University isn’t revealing much due to student privacy issues, it has been suggested in the media that he di not pass his exams and or the program was going to terminate him so he quit instead.

Having received a PhD myself I can assure you that it is one of the most difficult things one can do. Besides the actual academic pressures and research requirements, and  grueling oral and  lengthy written examinations, there is  often the departmental politics to contend with. Most students aren’t prepared for this, but it does exist.

While his PhD student status is pure speculation on my part at this point, it may be possible that James was able to cut through the program academically,  but he may have fallen victim to  departmental politics. Maybe professors noticed his odd behavior and reacted negatively and gave him a hard time. Maybe they just didn’t like him for whatever reason and looked for reasons out get him out of the program.

Whatever the case, James Holmes saw his lifelong dream of becoming a scientist some to an end. His entire identity was caught up in this now shattered  dream, so he  may have felt he had nothing to live for.

No doubt anger brewed inside of him as he lost his academic standing and his hopes for a promising career. His anger must have escalated when he found out that he would now have to vacate his apartment because the management did not rent to those who were not U of Colorado students.

Being an alleged isolate, James apparently did not have anyone with whom to vent his frustrations and anxieties. He obviously felt he had nothing to live for as his world was closing in on him, so he retreated into his Batman like fantasies of  acting out his rage at his plight  though the persona of The Joker. Allegedly , after he was apprehended, he told police that he was The Joker.

He knew what he was going to do and set up an elaborate death trap in his apartment which would kill anyone who entered it- law enforcement or the apartment manager or  the owner who was forcing him to vacate his dwelling.

After seeing the film the Dark Knight, it is clear where his ideas about the use of gas and gunning down innocent people came from.  There is a chilling  scene in the film where innocent people are shot at the Stock Exchange. It was reminiscent of what James Holmes did at the Colorado theatre.



 James Holmes  will undergo a battery of  psychiatric evaluations to see if he is competent to stand trial. If not, he will most likely be spending a good portion of  his life  in a mental institution like John Hinkley or Mark David Chapman. If he is not found guilty by reason of insanity, then he will be spending the rest of his life in a prison cell or on death row.

No matter what happens, the horror of this story is that innocent lives of young people  were taken for absolutely no reason at all.


 It is impressive that Warner Brothers said they will be donating a substantial amount to victims of the shooting and to their families. But even though this is the right thing to do, it still can never bring back these promising lives due to Holme’s horrific actions. Those who survived will also have to deal with a lifetime of post traumatic stress and all of it’s complex related symptoms and  complications.

Rush Limbaugh’s Insincere Apology Reflected By His Body Language, Voice,and Facial Expression
March 6, 2012

While Rush Limbaugh’s words may have said he was sorry for calling  the 30 year old law student a “slut” his body language said something completely  different. As you can see in the photo above he is looking down and reading his apology. When you give a heartfelt apology you don’t look down and read it. Instead, you speak it form your heart.

Next his voice was monotone and devoid of emotion. When you apologize there is the sound of contrition in your tones. There was none here. Then as we see in the photo above there was a lot of lip pursing. This means that Rush was angry that he had to apologize at all.

Now look at Rush’ hand as he apologizes. The palm is down and fingers are splayed. This body language gesture means that he is not being sincere.

As he continues we really see his anger through his body language a he makes a fist when he apologizes. When someone makes a fist as they speak to you, they are angry. Rush was angry that he was forced to apologize. No doubt he meant every word he said about the young woman. He just was angry that the advertisers were pulling out and that he had to succumb to an apology.

When Rush said that the advertisers no longer wanted to advertise on hisshow, while he indicated he didn’t mind through his matter of fact  intonation, his  body language said the opposite as he pursed his lips and swallowed hard.

To read more click here

Toxic Man Omar Sharif’s Body Language As He Abuses A Woman in Public
October 28, 2011


There is nothing that sickened me more than seeing , Omar Sharif of Dr. Zhivago fame  a one time heartthrob to many women back in the day, physcially abuse a woman in public. It was shocking and appalling.  He severely slapped  a woman simply because she wanted to have her photo taken with him.Apparently   she was overzealous and did not wait her turn to be photographed. nued to  . He let her know she did wrong in his eyes, not only by his physical slap but by his verbal slap as he continued to berate her .

 What was more appalling was looking at the video frame by frame and seeing how he gets enraged, slaps her, goes off on her, feels guilty about it, tries and  to make nice, Now  he  becomes   angry at her for making him angry. Below  is a frame by frame analysis of  whathe did to her.

To read more click link below


Is Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony’s Attorney Concerned About Dr. Lillian Glass’ Blog?
May 4, 2011


Yesterday I put up a blog which essentially showed how Casey kept dabbing away her non tears. I  spoke about Casey’s lack of emotion.  Cheney Mason, her attorney  who never appears on television, took it upon himself to go on “In Session” today to address Casey’s emotions.

He described Casey as being as far more emotional” than people see”
, but that jail hastoughened her up and that she is very, very likable and very bright.”



 I have watched Casey for two years now and have yet to see any genuine emotion.I have yet to see her cry genuine tears for Caylee.

Where was her genuine emotion and tears when she was taken into the infirmary to watch TV which showed that Caylee’s body was found? Where were the tears of emotion?  All she said was she had to have her chains loosened because she couldn’t breathe. No crying or tears were reported by those who witnessed her initial reaction.


 Cheney’s saying that jail has toughened her up is ridiculous. Casey was tough way before she entered any jail cell.

We saw her  toughness as she lead top law enforcement around on that infamous wild goose chase, refusing to admit to what happened to Caylee or that she   worked at Universal.

We  her toughness as she stuck by her bogus Zanny the Nanny story and  name dropping bogus people.

We saw her toughness in the jailhouse tapes as she got angry at what was happening to ”her.”  

How does Cheney know how  tough Casey was before she went  into her jail cell?

 In jail, she is isolated. She doesn’t have  much human contact except for jail personnel. She has never had to defend herself in a  physical fight with other inmates. So how can he say that? It should also be noted that Cheney apparently only had one jailhouse visit with Casey back on 7/24/10

We saw Casey’s toughness when she refused to tell Cindy what really happened to Caylee and where Caylee was, which lead a frustrated Cindy to call 911.

We saw Casey’s toughness in how she refused to allow her parents to see her in jail.

We saw that toughness when George begged her in his letters to allow him to visit her.

Finally we saw that toughness in the courtroom as she refused to even acknowledge her parents who were sitting only a few feet away from her.

                              CASEY BRIGHT AND INTELLIGENT??

If Cheney  Mason thinks Casey is bright and intelligent, then  his standards for  intelligence and brightness must be very low in my view.

How bright is it to lie to law enforcement and send them on a wild goose chase?

How bright is it to not tell anyone Caylee was gone and to party during those 31 days?

How bright is she that she dropped out of high school and lied about having a job?

 How bright was she to forge a friend’s check?



Casey touches and flirts and flatters Cheney as we have all seen. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Cheney would view Casey as likeable.  He said  She’s a nice human being,” He even justifies his actions of touching her  by saying.“I’ve grandchildren almost her age.”

Well putting your  middle finger in the crook of her arm and rubbing around  it doesn’t look too grandfatherly according to a lot of people.

Constantly touching her and putting his hand on her for what many thought was way too long a time doesn’t look very appropriate to many.

Casey is a client, not a grand daughter and in my view, she  needs to be treated like a client, sans all the touching.

Mason  then said that he didn’t have the same fondness for other clients. “Casey, I have a very warm spot for.”  

Of course he has a warm spot for someone who flirts with him and touches him and most likely manipulates him as she has done with just about every man in her life. She is good at it.She has succeeded with Cheney. She is a master of flirtation.



Look at Cheney’s wording as it pertains to Casey’s innocence. Mason said. “I have a great belief personally in her innocence. He didn’t say she is one hundred percent innocent and we will prove it in the courtroom. Instead he couches it by saying he has a “belief” a personal belief  What about an objective belief based on facts and legal evidence? He neglected to say that.



When people name call it is usually because people have no other words  to use  in a loosing battle. It clearly reflects their frustration. They have nothing intelligent or significant to say, so like an immature child they retort by name calling .

Cheney states “ I  don’t care what the prognosticators and the idiot bloggers have to say or what the idiot bloggers will say about this.”  

Why would  a professional attorney call anyone an idiot unless they were so threatened by what the blogger had to say?  Maybe Cheney lashed out because so much of what was said in the blogs hit him too close to home.

One thing is for certain. Cheney  Mason obviously cares what my blog said yesterday  or he would not have appeared on camera today to  address and defend  issues of a)  Casey’s lack of showing genuine and appropriate emotion and  b) his own being too touchy feely with his client.

McDonald’s Attack Victim’s Interview Shows Shock At Attacker’s Age, Lack of Help, Anger At Being Filmed And Outed
April 25, 2011

In watching the interview of  victim Chrissy Polis  who was attacked at a  Baltimore McDonald’s,  she appeared to be very level and calm as she described the incident of what happened to her in detail . She maintained her calm and even showed compassion in her tone  as she spoke of her  surprise at the age of one of her attackers 14.

Her tone changed to anger and disgust when she spoke of the person who videotaped her during the ordeal, but then changed back to gratitude when she spoke of the one woman who came to her rescue.


I believe that everyone was as stunned as Chrissy to find out the  ages of her attackers. What  happened in these two young girls lives to fill them with such violence and hatred towards another person? Who raised them? Were their parents absent? Did they have to fend for themselves? Were they severely abused and beaten in their own young lives? What was it to cause them to fight  wild animals and almost kill an innocent person?

Did they have such hatred towards a person just because they are a different color then they are? Did they have such hatred because the woman may not have looked odd to them?  Did they have that much insecurity as human beings that their “boyfriend” couldn’t even speak to another woman without that woman being harmed? Where did they learn that it was OK to put a hand up and beat up on another person?

Chrissy  Polis was minding her own business innocently  trying to use the bathroom when allegedly a man  who was allegedly one of the attacker’s boyfriends just said  said “how’s it going? “ Chissu politely answered “ fine” and   did not engage in conversation with him. Her concern was getting to a toilet. Allegedly on the of attackers saw the interaction  and asked Chrissy if she  was talking to her man and began to pull Chrissy’s hair and brutally beat her.

Now  the violent 18 year old  attacker  Teonna Monae Brown  as seen above has been charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of misdemeanor second-degree assault as she is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center on $150,000 bond.

Her accomplice , a  14-year-old girl  who will be tried as a juvenile, also faces charges, according to investigators.

In the state of Maryland First Degree Assault can get a person a jail sentence of a maximum of 25 years. Second degree assault is a maximum of 10 years.  Because of the nature of the crime and who the crime was perpetrated upon a transgendered individual , there may be Hate Crime added and more severe consequences to Ms. Brown and her 14 year old accomplice punishment.

If a jury finds them guilty Ms, Brown and her 14 year old will be middle aged women when they get out of jail if they serve the maximum sentence. I believe they will be serving the maximum sentence to prove a point that this type of behavior will never be accepted.

As we have now learned,  this is not Ms. Brown’s first experience with violence at the same McDonalds. She was apparently arrested and charged with two counts of  misdemeanor assault  last year for  assaulting a  38 year old woman Danielle Dower, 38, and Dowe’s daughter  last July. In October, a Baltimore County judge ruled that charges would not be further pursued against Brown, according to court records because that the criminal counts against Brown were dropped at the victim’s request.

 Essentially Brown’s life and the 14 yer old’s life are ruined forever. that That combined with the national attention that this has received, they will never be the same.


 After working with transgendered clients during the early part of my career, I can assure you that they  suffer greatly. They have been born in the physical embodiment of one sex and yet mentally and emotionally, they feel as though they are the opposite sex.

Some people who have “gender  dysphoria”  continue to live in a depressed state. They do whatever they can to  suppress their thoughts and feelings about living as a member of the opposite sex. For those brave souls who do come out of the closet and make every attempt tolive as another  gender it is not and easy decision that they  took lightly  or an easy process to undergo.

For many, their decision cost them their relationships with friends and family and work colleagues. For some their jobs and livelihoods have been jeopardized.

The process is not an easy one. They undergo serious psychological testing before they fully commit to  surgical intervention to become a man or woman physically. They must live, act and dress as a woman or man  for at least a year wearing the clothing of that particular gender. This is a must for those who seek surgical intervention for sex reassignment.

They do whatever it takes to become acclimated to their new identity. Perhaps that is what Crissy was doing- becoming acclimated to dressing and living as a woman. The last thing she needed was to be beaten up for it.

This will scar her  emotionally forever. She even mentioned on the tape that she is now afraid to go out of the house. This is a tragedy for her that was caused by the hatred of these two teenagers and further exacerbated by the employees at McDonalds, who I believe need to be held accountable as well.

Chrissy said that the national attention makes her feel as though she had to  “come out of the closet all over again.” The national attention and the invasion of her privacy is what has added insult to injury, continuing to upset her the most.


While it  is great that this horrific incident  was videotaped for the .world to see, the intention of why this video was made is egregious. It was not made to document the woman’s injuries. It was not meant to document the incident so law enforcement could have a visual record of what went on. It was not videotaped as part of McDonalds procedure.   It was videotaped for some fool’s entertainment that he put up on his personal youtube account.

This fool  Vernon Hackett was also an employee of McDonalds. He had been an employee in the same location as the incident since 2009. He should  have known better than to film the video, taking credit for it  on his Facebook account, which he has since taken down.

At one point in the video Hackett  can be heard laughing hysterically at the violence in front of him, he is apparently enjoying the incident as thought it was some type of live entertainment for him.

As I see it, I consider that he is also an accomplice  as he is heard telling the young teenagers ont he tape  to get  out of there because someone was calling the police. In essence he was protecting the criminal and aiding and abetting their egregious act.

During Chrissy’s interview she commented on how she told this man,(Vernon Hackett)  to stop filming her and to get the camera out of her face when she was being beaten and afterwards. He had no sensitivity as he sadistically shot footage of her for his own selfish reasons.

Chrissy said “  I told the guy to stop,”The y didn’t help me. They didn’t do nothing for me.

Even when Polis is repeatedly kicked and punched until she had a seizure, he still  sadistically filmed her failing her arms due to her seizure
To further show his hate and ignorance,  he had the nerve on his facebook page to say  “that was not a female that was getting beat up… that was a man… He was dressed lik [sic] a woman.”

Who cares what she was dressed like or if she was a manor a woman. It was inhumane on Hackett’s part not to assist the person or at least call for help.


 Finally, one older woman had enough of this  scene. She was the only one who came To Chrissy’s aid. She tried to break things up but was punched in the face as well. Even though she is a hero in this tragic saga, why is she the only one who came to a crime victim’s aid? Why didn’t others speak up or yell out or place  their fingers on 911 to call the police?

Where were the other McDonald’s employees? For their doing nothing they too should be fired  and fined in my view. They need to be taught a lesson in humanity and respect for others lives.

Where was McDonald’s in all of this? Don’t they have a panic  button that goes right to the police station when there is a crime? If they don’t they should have one along with video cameras as well. They can well afford it.   I believe they need to be held liable as well and I hope that Chrissy gets herself  a good attorney so that she can be compensated for her damages. They no doubt have liability insurance in case someone slips and falls or has an accident on their property .  This is certainly a sitution that needs to be covered by their liability insurance in my view.


What happened to us as a society and as a people when there are those who can sit around  as though they are being entertained and casually and videotape or refuse to speak up or at least call 911 when something horrific like this happens?

Have we become so immune to violence that it is now   form of entertainment to many? Kids in grade school need to be taught that if they see violence  to report it immediately0 to dial 9ll. They need to learn early on that if they see it live in front of their eyes it is not a video game or a TV show or a movie. It is serious and they need to take action in the form of reporting it  or calling 911, no matter how old they are.

I believe there needs to  be consequences for those who sit by  and idly watch. To me they are  just as much to blame. We need to stick together and help one another, not leave one another to be  maimed and even die at the hands of those who act like wild animals.

Toxic Teacher Who Had Children” Oink” At Messy Student Should Never Be Allowed to Teach Anywhere
April 15, 2011

What happens to us in our childhood has a lasting effect on who we grow up to be and what happens to us in life. As a communications and  body language expert I cannot begin to  tell you  just how many private clients I have seen in my life who had public speaking problems and who were terrified of speaking in front of others- no matter how small the group, just  because some insensitive  ignorant teacher humiliated them in front of the room.

I have seen grown men- CEO’s of major corporations break down and cry in my offices knowing they had to present the annual report for their company. I have seen beautiful women shake with fear and dread also cry when they had to go on an interview or speak at a presentation.

Consistently  in all of these cases it appeared to  stem back to a teacher who humiliated then in front of the classroom. They suffered a lifetime of  emotional  trauma as a result.

I also know of  someone   who hates anything to do with athletics every since  they  were traumatized by their  first grade  gym teacher who screamed at then for not knowing their right from their left  when they marched in the opposite direction during a class exercise.  As it turned out the boy who was dyslexic .Not only was his academic progress challenged, so was his athletic progress because of this ignorant  teacher.

So when I read that yet another ignorant and insensitive  teacher was guilty of causing psychic trauma to yet another student, I was livid.

This kindergarten  teacher Debbie Hayes at Bowers Elementary  was nothing more than a paid BULLY in my view. She had the audacity to tell the other students to encircle  their classmate and call him a pig while making pig noises and oinking at the boy simply because he had a messy desk. This BULLY needs to be fired and never be allowed to teach again.

Apparently Debbie Hayes, is a veteran educator who should have known better as she had taught kindergarten for 38 years in Roane County. Who knows what other harm  this abusive bully in my view  did to other children in her close to four decades as an educator.  In fact Dr.Toni McGriff the director of Roane County Schools, called the March 16 incident “simply unbelievable”

In her reprimand letter, McGriff told Hayes she was “appalled with the actions in this situation.””It’s a black eye on the profession,”. “It’s a black eye on our schools.”

Apparently another educator walked into Debbie Hayes’ classroom March 16 and saw kindergartners encircling their crying classmate.”The students in the circle were ‘oinking’ and making pig sounds at the little boy,”

A teacher  who witnessed the incident told Principal Candace Lett that afternoon. Hayes and Lett met the next day in McGriff’s office to discuss the episode.

During that meeting, Hayes said she was “tired of the student’s messiness and had repeatedly warned the child to be neater , However, the students in the classroom told authorities teacher   Debbie Hayes told them to encircle the child “and call him a pig and make pig noises,” according to the reprimand.

Hayes only received  one received a  one-day suspension from her job.

This is horrible, in my view. Hayes needs to be  fired for causing  abuse  and potential of lifetime psychic  trauma to this boy. She also needs to be sued by the boys parents and she needs to pay all of his psychologists bills that he will no doubt need to recover from this abusive trauma, if he ever recovers.  This  incident may have long lasting traumatic effects on this child for the rest of his life.

In essence this bully of a teacher taught the other children how to bully and she needs to be held accountable.

All this ignorant creature teacher needed to do was send a letter home with the boy or have a parent child conference or find out why he was being so messy. Oftentimes messiness is a sign of creativity. It may also be that this is how he lives at home in a messy environment. So he many have thought it was normal to be messy.

Apparently Hayes was  forced to  apologize to the students. Personally, I don’t think her apology is enough. It means nothing in the scheme of things. She traumatized this poor child to the point that he was crying. She needs a taste of her own medicine and needs to be ostracized from her school community and lose her pension that she worked so hard to obtain all of these years. She needs to see how she would like it if she was cut off  from ever working at a teaching job again.

She is the real pig in this situation.  The real messy person who messed with a  child’s psyche , That is worse than any messy desk or messy room.

Apparently the  school principal offered to transfer the abused  child  to another classroom, but the mother declined. I think the mother  did the right thing.  In the end , the teacher was made to look like the fool and the boy may come out to be  a hero. I also think that every child who called him a pig and surrounded him needs to be made to personally apologize to him, look him in the eye, say I am sorry and shake his hand. This way the boy will feel better and the other kids will now see him in a different light- someone they can respect.

I do hope that the parents of the boy don’t minimize this egregious act. They need to understand that this incident can have lasting repercussions. It is bad enough when one student bullies another but when the whole class is made to bully a child by a disturbed teacher it is a different matter. They need to lawyer up and sue the teacher, the school board and the school system in their community because there is no doubt that they  will need the money to pay for this boy’s psychological care int he future.

The boy cried which showed that he was upset and traumatized. Those tears run deep and can course through his psyche for a lifetime. Shame on this Bully Debbie Hayes who must never be allowed  teach again. Like a child abuser or child molester, she must never be allowed to  come in contact with children  again in my view.


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