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Lance Armstrong’s Body Language on Oprah Showed No Contrition, Lack of Emotion, Blaming Others, and Possible Sociopathic Behavior
January 18, 2013


Lance did NOT want to give this interview based on his body language as he constantly pursed his lips throughout this interview. In addition


He would constantly look down and not look directly at Oprah when she asked direct hard hitting questions. There was a tone of arrogance and a disturbing monotone which indicated that the only thing he was sorry about was getting caught.

Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong was one of the most disturbing things to watch as the one thing that kept running though my mind was” Is Lance Armstrong a Sociopath?”  Here are some traits of a sociopath

a) Glibness 

b)Grandiose sense of self-worth

c) Pathological Lying 


e) Lack of remorse or Guilt 

f)  Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived

g)Callousness; lack of empathy

h)Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

It seems that Lance exhibited all of these traits when one listens to his interview.

When Oprah asked Lance Armstrong if he felt what he did was wrong or if he felt guilty or if he felt he CHEATED  he said NO!  That was the most chilling and revealing part of the entire interview. It made me wonder if this man was a sociopath.

He seemed to blame everyone else but himself.  He first blamed the culture, his fans, the story which was too good to be true to a cyclist who had the disease who won the competition. He also  the fact that he had the disease (as he refused to say cancer) that made him feel driven. He blamed his mother for being a fighter and said he was a fighter too.  He blamed fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis’ accusation as getting back at him because he wasn’t on the team.

What was also disturbing was he kept  referring to himself in the third person as a “flawed character instead of saying that his character was flawed. It was a form of distancing himself.


As further indication that he really  didn’t want to  be there and talk was a tell tale sign of  his  head scratch. His autonomic nervous system was in full play here as it showed that he was getting anxious as Oprah asked ” How did it all work?”

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.08.00 PM

Here we see Lance putting his fingers over his mouth indicating that he is guarded and doesn’t really want to talk.

His thought process also seemed sociopathic. When you ask a sociopath a question they may answer it one way such as Did you threaten anyone to take drugs? Lance insisted that he did not. But then when you ask the question another way like  Did you insist the members of the team see Dr. Ferrari ( who allegedly provided the drugs) he answered yes.  In keeping with this sociopathic line of thinking he was asked if fellow cyclist  Floyd Landis who spoke to the press about Lance’s doping felt rebuffed? Lance said No. But then when asked in a different way, if  he blew Landis off, Armstrong admitted that he did indeed blow Floyd off as he said that Floyd was upset because ” I didn’t put him on my team.”This  thought process is how sociopaths tend to think.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.33.23 PM

When Oprah showed his deposition tapes you clearly saw how he was lying as he shook his head yes when he was saying No.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.44.23 PM

When he was watching himself we he discomfort as he swallows hard and we see his jaws clenching.

he blatantly lies when he states to Oprah that he never failed a test. Then in his sociopathic thought  process he admits that retroactively he failed a test.

He tended to minimize what happened by saying “all this is a process.’ Again it was a form of distancing himself from what is happening with him.

When he said he is happier today than he ever was and Oprah confronted him and he back pedaled a sickening feeling came over me as I wondered again if he was a sociopath.

When asked why he sued people when he knew they were right and when I heard his monotone rote answer it once again made me wonder about sociopathy in relation to blaming others. He then talked about feeling attacked so he sued . He called one of his accusers a Bitch and Crazy but then says that he never called her fat. This was one of the most disturbing moments as you see is pathological thought process in action as he made it OK and justifies his actions of name calling because he didn’t use all three insults but only two.Oprah appeared to be disturbed by this as well.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.59.02 PM

There was a lot of chin itching and scratching which indicated that  was not happy about being confronted about his actions  in such a detailed manner. he blames his comeback for causing all of his troubles and tells Oprah that they wouldn’t be sitting there if he didn’t have a comeback.Once again his statement smacked of sociopathy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.13.10 PMHis anger could be seen in his clenched jaw where his muscles protruded  along with his lower jaw as he said that he wouldn’t be  there if  it wasn’t for his comeback.

This interview did not help Lance Armstrong’s image. In fact it made it worse. We saw arrogance, defiance, anger, blame, and someone who really needs to be out of the public eye in my view. In my view he is a very disturbed individual who is very TOXIC!

Part two will focus on his charity, his sponsors,  and his family and how this has affected them so stay tuned for some more  behavior analysis and body language analysis.

Jerry Sandusky’s Voice and Speech Content Show Signals of Deception Guilt In Costas Interview
November 15, 2011

Bob Costas asked Jerry Sandusky if he ever touched the genitals of any boy. As Sandusky replied  that he didn’t,   his voice quality sounded shaky and tentative.

Then Costas said if this is not so,  then you must be the unluckiest man and most persecuted man we have ever heard of.

Jerry pauses for several seconds and then chuckles. This reaction is contrary to anyone who was not guilty. An innocent person  would immediately jump in with no pause time ans say YES, I AM,  using a very formidable  and unwavering tone.

Costas then says it again and Sandusky pasues for five seconds and chuckles a nervous laugh and  immediately releases a burst of air. Needless to say this question has taken literally taken the wind or the air out of him as you literally hear it in the audio.

Then Sandusky says in a weak tone, I don’t know what you want me to say WHAT????? Want you to say????  This is a signal of guilt. He is now depending on what others want him to say and does not relay what he needs to say. In essence he    nothing  to say except that he is guilty.

You can believe that his attorney is helping him to spin what to say. Also why is this man doing interviews if he has an attorney? Is he defying his attorney? Is he defying his attorney? What kind of attorney wiuld allow his client to speak out at this point?

Sandusky’s voice quality and speech behaviors alone are incriminating him in my view.

Then he says  I don’t think theses have been the best days of my life as he burst out air . This air  burst indicates that he is having a hard time coordinating his breathing with his talking which is a HUGE indicator of nervousness and deception. His statement also minimizes the serious of what is happening to him which indicates that he is in the initial shock phases and in a state of denial.

Costas then asks him a great question. Costas asks  how would you define the part you played?  What are you willing to concede  that was wrong and   and you wish you hadn’t done it?

Sandusky once again takes a gulp of audible air indicating that this question has once agin knocked the wind out fo him. He then practically wispers and mumbles his answer , which is an  indicator guilt and shame . He says   I  I  should have   (long pause) showered with those kids. The telling part here vocally speaking is that he goes up at the end of the sentence on the words  kids  as though he was asking a question.  The empahasis on the world kids means  that deep down he really didn’t think it was wrong to shower with those kids.    It’s only wong because he got busted.Also the hesitation is a signal of extreme distress.

Then he mumbles a guilty sounding you know so . In essence , he is trying to minimize his actions and seeking reassurance with the words you know . He ends his statement on the word so because he has nothing else to say .

 Here is the give away “tell” or signal  that says it all.  Costas asks him if he is a pedophile. Sandusky  immediately replies  No! Then Costs rephrases the question ands says Are you sexually attracted to young boys?  Just so you are aware, this is how sociopaths often respond to questions. You may ask them a direct question and get a completely different answer than when you rephrase the question.  Sandusky also  parrots the question and repeats Am I sexually attracted to young boys?

When someone answers a question with a question or repeats your question, they are  usually GUILTY!!! That is one of the biggest tells of deception.

Then Sandusky further inceiminates himself verbally by  contimuing on and saying  sexually attracted.  I I enjoy young people.’

 His repetion of the words sexually attracted thrown out there  without a pronoun or a verb speaks volumes, Singling these two words out as a phrase in itself ndicates that  he very well may be  sexually attracted to them.

Then he says I I love to be around them . But no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys. He dies off at the end of his statement which is very significant in my view. As he in essence is swallowing his words and swallowing the truth. Note how he calls young boys them . It illustrates how he has objectified his victims.

Jerry Sandusky shows us that no matter who a person is or what their position is, it in possible to find pedophiles in any walk of life  and in any socioeconomic group or social strata. Even pillars of society who do charity work can be sexual deviants. We need to stop playing The Emperor Has New Clothes when he in fact is not wearing any. We need to see what is,  not what we want to see. As soon as we see this behavior we need to make sure the person is held accountable for their actions.

There is no question in my mind that he is acting like a person who has a lot of guilt , shame, and embarrassment  at being exposed and who most likely is guilty.

After reading the Grand Jury transcript I felt like throwing up. This is an extremely deviant and sick man.  True they are just allegations and he has not yet been found guilty by a court of law at this time. But in reading these allegations , it appears that they all have a pattern to them that is both shocking and sickening. He is either wrestling, showering,  or cracking some young boy’s back. Like most predators he has followed a similar ritual in abusing  his victims.

There is no rehabilitation for a pedophile because they are imprinted with this sexual perversion forever.He needs to be locked up forever with no possibility of parole. He has essentially  murdered the souls and the psyches of these young boys, many who have now grown  into  young  men.

All the millions of dollars he has earned during his coaching years needs to go for psychological treatment for these boys because after he got his hands on them, they were never the same. What makes matters even worse is that he took full advantage of young boys who were troubled and/or disadvantaged. That makes his crime even more egregious.

I say lock him up and throw away the key and make him do some hard labor in prison instead of  his sitting around doing nothing on the taxpayers money. I say get as much use out of him, whether it be  making license plates or some other item that is made in prisons.

He needs to be released into the general population so he can see what it feels like to be helpless and victimized. No doubt  if this is the case, he will not  survive long which may actually  be a blessing to all.

Tiger Wood’s Body Language Showed Extreme Sadness When Talking About Divorce From Elin As He Was Almost In Tears
August 26, 2010

 Unlike his previous initial press conference several months ago when his body language reflected that he was not very sincere in his apologies, Tiger Wood’s  recent press conference following now ex wife Elin’s post People Magazine interview, tells a completely different story.

It shows a very different Tiger- a sincere, upset, and extremely sad, reflective, and humbled Tiger.

Even though he tried to keep his emotions in check he was not successful at it. They  leaked out anyway via his body language. In the above photo as he says that he is going through a sad time you not only see the sadness leaking out of his face as he is about to cry, buy you feel his pain and anguish.


When Tiger  spoke he often looked down as it was often  hard for him to maintain eye contact.  This was especially true at the beginning when he spoke of Elin.

He appeared to be embarrassed and clearly shaken emotionally as he began to grasp the finality of the situation between he and Elin.


His eyes were puffy and there were uncharacteristic circles and bags under his eyes. It may be due to time he may have spent crying in his private moments.

No doubt, the lack of sleep during these trying emotional times may have  also contributed to these bags and darkened circles under his eyes.


  The most significant body language signal that tells us how a person really feels is reflected in their breathing patterns. 

 Tigers deep upper chest breathing and large exhalation bursts of air show that he was clearly upset. He was trying to gain control over his emotions though his numerous and obvious deep breaths but it wasn’t working.


When a person repeats words and phrases it often indicates they are uneasy about something. He was clearly uneasy as he spoke about Elin as he stammered ”  I wish I wish her the best in everything “ 

Right after he sai this he  took a deep breath to release the emotional tension he was harboring as he made this   emotional filled statement.

 He continued to stammmer and repeat words as he spoke of his sadness  and Elin, He repeated words and phrased , “You know it’s it’s a sad time in our lives. And you know were looking forward it out lives”


 The first time we actually saw Tigers eyes during his press conference was when he said “ As  far as practicing and my game is concerned that is secondary.” 

He looked up  as he spoke those words as he  was very sincere.Unfortunately it was too little too late as far as his now fractured family was concerned .  But it showed that this was the awakening of a different Tiger Woods.

It seemed as though he finally ” got it”  He  not only saw how his actions hurt his family , he felt it. He then spoke of ” trying to get our kids situated  in our new living conditions. ” As he spoke those words, he appeared to be forthright and serious as though he  meant every word in this statement. His kids and their welfare are clearly his  new priority.


Tiger has never been this fluent, fluid and open. It was actually quite refreshing to see a connected Tiger as he spoke of his   career. His tonal quality indicated that he  spoke from his heart

When Tiger said “ My decision in playing golf had nothing to do with  going our separate ways. ” he sounded believable. He then looked directly at the persona asking  the question, thereby reflecting  his sincerity as he  paused for a time to reflect on what he said.


When asked if it was a lost year,  Tiger said that he  didn’t look at it this way , he said that even though there were a lot of negatives it was actually a good thing because I leaned a lot about myself and how I could be come a better person .

He said something like that in his first mea culpa press conference, but  it did not ring true. At that time, it was awkward and contrived.But this time, he sounded very believable and sincere.


As Tiger said ” You dont go into a marriage thinking your going to get divorced” you can see him  shake his head no.  This indicates that his words were consistent with his thought.  


He was then asked” Do you have any regrets ? His reply was ” Certainly my actions lead us to this decision.”  For the first time Tiger  not only sounds believable, but his words and tone indicate that he  is actually taking FULL responsibility for his behavior.

 There is no rehearsed rhetoric or blame. Instead, he  fully owns it. It was actually humbling to see and hear .


He looked down as he looked very sad when he  reflected on his statement “ I made a lot of errors in my life and that is something I;m gonna have to live with.”  As he said this you could literally see that he was processing the full impact of these intense words.  The tone of his voice cracked a bit as this was  clearly a unique and emotional moment  for him.


Gone s the arrogant cocky self absorbed insincere Tiger. Instead, Tiger appeared genuine, hurt and extremely vulnerable.  He obviously  got what was important to him and no doubt he felt it for the first tome in his previously entitled life.

 It was a hard  lesson to learn and it cost him a lot, He paid the ultimate proce for his actions, the loss of  his beloved  family.  Maybe Tiger will be changed man from this.  Even with his recent losses, he’s already been the best golfer. But now his challenge is to be the best person he can be.

 He knows that he hurt and disappointed  a lot of people. Before his divorce was final these were merely empty words.  But  now, based on his body language and vocal tone, his words appeared  real and meaningful. .

Perhaps this is the start of our seeing a new an improved Tiger and the better person he strives to become.

Dr. Lillian Glass First Reported Roger Clemens Signals of Deception In His Body Language On MSNBC
August 19, 2010

It comes as no surprise  to me that  Federal authorities have now  indicted baseball great Roger Clemens  on charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The lip licking, lip biting, forehead wrinkling  and shoulder shrugging, and fidgeting, eye blinking,  lip pursing, and scratching, word repetitions, vocal frys, and specific speech and voice  patterns  during key testimony were all  body language “tells” which indicated that he may not have  been telling the truth.

Click on the link below to see my initial analysis of Roger Clemens which appeared on msnbc,af97716fc8ac757303e9/Dr-Lillian-Glass-on-MSNBC.html

Clemens  was charged with three counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury in connection with his February 2008 testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. According to the United States Attorney’s office, Clemens faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, but under the current sentencing guidelines, a conviction would likely bring 15-21 months.

Brian McNamee who was Clemen’s former trainer testified as well and  completely contradicted Roger Clemens  regarding whether he had used the banned substances while he played baseball.

During the testimony it was clear to me that McNamee did not show signals of deception, He appeared forthright, direct, had excellent eye and face contact and did not show vocal or speech tells indicative of deception even though  Clemens claimed McNamee made up the allegations.

Federal authorities convinced McNamee to cooperate with them in 2008 in exchange for not charging him with steroid distribution.

The body language analysis of Roger Clemens clearly illustrates  and confirms how the body does not lie as the truth always leaks out.

Tiger Woods Body Language Shows An Empty Mono- Tone Mono- Faced and Mono- Bodied Robotic Meaningless Apology! Was it Orchestrated to Prepare for His Comeback, Business,and Sponsors?
February 21, 2010




Today I appeared on CBS’s The Insider and the  TV Guide Network. I was interviewed by OK Magazine, In Touch Weekly, The Star, the Globe, and the New York Daily News , and WIOD Radio in Miami and WJN  Radio in Detroit. regarding Tiger Woods, his body language, communication and how he comported himself during his speech.  

As I watched him, I kept a completely open mind. While I thought his behavior and cheating on his wife Elin was egregious, I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. I expected to see a sincere person who would not only tell me he was honestly sorry and ashamed of his behavior and how horribly it affected his wife.  


Instead, I heard, arrogance, defensiveness, blame and anger in his tone. While  I heard the right words.  they  were definitely said  in the wrong tone!  As a result they did not ring true to me. There was a complete disconnect between what he said, how he said it and how he comported himself while he said it.  

My reaction was that he did NOT do well. In fact I think that his empty apology did nothing to help his image. In fact. I believe it made matters worse as she spoke in a staccato tone and looked down at his paper most of the time, only showing his face for contrived  expressions and gestures.  


His mono-tone, mono-face and mono- body language spoke volumes. The speech was no doubt written for him as those were clearly not his heartfelt words. I saw the entire exercise as a PR ploy designed address his sponsors and the contributors to his Foundation. To me, watching him in action or rather  non action,  was a wasted 13 and 1.2 minutes of my day.  

There was absolutely NO remorse body language wise when he spoke. When a person shows contrition, his or her head is bowed down and their shoulders hunch over. They attempt to minimize themselves physically as they show shame and embarrassment. This was clearly not the case with Tiger who consistently displayed  a ramrod straight posture. This was indicative of super confidence if not arrogance and entitlement.  


His apology as to what a bad boy he was, was empty. Yes he was nervous with the swallowing and the lip licking, but that can also be a signal of deception- of not really believing what you are saying, or in Tiger’s case- not believing what you are reading that someone no doubt wrote for you.  

He was not feeling it and neither were we!  When he put his hand over his heart with his awkward splayed fingers it was laughable. It was a though someone choreographed a note to put his hand over his heart as he read the certain part in his script. 

 When he robotically looked to the right and to the left it was obvious that someone must have written a note for him to do that on his well rehearsed script. 

And please do not tell me that this is the way Tiger is and that he shows no emotion or life in his tone. I say to you, go back and look at his earlier interviews and you will see the live and emotion in his tone. 

His robotic behavior was a way of his detaching and ignoring the emotion.  


Tiger was detached for the most part but he was also angry-angry he got caught.  He was angry that the prostitutes , call girls, and ho’s who  spilled the beans to capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame due to their sexual association with him.  He was angry  that he lost  a lot of sponsors.  He was angry that his foundation is suffering.   Angry that he had to get up in front of people to do this to save what is left of his endorsements. He was angry that Elin found out. He was angry that people are on the right track in terms of  what probably happened that he was caught cheating, ran out of the house barefoot, had Elin run after him with a golf club as he hit the pole.  

His anger  was misdirected towards the papps. He raised his voice in anger  when he spoke of how dare the press follow his child, his mother  and Elin around. He was defensive and said it in such a hostile way that it will no doubt encourage certain  papps to follow them around even more. He needed to plead with them nicely and tell them he needed privacy for their healing process. Instead, he needed to ask their respect for his privacy not admonish them for doing their jobs.



He was also  angry toned  when he insisted that Elin did NO physical abuse and there was no domestic violence which took place. The fact that he didn’t share what did take place makes one think deception has taken place in his empty statements. Also it was way too much information. When people give away too much information, it is indicative of deception.  

Then why in the world did he run out of his home shoeless? Why was a golf club involved? Why did he have a fat lip? Why did he hit a pole in the wee hours of the morning? Did a bear break into his home and he had to run for it? What was the story. The fact that he didn’t share it makes one assume that a dispute took place and some physical violence may have occurred. And please don’t say that it is none of our business. It sure is our business when he takes the time to waste 13 and ½ minutes of our  day and not tell us what we want to know and to give us a lame apology. 


His ramrod posture showed arrogance and ager as well at having to do this. If this was the part of the 12 step where he made amends, he did it reluctantly and his body language showed it. There was no humility shown posture wise. The only time he moved was right at the end when he knew he was almost done with his ordeal, He slightly rocked his body  back and forth. 

 When people do this it means that they want out of there. They want to leave. It was clear that Tiger could not wait for all of this to be over and to leave the stage. 

 As he left the stage and wiped his brow of sweat you could see that he sweated his way through the contrived speech hoping it would be well receives, which it was not. 



While I am all for people brining in their religious beliefs to support them during hard times, it was so contrived to throw in his Buddhism out of the blue.  

If he began the speech saying that he was a Buddhist and he strayed it would have been one thing and would have sounded a lot more sincere But to stick it in 3/4 of the way down was as though he was throwing everything into the apology and excuse pot to see what would stick.  


Whatever anyone brings up initially is what is foremost on their mind. Foremost on his mind was not his religion. It was not Elin. It was not his kids. It was not his sex partners. It was not his mom. It WAS his sponsors and his foundation.  

This apology speech was about  all the sponsors and the money he lost. It was letting people know that he would be baaack! It was to let people know that he was not giving up golf and that his main concern was his sponsors and his finances and his foundation and letting people know that he was not on performance enhancing drugs. The fans were only a concern if they  purchased the products he endorsed. 

 It was obvious as soon as he opened his mouth that this  false apology was about business-big business and big finance . Otherwise the order of those to whom he apologized would have been completely different. Elin would have come first, the children second, mamma and ancestors third. Then religion would have come next or perhaps religion would have come first. 


There was only one genuine moment and that is when he looked into his mama’s eyes and she patted him on the shoulders. Although it was sweet it may have been done to show solidarity and to help him repair his severely damaged image.  

The truth that could not be hidden throughout his speech was that he she could not even look at him as he spoke. She looked down and crossed her arms over her torso, She also dug her fingers into her own side as she sat there  as you could see the pressure and the tension of her fingers.  

Her jaw jutted forward and her lips were pursed in anger and shame. In her Thai and Chinese culture where saving face is so important, she was clearly shamed. Tiger’s actions shamed her and her ancestors and it showed no matter how many hugs and kisses or pats on the shoulder she gave him at the end.  

GOING DOWN THE RECEPTION LINE I personally found it inappropriate when Tiger when down the line of those seated in the front row and hugged and kissed them and was congratulated as though he had finished making a Satte of the Union Address. He needed to hug his mom and leave the stage and do his hugs and back slapping and back  patting privately. 

 When he smiled after hugging the woman who was sitting in the first seat next to his mother it was completely inappropriate as there was absolutely nothing to smile about. 


I have never heard of anyone leaving a rehab facility of any kind in the middle of their program. That is why I am not sure how rehabbed Tiger is getting and what it is that he is getting rehabbed for. There was talk that he took a lot of Ambien by the press, In fact perhaps the reason he was passed out in the street when the cops came after he hit the pole may have been due to  prescription drug use. 

 Personally I believe that Tigers foray into sex rehab is only a PR Ploy. If he is getting rehabbed perhaps it is for prescription drugs and not for sex addiction. 

 Tiger cheated with so many different women because he could and because they were available- plain and simple. He didn’t say he had a sex addiction or he would have addressed it in in his speech. Instead, he said that he felt entitled and  felt he didn’t have to abide by the same standards as everyone else. That is the case. He said it in his own words. 


 There are those that think that when Tiger returns to the greens he will be an even better golfer. Others thing the opposite. It all remains to be seen. No matter what kind of golfer he turns out to be, his image is damaged forever and this little press soirée did not help him any. He was ill advised in terms of repairing his image. It fact he performed so poorly and insincerely that it hurt his image in my view. 

 But, on the other hand , if the intention was for this to be a little advertisement to let sponsors and business associates know that he is coming back the  golf world very soon and it will be business as usual, he may have been very well advised. Golf is big business and so is Tiger Woods. That speech  was about business That is it! 

TIGER IN THE  WORLD Even though man in our culture doesn’t approve of Tiger’s actions, there are a lot of people and cultures around the word who could care less.  So Tiger’s finances may  not be that affected or  harmed around the world. 

 In some places in the world, it is business as usual as it pertains to Tiger Woods. In Dubai, for example, there is still the Tiger Woods City  that is still continuing to be built complete with  a golf course that tourist guides proudly  brag about when you visit Dubai. 

 In Japan they have made rubber masks and dolls of Tiger woods that have sold very well. 

 When the scandal broke there was even talk of Tiger moving to France where as the French press reported  his indiscretions would  not  be so frowned upon. 

 When Tiger does return to the course later this year, don’t be surprised if you see him hailed as  a  “hero” by many. Don’t be surprised if he is applauded and receives a standing ovation when he shows up at some event after he is “rehabbed.” 

 Even though it’s all pretty sickening to me, it is a very real possibility.  I agree that what someone does in their private life is their business, but it is my business when you misrepresent yourself as being someone whom you are not. Just don’t promote yourself and your products as  Mr. Squeaky Clean when you are in reality Mr. Freaky Team! 


My only thoughts are with Elin and the kids.  The longer they stay in separate housing and apart, it does not look like a good sign in terms of their relationship as  most therapists would agree. You need to be together in the same place and in the same environment to have a better chance to work things out. She did visit him in rehab which is a good sign. But her not residing  in the same home with him  at this point and her no show at his speech certainly  does not bode well for the future of their relationship. 

Tiger Wood’s Cheating Taking It’s Physical Toll On Wife Elin’s Body Language
February 3, 2010






This is a photo of Elin Nordegren with her husband Tiger Woods, before she had any clue he was having sex with mistresses, hookers, whores, or escorts.“Before” she looks like  a stunning 20 something year old, bright- eyed and fresh- faced. Her facial muscles are relaxed and she looks pleasant and healthy. Her jaw looks relaxed as does her forehead, indicating no tension and both her eyes and her lips are smiling as she shows teeth. This is a clear indiction that Elin looks happy.


In this photo,  you can clearly see what I have always said regarding body language  and the voice. What goes on in your head and your heart comes out in the way you look and speak-how you act, move,  behave and talk.

In only a few short months in her “ After Leaning About Tiger’s Affairs Photo,” Elin looks at least a decade older, with puffed bags under her eyes. She looks gaunt and her jaw looks tense, indicating a lot of internal anger.  

 Even though Elin is trying to put on a brave front in this photo by projecting a smile, it isn’t working. The half-smile, the lip tension and the lack of smiling around the eyes clearly shows her unhappiness and inner turmoil.  There is also tension in her forehead, further indicting the anguish she is experiencing.

 This has aged her tremendously. There has been a considerable weight loss and she looks like she has spent a lot of hours crying and in a lot of internal turmoil.

While Elin has not yet filed for divorce and is doing her best to try and work things out with Tiger by showing up at his Sex Addiction Rehab sessions in Mississippi (which personally I feel is bogus and a PR ploy in Tiger’s case) it has clearly affected her in a very bad way.  And who can blame her?

It was bad enough to discover that her husband was having an affair, but to discover that he was cheating with whores, hookers, and escorts was even more degrading.

Adding insult to injury, was her discovering that Tiger was telling these mistresses,  unbeknownst to Elin,  that their marriage was a sham, that he never really loved Elin and loved them more.


Just knowing that would take its toll on anyone. It is not only feeling betrayed by Tiger’s cheating with which Elin has to deal. It is these words resonating in her head. As time passes, and the more time she spends alone, physically away from  Tiger, these words, no doubt get louder and louder. They resonate deeper and deeper as they burrow into her psyche.

How can she erase the thought that Tiger thought her marriage was a shame when she put so much into it? How can she stop thinking about him telling another woman with whom he was having sex that he loved her more, that he never really loved Elin, or that his marriage to Elin  was a marriage of convenience only?

 How can she ever forget that he told Rachel Uchitel, (who got millions of dollars from Tiger with the help of her attorney  Gloria Allred and who had the nerve to  get upset by Joy Behar’s comment “You ca tell she’s a hooker” as a play on her last name Uchitel) that he loved her more than he loved Elin and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?  

The answer to these question, is you can’t forget these words. These words are the lasting effects of the affair. Unless there is joint therapy on a regular basis with both parties present a great and qualified therapist that has BOTH your interests at heart in terms of healing your marriage ,this marriage is doomed.


No matter if Elin stays for the sake of a) the kids, b) the money c) her wanting to save face, d) her love for Tiger,e) all of the above, or f) any number of the above, the marriage will eventually disintegrate unless these words are addressed and dealt with immediately.

This is the core of the hurt.  While knowing that your husband had sex with another woman is bad , What is worse is hearing or reading the words that your husband loved another woman more than you, that he never really loved you, and that your marriage was a sham, especially after you just produced two beautiful children out of love.


Of all the mistresses, hookers, and escorts, the one who showed any humanity thus far was Jaime Grubbs. She was the first to apologize to Elin early on, on national television. Her body language revealed that she felt bad about the whole affair and she showed genuine remorse. Recently she even had a few choice words to say to Tiger with an unflattering label which he clearly deserved.

But escort Jaime   recently refused to apologize to Elin, stating that she had nothing to apologize for. Below are her exact words when asked if she owed Elin an apology.

No, I don’t,” “I feel like that’s his — that’s his business. Everybody makes mistakes. This wasn’t something that I did yesterday or a month ago or a year ago. This was years ago. I was younger. And I’m not saying that what I did then was right. But — I’m certainly not gonna say that it was wrong. … I don’t believe that I owe her an apology.”

Well this certainly reveals a lot about Jaime Junger – an excuse maker who by her comment seems self- righteous, entitled, and heartless.

Perhaps if she saw this Before and After Photo she might change her mind and have some more compassion. It doesn’t matter that if her affair was yesterday, a month or a year ago, or years ago when she was younger. What matters is that she had an affair and that affair hurt another person. When you hurt someone you apologize. The fact that she says she doesn’t owe a person whom she hurt and apology, speaks volumes about Jaime.

While Jaime was the most defiant thus far, except for Grubbs, it speaks volumes  about all the other sex partners. They  were all so quick and eager to gain their 15 minutes of fame,

 (especially Rachel Uchitel wh gained the most- millions, an undeserved apology from Joy Behar, and a photo spread in OK Magazine complete with showing off her nicely decorated home and dogs).  

They were ALL willing to get media attention through paid interviews and/ or  free PR on national shows oe magazines, but yet were not willing to say two very powerful words which could have made a huge difference to Elin- “I’m sorry.””>

Photo of Tiger Woods a LAX Elicits Body Language of Smirks, Giggles, and Groans
December 25, 2009


The other day I was at Los Angeles Airport headed towards the baggage claim area when I saw a huge backlit wall mural of Tiger Woods staring at me. My immediate thought was “ I wonder if that sponsor left Tiger’s photo up intentionally or they forgot to take it down. Perhaps they are sticking by Tiger until they see what else happens.”

But what happened next was rather interesting from a sociological standpoint. I immediately heard a man in back of me chuckle and say in a loud voice to the man he was with “ Hey look, it’s Tiger Woods ! Can you believe that?” The man with him replied, “Yeah, they should have a photo with him will all the women he slept with next to him. Now that would be funny! Then the man who made the initial comment about the photo retorted. “Yeah if they were all nude that would be even funnier.”


I then slowed down my pace and let these two men pass me and walked over to the area where people would first see the photo. I had the impulse to conduct a little informal psychosocial experiment and see other’s reactions to the photo. Would they react like these two men? What comments would they make if any? And what did their body language say when they unexpectedly saw a photo of the most famous adulterer over the past few weeks, staring them in the face as they shuffled through the airport to pick up their luggage ?


Several people I observed made no comment but shook their heads while others ignored Tiger’s photo completely and went about their business, hurrying their pace to get to the luggage carousels. I did however, observe that many people smiled or smirked. The ones who did verbalize often had a snicker or a giggle. Here are some of the comments I over heard :
“What an asshole!”
“What a scumbag!”
“Hey look.! That’s Tier Woods! Heh heh”
“Tiger Woods? Oh No!”
“That wife of his is gonna be rich when she leaves him!”
“Tiger Woods” (said with a groan)”


While I didn’t do a major scientific study here, I did get enough of a sampling to see that people did react to the photo in negative way. That is something that would have never happened months earlier. The reaction to the photo would have either been neutral or positive, but never negative.

Tiger’s womanizing has had such a negative affect on his image that many of his sponsors have dropped him and I believe many will continue to drop him, depending on what else unfolds.

If more mistresses or sex partners come forth, more and more sponsors will drop him like a hot potato. If a love child should emerge, I think he can kiss the majority of his sponsors goodbye. And if the nude photos of him should appear, it’s OVER!


Can Tiger’s image be resurrected ? Can he be forgiven by the public? Personally I don’t think so. It’s not only that he had all these mistresses and sex partners while he was married which is disturbing. It’s bad enough that he lied to his wife, But what is just as upsetting if not more is the fact that he lied to all of us fans.

He made us think he was “Mr. Squeaky Clean,” when in reality he “Mr. Freaky, Not So Clean.” People can’t stand to be fooled and they can’t stand hypocrites.

Also he gave such lame apologies, that it added insult to injury for many of his fans.

It was not one or two women with whom Tiger had an affair. It was 14 if not more and he had the affairs when his wife was pregnant with their children. That is pretty sleazy no matter how you look at it. There is no way that you can spin that around PR wise.


If ANY PR person spins it that Tiger has a sexual addiction so we should forgive him because he can’t help himself and is powerless over sex, nobody will buy it! We are not stupid! He had sex with so many women- because he could! It’s that plain and simple. He was in a different city all the time and wanted different women other than his wife to address his sexual needs. That’s it!

While he may also have the “Madonna Whore Complex’ where a man find’s that he can’t get sexually turned on by the mother of his kids, Tiger was allegedly cheating on Elin before she became the mother to his children. He was even cheating during his bachelor party, which is pretty sleazy as well.

These are more the reasons why I don’t think people will to be so open to readily forgive him for his indiscretions.


The only person I have heard stick by Tiger and say something positive about him is Donald Trump, who is good friends with Tiger. He was very supportive of Tiger on Larry King Live. Donald has been known for his loyalty and values that trait in others, so it is not surprising that he would support his friend through thick and thin. I actually find this trait admirable in a person and that is another reason why I am so fond of Donald Trump.

But for those who are not Tiger’s close friend like Donald Trump, but rather his fans who used to respect Tiger and even looked twice at any product because he endorsed it, I don’t think most people would be that loyal to a man who misrepresented himself in such a big way.


So much of what will happen to Tiger in the future will depend on what happens with his relationship with Elin- if she leaves him for good and divorces him, or if he ends up with one of the mistresses. It will be interesting to see which sponsors continue to stick with him and which ones drop him.

No matter which sponsors stick with him or not, I think that for the rest of the public to not have a negative perception of Tiger or look at him without a smirk, giggle, or groan will be a huge challenge for him.

Public trust is not something to be toyed with. While we all love a good comeback, I think it will be extremely hard for Tiger to come back. What he did was so egregious. It will take a long time, if ever, for him to regain the public’s respect, no matter how great a golfer he was.

Analyzing Tiger Wood’s Second “Non-Apology” and What He Should Have Said
December 14, 2009

When Tiger Woods made his first public apology when only a few mistresses surfaced, he merely apologized for some “transgressions.” But now that a sex partner, mistress, escort, call girl, or prostitute is surfacing on a daily basis, no doubt Tiger’s handlers felt the need for him to re- apologize. Only, they missed the point here. They needed to tell him to come clean instead of the following lame and weak apology:


“I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.

“I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding. What’s most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.

“Again, I ask for privacy for my family and I am especially grateful for all those who have offered compassion and concern during this difficult period.”


First of all that is no way to begin an apology. Of course he is” deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that” my infidelity has caused to so many people.” His wife Elin most probably threw something at him on Thanksgiving day because of it. Of course he knows it has devasted his mother in law who no doubt ended up in an emergency room with stomach pains because of it. Of course it disappointed the fans.


He needed to say ” I messed up! I acted like a complete idiot. I don’t know why I did it. I had a beautiful wife and family at home and a great career and the whole world at my fingertips. I obviously have a problem- a serious one. I don’t know if it is an entitlement issue or I do have an actual sex addiction issue. But whatever it is, I am going to get to the bottom of it and handle it. I am embarrassed that my personal demons have become so public but maybe it’s a good thing because it helped me to get the help I need.”

Then he says “I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.”
It’s not about asking US the public for forgiveness. Sure we are upset that you lead us to believe you were Mr. Clean and Squeaky when in reality you were Mr. No So Clean and Freaky . It’s about asking the only woman who matters for forgiveness- the mother of your kids – your wife.

When one asks for forgiveness one has to mention for what they are asking forgiveness. You have to be specific and detailed if you are being sincere, This is what Tiger needed to say:
“I feel terrible that I disappointed all of you who thought I had such a clean and solid imagine. For some you, I was your role model and a role model for your kids. That hurts me more than anything because I have been such an advocate for kids and I know I have shattered your image of me and your children’s image of me. In this day and age where heroes are a rare commodity, I was willing to take on that task as of one of our modern day hero’s but I have failed you and your children and that hurts. I don’t know if you will ever forgive me for that because I can’t forgive myself for that alone.

What I have done to my wife Elin is beyond unforgiveable. I did not just have a “transgression or two, like I implied in my earlier apology. I have had too many, which I am embarrassed to say. Elin is a wonderful woman who has been there for me 100 percent throughout the years. She has only shown me devoted love and for me to have treated her with such disrespect is unconscionable! I have put my relationship with her and the relationship with my kids in jeopardy. That is what kills me the most. I have destroyed the trust and the love I have had with this beautiful woman. How can my kids ever respect me for what I have done? I hope and pray that Elin will find it in her heart to forgive me and to give me a second chance to prove how much I love her. I hope that she will give me the chance to prove I can be a wonderful husband and a great father. I don’t know what it will take or how we will get there but I am so devastated by all of this because I have devastated her. I will do anything- sex addiction counseling, seek spiritual counseling- anything just to have my wife and family back. I just pray it is not too late. “


When Tiger says “I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding. “ he is being ridiculous! Absolutely NO ONE- no fan, business partners, PGA Tour foundation or your fellow competitors can UNDSERSTAND what you did. You can’t even UNSDERSTAND what you did yourself. SO don’t ask anyone for understanding!


What Tiger needed to say was” I don’t ask anyone to be understanding as I don’t even fully understand why I did what I did MYSELF.”

Instead of Tiger saying “What’s most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing, “ he needed to say something more personal to his fans.
He needed to say:
“I know that I have been a part of your lives for so long and part of that involves you wanting to know everything that is going on with me. I appreciate that very much. But right now I need a lot of private time with Elin so that I can hopefully heal this horrible situation between us. Our lives together are hanging on by a thread. The only thing that can repair it is time- time that we must spend together and alone.
That is why I am pleading with you to give me that alone time right now to spend with her and the kids. I will for sure let you know my progress with Elin and if and how it’s working. But for now,please let me have a chance to work it out. I would be so grateful for your support in his regard.”


Don’t say “After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person. Again, I ask for privacy for my family and I am especially grateful for all those who have offered compassion and concern during this difficult period.”


Instead Tiger needed to say :
“ That is why I’m giving up golf! That’s right! I may give it up forever. I don’t care about anything else but repairing the havoc I created in my life, my wife’s and children’s lives. Nothing else matters at this point! I have been an awful husband, father, and person to do this to my family to embarrass and humiliate them and myself!
Repairing this damage is not going to come overnight. I know that ! It’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort and prayer. I ask everyone out there who is inclined to do so, to pray for me and my family and give us your love and support which we so desperately need during these very dark times in our lives. Your hopeful thoughts will help me so much, along with your understanding at how much personal privacy means at this point in my life.”


He also needed to say, “I cannot ask you to forgive me when at this point I cannot forgive myself for being the biggest self indulgent, immoral fool. I wasn’t raised like this and I am sure my beloved father and best friend Earl, is probably rolling over in his grave right now. All that he worked for his entire life and all that he taught me– to be a good man and a good person has fallen by the wayside. When I think of my great father, on who’s shoulder’s I stood as he propelled me to greatness, my heart is heavy, and tears stream down my cheeks.” For my mother these times have been unbearable. In her culture and heritage, saving face is crucial and public humiliation is worse than death. I have brought my mother and her family considerable shame and for that I am distraught as well.”

Now that would be a real and sincere apology. It would be even better if Tiger videotaped this apology and sent it out to the various media outlets around the world. If he showed genuine emotion and remorse to go along with the apology, there is no doubt that people would be more likely to find it in their hearts to give Tiger the sympathy and forgiveness that he so desperately craves at this time.

What Tiger Wood’s Mistress #1- Rachel Uchitel’s Body Language and Physical Transformation Really Says About Her
December 8, 2009

a href=””>


Mistress Rachel Uchitel suffered two of the most stressful experiences anyone could ever imagine during her 33 years of life. One of those incidence was losing her fiancé during 911 and the other one was having tons of cameras flash in her face as overnight, she became infamous for being the homewrecking mistress of golfer Tiger Woods. In looking at her body language during both of these stressful times, her body language shows that she uses a self soothing methods- stoking her chin to help her alleviate the stress she is under.

We clearly see this chin stroking behavior in the photo above when, as a blond, was interviewed on camera talking about how her fiancé was in one of the towers and was never seen again.

Then we see her chin stroking again when she is darker haired and wearing sunglasses as she transformed into the infamous lying and homewrecking Rachel Uchitel. Even though her physical appearance has dramatically changed, complete with nose job, lip plump and breast augmentation, the body language is still the same. In her mistress photo you can really see the pulling of her skin folds as she vigorously stokes her chin.


Most people hold tension and stress in their lower jaw, so stroking it like Rachel is doing is a way of subliminally releasing all that tension. But it also means something else in body language talk. It’s TRANSLATION is: “ OMG WHAT AM I DOING TO DO NOW?”

She definitely felt that way when she lost her fiancé in 2001 .She made all these plans to build a life with a man she loved and was now definitely thinking “ WHAT AM I DONNA DO NOW?’

Then when all the papps descended on, her before she came clean after lying that she and Tiger did not have an affair, her thoughts atthat time were also “OMG WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?” I did have an affair and they are asking all these probing questions. Now I’m really gonna look like a homewrecker and as asshole(her words).”


When you see this photo of a sweet looking distraught Rachel, with shoulders rounded, looking so terribly sad, you feel like to reach out and give the woman a hug. There is so much anguish on her face that you can actually feel her pain. You feel such pity for her tremendous sorrow.


With her wedding plans gone awry due to 911 and her fiance taken from her, she no doubt set forth to find another man to replace him. After all, she already had the dress and the veil so now she needed a new man. Mr. Steve Ehrenkranz seemed to fit the bill as a replacement husband. He was blown away (bad choice of words- sorry) that he could land someone so hot looking. In fact we see what he is thinking on his wedding day as he dances with his new bride.

Before you go “awwwww isn’t that sweet,” look again! At first you see what looks like a fresh, sweet faced, happy bride, but don’t let that fool you .

She was totally on the rebound and not into him. In this wedding photo, he is so into her/ as he gazes into her eyes which are not gazing back at him. Unfortunately for her new husband, she is so not into him. She pulls away her upper torso and looks away.

Whenever you see two people who are supposed to be in love looking in the opposite direction, that is a bad sign. It means they are not like minded, which was clearly the case here. In fact, their marriage only lasted a total of months. She no dountthought she could do way better than this boring dude she used as “band aid therapy,”



Rachel no doubt honed in her gutsiness skills while working as television producer at Bloomberg. That training really gives you confidence to speak to anyone and the moxie to never be shy. You have to be able to make cold calls and handle any rejection in that business. It was no doubt, her training ground and first foray into the world of movers and shakers.It was there that she developed her skills to manipulate others to get guests to do what she want them to do— appear on the television show she wad producing and discuss the only topics in their pre-interview.


Then Rachel perhaps met one of the mover and shaker guests who appeared on the Bloomberg show. Through themm she probably got an opportunity to go to Sin City To launch Tao nightclub and restaurant. She jumped at the chance to go to Vegas because it was always her fantasy top be a topless model, all the way back to 1966. So now she was around like minded people who thought nothing about being topless.

She did so well at her job that years later, she was back in New York to oversee VIP operations for all of the Tao companies and venues, such as Stanton Social, Marquee, Tao Bistro, and Dune.

All that success really perked up her self confidence- making money for the companies for which she worked was great as well as meeting all the VIP’s.

In her new position back in New York, she really began to look the part. You could hardly recognize her as she looked like any well paid high class call girl with a perfect well sculpted body liposucked body, a major nosejob, eyes done to remove excess skin folds, some lip plumping and a breast enhancement. So she was a shoe- in for her next job up the social climbing food chain in her attempts to meet those movers and shakers- working the velvet ropes in Vegas and in the Hamptons.

When you work those ropes, your job is to let the winners in and keep the losers out.

TRANSLATION: In NYC if some wanna- be comes to the line wearing a checkered shirt and green pants you tell him there is no more room. You only let in those slick haired dudes all dressed in black form head to toe, as you know they are safe and cool and won’t embarrass the club. When Mr. checkered shirt complains, you lie that those people dressed in black whom you let in have lifetime memberships and reservations.That is a lot of what Rachel had to do in her new job.

As part of her duties as the ropes girl, she was so hot looking that she was allowed to manage VIP action at some of the most successful clubs in New York.

TRANSLATION: She was allowed to stand in front of the velvet rope at the VIP section and only let stars in and keep anyone else out. It was a smart safety too.ln essence, the club used a pretty girl to do this dirty work instead of some bulldozing bouncer. After all, who would hit a woman when you said “no you can’t come in.”


Apparently Rachel was such a hit on the Velvet ropes scene, to get into her good graces, a journalist and a social magazine did an featured interview with her. No doubt, they did it so they could get through the velvet ropes, so they too would mingle amongst the celebs.

Her statement to a magazine was very revealing as to how she got so successful as the “ropes girl.” She says in the article ,” I’m intuitive about reading people’s wants and needs, and I take customer service to a whole new level.”


She continues, " It can be difficult being a successful woman in this industry because being assertive is often misinterpreted as being a complete bitch. I take people's opinion of me personally, and that can be rough."

TRANSLATION: “Because I can read what people’s needs and wants are, when I read that they want and need sex, I give it to them. That is why my customer service rocks and that is how I take customer service at the club to a different level.”

There is no doubt that in servicing her customers needs and wants, she no dount hooked up with a lot of VIP movers and shakers who wanted to tap into her.

It was no doubt flattering to her to have people like actor David Boreanaz want to bed her. So what of he was married. She read his wants and his needs and was simply doing her job- taking customer service to a different level.


In reading the interview she gave with the NY Social magazine, she gives us a glimpse into a week in the life of Rachel Uchitel. Here’s what she says in the article:

“I’m back in the city during the week. In the Hamptons, I’m obsessed with Nello, Lily Pond (where the cutest guy in New York works, who I am crushing on), and of course Pink Elephant. I own a Turnberry apartment in Vegas. I love going there for long weekends when it’s not too hot out. I love Saint-Tropez and spend a few weeks there every year. The Four Seasons in Thailand (Chiang Mai) is my favorite place in the world”

TRANSLATION: “All my taking “customer service “ to a new level has definitely paid off. Now I’m a jet setter just like my customers. While I could never afford a Turnberry apartment in Vegas as well as regular dining at the top of the line hangouts and flying to Thailand to hangout at the 4 Seasons, my customers whom I give service to can afford it. In fact they are so happy with the service I provide, that they put me up in a Vegas apartment and at the 4 Seasons in Thailand so where I can readily service them at their will.”


Just to show us how much in demand she is and how valuable her private parts must be, she tells us in the NY Social Magazine Article exactly who these people are who are paying for her Turnberry apartment in Vegas and flying her to Thialand. She name drops without dropping names, which is an art in itself. Here is what she says:

“Although I’ve been romantically linked to a famous baseball player, a Broadway star, a musician, and various film and television actors, I will never kiss and tell!

“TRANSLATION: “ I am a star effer. I don’t mention the specific names of these married men whom I eff because if their wives found out, I’d lose a customer and all the money and perks they give me.

They would now have to give all my money to their future ex wives in the divorce, so that’s why I’m so cool about it. Believe me if I didn’t have those pesky wives and their stupid kids to worry about I would scream it from the rooftops.I would scream at the top of my lungs that


Then she goes on in the article to say:
“Some of the simplest things in life make me happy, and I want to end up with someone who truly loves and respects me for who I am.”

TRANSLATION: “ I want a man to respect me because I really don’t respect myself at all. How could I – effiing all these married men with kids and colluding with them in their living a secret life. So if I found a man who respects me, it will make me respect myself a little more and give me some legitimacy so I don’t have to feel like the whore I know I really am.’


Then Ms. Uchitel continues on in the article and says the following:

“I have amazing friends and acquaintances that have been so generous to me, both personally and professionally, and they’re part of who and where I am at this stage in my life. I’m lucky to get paid to just be who I am, and am so grateful to be surrounded by the people I know and love that I have met through work. “

TRANSLATION: I have these amazing people in my life some of whom I hook up with who hook up with me again and again. I call those people my ‘friends.” The ones who only eff me once I call “acquaintances.” Either way whether they are friends or acquaintances, they are still generous and pay me very well for effing them whether I call them a “friend” or I am just dealing with them professionally as a one night stand where they “hit and run.”

I am so lucky that these guys whom I met while I was working guarding the VIP rope at the club pay me “just to be who I am”- a whore who they saw standing in front of the velvet rope in the VIP section whom they wanted to eff because I read their needs and rubbed their thighs as I said hello and asked them if there was anything they “wanted” or “needed.”


When we see the final quote by Mistress Uchitel we see what she is all about as she openly reveals her intentions:

“My grandparents owned and operated El Morocco supper club in the 1960s; famous people from President John F. Kennedy to Cary Grant frequented the place on a regular basis. I’ve held on to my family’s memorabilia, and my dream is to re-create, own, and operate a modern-day El Morocco. Where am I a year from now? Standing over design renderings of my new club with a fabulous investor, still yet to be found.”

TRANSLATION: “Look, my granny and grampy used to have a hot club back in the day and all the hotties of the day all went there. I want do the same thing only I don’t want to work as hard as they did and build it up from scratch. I want an already made famous club. I know it will be a success because I know how to read my customers needs and wants and take customer service to the next level. All I need is some poor shmuck who is famous with a big name to bring customers in. I can to the rest and keep them in, but I need that “fabulous investor” do to the hard part of the equation for me- put up the dough and bring in the names.


Well Tiger, your daddy is rolling over in his grave right now! He would freak out if he saw that he raised a dumb shmuck of a son. While you may be a genius on the golf course, you are the stupidest man alive in my book.


This ho was playing you! All she was looking for was a “fabulous investor’ to give her some money to get her a club and to use his famous name to suck in the clientele. That’s it! If you weren’t Tiger Woods with money she wouldn’t give you the time of day.


Obviously Rachel saw how dumb you were in that you fell for her bullshit. She even told people that she allegedly had an affair with you for two months and that was “intense” and a “real relationship.” She also told people you pursued her for 4 months prior to the time you first effed her. She claimed you were very “possessive” and “jealous.”

She was playing you cabron! She was making you work for it! She wasn’t gonna give it up so quickly! She knew that you are competitior and competitors need a challenge. So the ho offered herself up as a challenge. In your simple mind,you won the challenge so you appreciated it more and thought it was more valuable.
But here’s the reality check.



I pray that you see the light and that you don’t end up with this TOXIC skank! If you end up with her YOU CAN KISS IT ALL GOODBY CAREERWISE! I pray that you somehow reconcile with Elin but I know that it is wishful thinking on my part. But being the realist I am, I know that is never going to happen. If it was one woman you cheated with perhaps she could forgive it – maybe even two. But when it’s 10 and the numbers are rising I agree that Elin should leave you which shea already had done.


There are also reports from you other whores that you didn’t use protection- TRANSLATION: You didn’t wear a condom. Now I know you are stupider than I even thought possible. You need some help in a big way! You need to work on your entitlement issues.

You can NOT have everything you want. Wrong things never turn out right and what you did was wrong! You better pray that you didn’t give that beautiful wife of yours and SDT or worse- AIDS because of your stupidity!

You have to be on drugs to have such poor judgment. if you are, please go into rehab and get sorted out. And when you do there are a lot of people to whom you have to make ammends.

If I were you I would crawl back to Elin on my hands and knees and het into counseling and keep and be faithful to Elin for the rest of your life so you can take care of the most blessed gift you have been given- those two beautiful babies!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Body Language Says If Khloe Pays More Attention To Her Blackberry Than Lamar, She’ll Lose Him
December 5, 2009


I have purposely held off blogging about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom until after

my monthly column in the December issue of Cosmopolitan hit the stands which it just did. In it I talk about the “Real Story: of Khloe and Lamar Odom on page 58. I discuss their body language and how their whirlwind romance shows signals that they were far from the perfect match.


When I looked at photos of Khloe and Lamar when they were just dating I saw Lamar with a half smile and a lot of jaw tension. He never seemed to look at Khloe. His body language clearly said that he was not really that into her. He definitely did not show body language signals of a man in love.

Likewise. Khloe’s body language didn’t show signs of a woman in love. She appeared distant and awkward around Lamar. It was uncomfortable to look at the photos of them together. There was a stiffness and an uneasiness with both of them..

At first I thought, well maybe they are just getting to know one another. I thought that even though Lamar is a huge basketball star, he’s probably not used to the intense paparazzi scrutiny that comes with hanging around with a Kardashian .

But as time went on, he hardly looked at her in any of the photos. His body consistently leaned away. She also never looked happy. She never smiled a bright smile or had that excited that you see in new lovers where all the endorphins are dancing around in their systems.


My first instinct was they probably hooked up and this is some type of PR thing for her TV Show. I figured it was some ploy cooked up by Ryan Seacrest. who produces her show, to keep people interested in her and the show.
I thought that it gives her PR mileage that she is dating a Laker and it certainly gives him mileage that he is now on the PR map just by his association with Khloe. I thought it was a great PR move for both of them. Because of that I also thought that it wouldn’t be long until we heard about some type of scandal and a huge breakup. I thought the whole PR stunt would probably last two or three weeks.


Was I ever surprised that in week three Khloe announced that she was getting married to Lamar. At first I thought that this was wishful thinking on her part. Lamar was with his high school sweetheart baby mama with whom he had an 8 year old and a 5 year as well as a baby who would now have been 3 had he not tragically died of Sudden Infant death Syndrome when he was 61/2 months old. They had been together for 12 years. With a history like that I figured that there was no way Lamar would jump into a marriage only after 3 weeks. But I was wrong.


At first I thought she must be pregnant. But they had only been dating for three weeks. That may not have been enough time for her to miss a period or to even realize she was pregnant.


Then I thought that he must have had a falling out with his baby mamma and this may have been some sort of a rebound thing. But after hearing that baby mamma Lisa Morales report that things were going along fine with them and that she was as shocked as everyone else that he was tying the knot with Khloe, then I realized that it wasn’t a rebound thing.


Then I thought that must poor girl is so desperate she would do anything to secure a man who paid her any attention. We found out later from Khloe’s mamma Chris Jenner, that Lamar was indeed her daughter’s first beau. Wonder if he was her first lover as well. It certainly is a possibility. After Khloe was not the most popular Kardashian sister when it came to the boys. Unlike her sisters, you never saw her having a boyfriend on the show or in real life for that matter.

She seemed like the odd woman out and she was. She was much bigger and taller than her sisters and not in a bad way either in my opinion. She was proportional and beautiful like her sisters but she was double the size of them.

So when she stood next to them she looked a heavy giant next to them and people commented. This no doubt did not help her self esteem issues.


While I am sure these sisters love on another one cannot help but wonder about sibling rivalry with her ever popular gorgeous sister Kim and her now pregnant sister Kourtney. Both sisters had long term boyfriends while Khloe didn’t have any man to lover her up. Perhaps that played havoc on her psyche. Like Cinderella, she may have wondered when and if her Prince would ever come.

Maybe it was the fact that Khloe had no life of her own that she got involved in other people’s lives so intensely. On the show she appeared as the feisty bitch sister who was in everyone’s business,. She was actually downright nasty and sarcastic and way too judgmental. She had an opinion about everyone and everything and most of her options were negative.


While watching the show,” Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” I remember thinking that she need a boyfriend to get her mind of everyone else’s life and focus more on her own. Her outward negativity and nastiness were clearly acting out the emptiness and low self esteem she must have been feeling inside. In fact, we saw her acting out when she made the news and got a DUI.


She seemed to straighten up after her DUI and after she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe the Donald Trump set her straight. In any event, I thought she did a good job on the show and I was impressed with how well she handled herself with celebs who were much older more experienced than her. It was no doubt her successful experience on Donald’s show gave her a more a more positive view on life and more self confidence, which she desperately needed.


Then Khloe meets her Prince Charming Lamar Odom. She was looking hot and really started to feel good about herself which was a key factor in why Lamar had some interest as I am sure that he found this appealing.
For the first time in her life, Khloe’s size worked for her. Her 5’10 large frame to Lamar; 6’10 was no doubt a physical turn on to the both of them. No doubt, she he felt and looked petite. next to him. She looked and felt little and not super imposing as she did around her sisters, It made her feel more feminine which was yet another boost to her fragile sense of self.
From Lamar’s point of view, it’s always easy for a huge guy to find a good physical fit. For many supersize taller guys, it feels more physically comfortable to be intimate with a woman who is nearer to their size than not. So a tall thicker and curvier Khloe was as a goof physical fit making their intimate moments an even better fit. So, no doubt that was a big turn on for Lamar.

Also he was attracted to her physical looks as she very much resembled his baby mamma and longtime girlfriend Liza Morales .

They really didn’t have a lot to say or a lot in common after the sex part so As Khloe reported in the media they stayed in bed all day and did nothing and just watched TV. No doubt Khloe has her trusty Blackberry in bed with them and texted between watching TV with Lamar, having sex, and doing nothing.


Khloe was no doubt thrilled that for the first time in her life, she was actually able to spend time doing nothing with a man and be in bed with him, let alone have sex with him. Lamar I am sure was taken by the newness as well and really enjoying their sexual liaison a lot.

So I wouldn’t doubt that in the heat of the moment, Khloe heard words she never heard in her life. These words which came from Odom’s lips while in the throes of his lovemaking were something like “Ohh baby I love you, This feels so good, I could do this forever.”

Khloe, beyond thrilled and looked right into his eyes and said :Me too baby, I want to be with you the rest of my life.” Then the two no doubt ended their liason with the best possible sexual results. As soon as Lamar left their intimate embrace to go to the bathroom Khloe grabbed her Blackberry and texted Chris with a message that most likely read: Mom he asked me to marry him. I said Yes” Then she texted her sisters with the same message.

As soon as Lamar got back into bed to watch TV and do nothing Khloe tells him she is so excited about spending the rest of her life with him, He probably isn’t paying much attention because he is now more focused on TV and watching the basketball game so with a deaf ear says :yeah, yeah baby, Good, Now I just wannna watch this game for a bit OK.”

Khloe was cool with that as she had a lot more texting to do. No doubt the next text was to her producer of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Ryan Seacrest. Being the entrepreneurial little genius that he has become he most likely said, “Let’s make your wedding as part of the show. It’ll be a huge extravaganza.” She loved it!

Days pass and Khloe seems to have a little more energy instead of being so laid back and doing nothing, around him When he overheard her talking on the phone with her mom and sisters about wedding plans he wonders what’s up and asks which sister is getting married, When he finds out it that she is the sister, he turns ashen
After realizing that there may be an upside to this such as: all his newfound fame drawing more attention to his previously failed clothing line and the fact that he will be getting some serious bucks from media outlets exclusively filming and taking photos of the nuptials. He also figures he is attracted to Khloe in that she looks like Liza except without all the history. It’s a fresh clean start and besides Khloe is young enough to start having babies with. Also there is a prenup and he knows he’s got the best attorneys in town to cover his behind.

Although he goes with the flow and with the program, his body says “get me the hell out of here!”You can see it in every single photograph with the two of them. You can see the half smile and the stiffness and the lack of close physical contact that would expect from to lovebirds. He looks like he is going to his execution rather than to his wedding.


His wedding walk to the alter says it all. The body doesn’t lie! He looks like a dead man walking. He looks like he is on death row ready to get his last rights before getting a lethal injection.


Lamar is even in shell shock during the celebration. Look at how stiff and uncomfortable they both ar. There should be no distance between any couple who just shared their vows, They should be hugging and kissing and all over each other.


So the party is over and everyone is gone. Khloe dons something more comfortable- purple workout gear. Lamar is still in his wedding suit with tie askew, He gives his new bride a piggyback ride, Awww isn’t that sweet? It could be if Khloe was paying more attention to him and held him with her hands, instead of holding the Blackberry and texting on the most special day during her most special moment with her most special man.


It is exactly a month since these two have ties the knot in a huge ceremony which took place November 3, 2009. It is about two weeks since the all the prenup details were ironed out and about a week since they made a down payment on a house and the honeymoon is clearly over!

Had Lamar spent more than 3 weeks with Khloe and not gone along with the flow he would have saved himself a lot of money and aggravation. He would have seen that Khloe most likely has a Crackberry addiction to her Blackberry. His case exemplifies why marrying anyone only after knowing them for three weeks is a bad idea.

Of course there are people who have done it and have even lived out their entire lives together, but this is the exception rather than the rule in this day and age. Khloe used the excuse that her mom Chris met Bruce Jenner and married him after three weeks. But her mom was previously married and Bruce wasn’t her first boyfriend. She was also not in her 20’s. She was a grown mature woman with kids and knew what she was doing.

It takes time to get to know someone’s habits and quirks. Some you can live with and others are deal breakers. This one is obviously going to be a deal breaker in the long run.


No matter how they spin it, this photo of Lamar’s and Khloe’s body language speaks volumes and tell the whole story. She is paying more attention to her Blackberry and he is pissed!
An eyewitness was quoted as saying the following as was reported on and in other outlets:
“Lamar caused a huge scene. He got jealous because Khloe was texting at the table and he yelled at her to quit it. She refused, so he stormed off and sat alone at the bar. Khloe just ignored him…
He went and sat at the bar and watched TV by himself. Khloe was with her best friend [Malika Hagg] and the poor girl was totally stuck in the middle.”
The source reveals that there was no “kiss and make up” moment for the young couple.
And after some failed attempts to reconcile them by Khloe’s BF, Lamar left in a huff without ever speaking to Khloe.
Adds the source, “Everyone thought Lamar had left but then he pulled around front in his SUV and the girls went out and jumped in.

Khloe is going to blow this marriage big time because she is clearly in denial. Here is what she posted on her Twitter page regarding the incident:
“Im so tired of all these crazy rumors that Lamar n I r fighting!” page today. “Come on people the honey moon phase is the best! I love being married!’


Well Khloe my dear, if you love being married and want to stay married get your blinders off and you head out of the sand. Open your eyes and see what IS not what ISN’T . What IS is that you are pissing off your husband and he is getting totally turned off with you because you are spending more time being a yenta on your Blackberry then spending time getting to know and paying your undivided attention to your man.

So if you keep it up here’s a reality check for you. He will get more and more pissed at you. He will come to resent your lack of attention. He will look at this as your being selfish and will be turned off to you in every way even sexually.

Then he will succumb to one or more of the many women who will most likely throw themselves at him after a Lakers game who wait outside the locker room. He may say, what the heck, my wife isn’t there for me and probably won’t notice or care anyway- she’s more into her Blackberry.

Then on road trips it will become easier and easier for him to cheat on you as he has completely emotionally distanced himself from you. So Khloe if you are addicted to your Crackberry be addicted when you aren’t around Lamar. In the meantime take care of your man! If you are doing something that pisses him off, respect that and stop it before it is too late. Trust me, he is not going to put up with it!

I were advising Lamar I would tell him to get an annulment asap and give you nothing in that pre nup because it would be null and void. I would tell him that if you are showing these signs so early on- after only a month- signs of selfishness and self absorption is not going to get better with time. It will get worse. I would tell him to run away from you like his hair was on fire- of he had hair! http://www.drlillianglass,com


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