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Kate Gosselin’s Self Pity Party on Dr. Drew With Non Tears and Jon Issues
February 24, 2012

Kate Gosslin  has resurfaced on Dr. Drew, complete with her fake alligator tears.t has nothing to say except that she is lonely and crys about it as she pities herself. She also is still charged up about ex husband  Jon and reluctantly
admits  he is doing a better job of fathering. Her tone of voice says she still harbors bitterness towards him and hasn’t let go of it.

She says she feels sorry for self saying “The odd are against me- one mom 8 kids. Well this former maternity nurse should have thought of that before she started abusing Jon and before she took it upon herself to pop fertility pills and have 8 kids.

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Kim Kardashian’s Lack of Facial Expression May Turn Off Fans
December 27, 2011

Look at Kim  Kardashiasn’s facial expression.  She is sitting on Santa’s lap and is supposed to be happy. But her facial expression says something entirely different. While her lips are parted and teeth are  teeth showing to indicate a  smile, there is something odd about the lip area as there is  no muscle movement seen. When you smile, there is muscle  movement in the lower jaw and at the side of the lips



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